Letter(s) from Julia Nepran to Mike (USA)

Letter 1

My darling Mike,

I am hurry to answer your questions. It would be nice if you come to my country. I would meet you here. As for your staying where I live I don't know whether it would be comfortable for you. I live in a dormitory which belongs to the college where I studied. I can advise you to rent a flat. I will find something for you where you will feel yourself good. As for my traveling to you. I would be allowed to travel to you if I get a visa and passport. I just need 350 USD to make all these documents, 300 USD for passport and 50 USD for visa and they will be ready in for 2 months.

I thank you for sharing all your thoughts with me. I hope I can share with you for life my thoughts and dreams. I would love to have you by my side for us to share every terrific feeling we both will ever have. And just so you know, you are always on my mind now. You never have left my mind since we first started to write to each other. Mike my dear, it is a great feeling and joy to know my letters and words have made your heart pulsate even more for me. I wish we could be together today so we both can touch each other's chest and feel the warmth our hearts are having for each other. You are so sweet my dear Mike. I keep reading your letters and realize more and more, that there is nothing about you that I don't truly love. All I need in life now is to meet with you and give you my all my love my heart has built up for you since I've known you.

Mike, I want you to hear my dreams. It's just how I see us when we get together. I dream of us flying to any exotic country, we spend all day walking along the beach, hand in hand, never letting go of each other. We spend time in and under the water. Clinging to each other as if we were con-joined twins. We have a wonderful dinner on the beach, just us two and nature. And as the sun is going down, you lay me down on the sand right at the water, strip me of my clothes and make sweet love to me until the sun comes back up. One of the reasons I have this dream of us, I know during the whole time of this dream, you would be so relaxed and stress free. Which if you have noticed my Mike, is what I want for you for the rest of your life. I never want you to feel stress ever. I know though that life does bring all kinds of stress to us, but I believe it is something I can fight off and make sure you have less of, forever. This is just one of my wishes for you Sweet Mike. I hope this will come true someday. I hope you don't think my dream is too forward, it is just something I strongly feel about you. But being the most lovely man I have met in my life, I know you will understand, you always do my love.

I hope you are safe, warm and loving life, my dear Mike. Please be safe and take care ok? My deepest thoughts and feelings are with you. I am thinking of you ENDLESSLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You will be on my mind forever I hope you know. My biggest Hugs and Kisses to you my darling. If I were there now, I would give you the warmest and loveliest kiss you have ever felt.

With all my affection to you,
Your Yulia.

P.S. Besides, I liked your tattoo, two years earlier I dreamed to make a tattoo below of my back.

Letter 2

My darling Michael,

I was waiting for your reply like a flower waits for the sun in cloudy days. To be honest I was really glad to see your letter, it is like waiting when someone will determine your destiny.

But now I'm sure that it is really you! For such short period of time you became the most important person in my life. I don't want to tell you how I need you, how I wait for you every day and especially every night because you know it by yourself. I'll better tell you how I like you and what we'll do when you come here. I was waiting for this so long! I'll meet you with tears on my eyes, with love in my heart. You'll hug me, kiss me, tell me that you were waiting for me for all your life, you were thinking about your sweet little Sugar every second. I will not let you say anything else and I'll cover your lips with the sweetest kiss in the world. We'll look into each other eyes and there is such feeling that we're soaring to the snow-white clouds. Than we'll come back to reality after that wonderful moment, go for a walk, it doesn't matter where, the only important thing is that we are together, we keep each other's hands, and we kiss and smile to each other! Finally our hearts will stop suffering from being lonely, you will never let me go. And our souls will become one real, big, strong and passionate love. Will you help me to make my dream come true?

I trust you. I always think about you. You are the gift of the destiny for me I've never dreamed about. I'm a really lucky person. I am dreaming about our meeting and thinking about you every day and night.

Your Yulia.

P.S. The nearest major international airport is in Kiev. Kiev is nearly 850 km far away from my town.