Scam letter(s) from Olesya Valieva to Ed (USA)

Letter 1

My dear Ed!!!!!!!!!
I so glad to receive your mail, which I just have red. Your letters always bought up my mood, its very great, that loving each other people can show their feelings through e-mails, we can understand each other and becoming closer, knowing each other better, but its not as great as personal meeting!
My love, I just come here from agency. I paid for return ticket,
ticket to you and visa. If you wish, we can change a date of return ticket when we shall be together, I asked about it. I filled today questionnaire for people leaving to USA, and red all information and things and documents that is necessary for anybody going to America from Russia. I showed there my place for living here, there, my work,
social status and a lots of others. At the end of this blank was question about pocket money, and there was showed that at least I have to take with me at least 700 dollars. igot only 120 from my dad, I was very surprised about it and I asked manager what does it mean!? He answered that this money called "Pocket money" and everybody who leaving Russia knows it! I asked why I have to get such sum with me.
He answered, that its not rules of Russia, its rules from USA, and this sum is necessary to they be sure that visitor can afford living at USA with any situation and was on the *****. There is such sum in any country to enter but in every country its different. I asked what I have to do if I don't have such money? Its seems I can be detained and not allowed to enter your country. Even in Russia they allow visitors with sum only. I tryed to say him, that I already bought ticket and paid for visa, and I have all documents which is necessary to come to you and you will help me to be at USA. And that I have no such sum of money. But he said, that he cant help me and the rule is the rule and its not his rule. I asked to talk with director but it did not make results. They said, that if I have no chance to borrow such money, the best way is to ask money from you and then to return it when I will be with you. I will not need any money when I will be returning to Russia. Thats all makes me really sad its seems I cant do anything without your help once again, so I have to ask you once more.
Its not pleasant for me and I feel very confused, but I am sure that its all for us only. I will not have to spent this money so I will back all it to you. Also I spoke with my father I asked can he borrow money for the house, but he said, that this house under privatization and it could not be borrowed and borrow money for his flat is impossible. But he began to prepare documents for ability to sell house, and I hope we shall not have such problems soon! My love, I am so tired from all this problems and only one thing that I would like to to fall in love with you and to fall in your hugs, I would like to meet you and enjoy your society.
Please write me your opinion! I waiting your response with impatience and I think we have to do all for our future.
Kiss you sweetly and hug you,
yours Olesya
Letter 2

My hotly love Ed
Today I have received the money sent from you.
i will come on 9 february on 11 30 am on delata airlines
This is nothing to do I'm ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You are fine in dialogue clever and careful.
With your help my dream becomes a reality.
My dream is you, only you will own mine heart.
Up to our meeting remained very little.
Time no quickly flies for us, we cannot be complitly happy if we no meet.
I kiss you Olesya
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