Letter(s) from Oksana Belousova to Darren (UK)

Letter 1

Hello my lovely, my beloved!!!

I have gone to Internet - cafe as in this situation except for you I do not know to whom to me still to address. My love I am very strong you I like, but at present to me it is very bad, at me an awful situation. My lovely the matter is that in our city there have stepped colds and in the street it is very bad. My love the matter is that me have expelled about work as on this place have found better the employee.
Which familiar our chief. Well I want to ask at you the help in money as this severe winter I absolutely do not have winter clothes and I do not know that to me to dress. Mine I love I ask you that you have sent me even money at a rate of 100-150 dollars as even on this money I can buy to myself clothes. I hope that you can to me the helps as I do not have anybody on whom I more can rely. On it I shall finish the letter, with impatience I shall wait for the prompt answer, with love and forever, yours Oksana.