Letter(s) from Julia Alimova to Roberto (Italy)

Letter 1

Dear my love!
Every new day to me all becomes more difficult and more difficult to live without you.
I with pleasure would arrive to you In two weeks, But I unfortunately do not have money to trip to you.
Till now I cannot still believe in that that I have met such person as you. I think that I in it shall believe only after I can embrace and kiss you! I want that it happened as soon as possible. Earlier I did not trust all these stories that it is possible to meet love on the Internet. I thought that on the Internet there are only viruses, hackers and a lot of the various useless information:) And I as did not think that I shall find there the love.
If somebody would tell to me still couple of months back that I meet the love on the Internet and that I shall be ready even to leave to him at least I would tell to him that it jokes. But I see that it not a joke. I want to tell to you that you have very strongly changed my life. Back I of you at all did not know 2 more months, and now I can not live without you!
I very strongly love you!
Your Yuliya!