Scam letter(s) from Angelina Volobuyeva to Douglas (USA)

Letter 1
Dear Douglas! Thank you so much for your letter and for making time to answer my questions. I liked what you have written, because actually you can understand a lot from your answers. I know that this may sound strange but I find myself thinking in the morning if I will get a phone call from the Agency and if they wil tell me that it's time for me to come and to read you message and write the answer. This is all so exciting and so unusual. I can't help marveling at this kind of acquaintance: you are so far away and there was no chance for us to meet, but we did, and now we write each other and are very pleased with each other. We speak different languages and still found a way to understand each other. Isn't this wonderful? Maybe technical development does have its advantages. Actually, I am against it, and what about you?
Well, it's not that I am willing to come back to Stone Age and to wear the animal furs and hunt, no, but I am kind of scared of what the future has got in store for us. We have hurt our planet badly and when I hear about the earthquakes or floods which have become a common thing I can't help thinking that it's nature trying to revenge for us treating her so badly. This is really ******, I know, a woman of my age sounds strange speaking about such stuff, but probably a person never really changes. As I was little I used to ask my Mom if the fruit are in pain when we eat them. :))))) By the way, do you believe, that people change? Like, yesterday a person was a ****, and then he met someone wonderful and it changed him, or he heard an angelical voice speaking and guiding him, or something like that? Has something of the kind happened to you? Not voices you started hearing, I mean, of course, :)))))), but some event that made you a different person? I don't think that I have really changed during my life. Maybe I am more realistic than I should be, but still deep inside or maybe not that deep :) I am such a dreamer! I think it's better to be disappointed than to never dream, don't you?
I would like to ask you, what were your dreams as you were a child? Do you have any wild dreams that are not likely to become true? Personally, I dream looking at our planet from space, or looking at stars from the hugest telescope there is, or spending a night at the hugest shoe store or parfume department, as I am crazy about parfumes. By the way, have you noticed that it doesn't take being a psychologist to understand what people lack in life by their dreams and wishes?
Dear Douglas, I feel very uncomfortable going to write you this, and if you decide to never write to me again, I will understand, I promise. You see, when I came to this Agency attracted by the number of happy meetings and even marriages that it has arranged, I didn't realize that it would be so expensive. The thing is that I can't afford it, and if you don't help to pay for our correspondence, we won't be able to stay in touch. I am really sorry that it should have come to this, but it's the problem of the kind, that I can't take care of it myself. Please, don't be mad, and reply no matter what your decision is. I will understand. Yours, Anhelina.
Letter 2
Dear Mr. Douglas! How do you do? We are very glad to be working with you and be of some assistance to you. Our client, Anhelina Volobuyeva, who you have been exchanging letters with is very interested in continuing and developing your correspondence. However you must be aware of the fact that our services are paid.
-to translate, to type, to send/to print out each letter, both yours and hers - $7
-to scan, to send a picture - $3
Thus, 20 letters - 10 of yours and 10 of Anhelina's cost $140.
If you decide to pay for more than 20 letters at once and send $200 or more you get a discount - each letter will only cost $5, if you pay $300 or more, each letter will cost only $3.
The payments are effected through Western Union, in the name of Svetlana Boguslavskaya, Western Union, Lugansk, Ukraine, but if you prefer you may send them under Anhelina's name and she will collect them herself.
We are very sorry but we are unable to charge credit cards, or accept any payment through internet. Cheques are also invalid in Ukraine.
Please, let us know if you are interested in the further correspondence with Anhelina. Thank you very much for your time. With the best regards, Miss Svetlana Boguslavskaya,
Accountant Manager.
Letter 3
Dear Mr. Douglas!
How do you do? Anhelina has asked us to send you the payment details, but I did that yesterday. The letter must have got lost. Please, feel free to refer for any details that you need to clarify! Respectfully, Miss Svetlana Boguslavskaya, Accountant manager.
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