Scam letter(s) from Elena Scherbarkova to Jack (Netherlands)

Letter 1
Hello Jack.
I am pleasantly surprised, that you have answered my letter. I shall name you by the pleasant stranger, as I want that you have appeared pleasant, I have in a kind not only externally, but also in dialogue and certainly as the man. I think, that it will be interesting to us to communicate with you. On the nature I very sociable, cheerful and cheerful. It will be interesting to you probably to learn about me. My name is Anna, surname Efimova. Me personally very much to like my name. It sonorous and gentle. To me 25 years. I was born in small city Kirov, this city very perfect. There very picturesque places. On a nationality I Russian. Probably you will have question, why such girl searches for acquaintance in the Internet? If honourly to be expressed now it is very difficult to find good the man, because the do not want to incur the responsibility to get family, children. Many like to drink. I not support of such young people and itself do not use alcoholic drinks. On light it is a lot of interesting and fascinating besides. The letter I write from the Internet of cafe. If to you to like to communicate with me I think often I shall come here and to answer your letters.
Letter 2
Hello my friend Jack!!!
I am glad, that you have answered my letter. I thought, that my letter will get lost among thousand letters and there will be no man, which would answer him. Is healthy, what is it not so!!! While very badly I present with whom I communicate, because you have written about yourselves very little. I with anybody do not correspond except for you. I want more in detail to write about myself. At me maximum education, has finished faculty of construction of gardens and parks of polytechnical university. English language I learned at school, then at university, but there knowledge gives not so good. Now I visit rates of English language. Now I work as the seller by the adviser in flower shop. My job to me very much to like, because all the day I am surrounded beautiful flowers and certainly by the buyers. flowers the very kind and good people and in love, therefore from me good mood buy always. There is a small lack, job low-paid. But me to like to work here. The chief requires of the workers to be executive and responsible precisely to perform the job. I very much like plants, I have of their house in pots. Very beautifully blossom at me flowers and even the last year at me blossomed cactus. This very beautiful show. flowers, as well as people everyone understand. They please with the beautiful kind only then, when you treat to them well and look after. At home at me lives eio, call it Kuzya. He very beautiful, tender, but capricious. Very cautiously to concern to the unfamiliar people, long studies only then goes on contact. Likes to eat a fish, cottage cheese, fresh cucumbers. I do not feed it by a dry forage, which sell in shop, on - it is very harmful to mine to an animal, the meal should be only natural. I like the order of a house, that was cosy, surrounded beautiful things. I like flowers. And still I like to read, to look good films. That means good? It is substantial and with the good end. I do not like hits, where shoot, blood is poured and the people suffer. To read I like as the classical literature and modern. On it I shall finish the letter.
I shall be with impatience to wait for your following letter.
Yes I not against to find job there at you I also receive at you the salary in 5 times more than the salary in Russia, Russia is considered as the poor country at us the people for the job for works receive not which large salary difficultly to support family. That on the bill of my family that you will be right they to miss for me but more they will be glad that I have found the love.
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