Scam letter(s) from Rimma Ivashevskaya to Ulrich (Germany)

Letter 1
Hi Uli
At first not it is a lot of about itself.
I can not say, that an ideal. Sometimes I be is boring and is whimsical, it seems that all girl such.
I like when me pity(regret) and console, even for the cut finger. It would be desirable to feel heat and force of a man's hand, to be as behind a stone wall. But all this my lacks. I very like native and friends, they fill in all my life.
I trust also too much all I accept close to heart. And in general I good, have not got used to luxury and to expensive(dear) stones.
I like to accept the visitors and to give gifts. Itself I do not like to accept gifts, is not becomes dexterous and not I blush much.
I am very glad that we have met you, though and not in alive, but I think what is it all ahead. >From your letter I have understood, that you the man direct and concrete, with you are easy to communicate.
At me there have come(stepped) good days, thinking about you the free time is filled.
I think you will not be disappointed with me.
I wait for your answer.
Letter 2
Hello Uli
I should say to you, how much pleasure to me give your letter! Now I understand that the people in your country really responsible(crucial). I very much like your image! You the undoubtedly beautiful man, at you should be weight of the girl:)? I hope that I as to like you:)? I directly would like to learn(find out) more about you to learn(find out) your interests as you live as you work. I am very glad to have such friend, as you. I the very kind man and I am very responsible(crucial) in my job. I have business with the bill of papers and I should not be mistaken in it not have a problem with the chief. I think that the man should communicate with the colleagues have the good attitude(relation) and respect in job.
In my life there was a lot of pleasure, but besides was pleasures always in constant number more sad events. I never had the husband and to not have children, but I very much to want to have it, but only from the man with which my love will be mutual and that the child to be happy. And you? The basic characteristics of a human symbol, I think sincerity, kindness, politeness and as I think, that it is necessary to the man to be the decent citizen with ëþáîâüþ to the country. dear I very much to want to have the serious attitudes(relations), I to want to receive ëàñêàòü and tenderness from the man which will be together with me. Now I very lonely and to not suffice to me it in life. I we shall hope very much that with you to have the serious attitudes(relations) and soon meeting to strengthen ours of the attitude(relation) with you dear. I very much often see young pairs, I see as they are happy, I am sincerely glad for them, but thus I to remain the man TO NOT LIKE. I some time back had one friend, but little bit sad history, I possible(probable) I should be informed to you it little bit later. Certainly with you I to want to have the serious attitudes(relations) and soon meeting really to do(make) strong our attitude(relation). I to think that through the letter and telephone we can very few(not enough,very poorly,very little) learn(find out) each other, but if we are really sure in us, we need to meet you.
Other my employment(occupation) - animals and in the concrete cat, but I to not have the cat as I can not give a lot of necessary time to an animal. On it I also should finish the letter to you, and with impatience I should count to hear from you the letter.
Yours faithfully, Natasha.
Letter 3
Hello my lovely Uli
I now can not find a word of pleasure, I so am happy that I found you in all this world. You the unique person, with you at me to coincide in dreams and ideas. When I write you the letter, in soul at me something not explained in relation to you, it very much tender feeling. I all time to consider you and to represent you to me to realities. I attempt to feel as you to embrace me and to cover my hand a heat. I very much want to see you about me, but I very much to regret that it not so now. Now I all time to look news to learn(find out) new about your country and to learn(find out) practically all. It became very interesting to me. With the big interest I to learn(find out) the English language, it is very interesting and necessary. In a result I completely to want to learn(find out) your country and your life and to be with you together beside. You are most the basic teacher for me and I to want that you helped me in it. I very much to want a meeting with you is fast, I have understood that it very important for us now to learn(find out) well us and to be happy. I to trust you and I know that you can not to do(make) to me a pain. I we shall promise you that together soon, very soon.
That is about our meeting, I can come to you on following week, but I need to do(make) the visa. For this purpose I need yours the full data, it - the address, city, state and a full name. As I need to know the name city in which there is an international airport to come. And I to want to know it is more about the airport. I was not earlier in the big city and I very much to be afraid to be lost there. I to want that you to meet me necessarily. I have still request to you, I to not have native and familiar there, I think that I can to live at you? As it to us will help to learn(find out) well us and we can begin with you our attitudes(relations). I am sure that you and I shall be happy together and I shall be yours always. I to trust that you to love me, I to know it and I to dream now of you my lovely.
I to learn(find out) about the ticket, it is valid very dearly here, I learned(found out), it is about(near) 900 $ to fly to you. I am not sure what can to find such money here in Russia. I to have only 200 $ which I should give for the visa. But if you can I shall help me very much áëÿãîäàðíà to you as it will be very necessary for me my lovely. I to not know yet as you to transfer it to me, but I to think that probably you can send me the finance through Western Union, it is the most reliable way transfer money and is very fast. I learned(found out) about it. For this purpose you need only my full address, it: ____________________________________
city: Kozmodemyansk.
Street Sadovaya 77 - ap. 38
Andreeva Natasha.
My lovely write to me soon, I shall expect your letter!
Love, kiss!
Yours Natasha.
P.S. I want to tell you, it is not necessary for me any money and position, it is not necessary for me authority and luxury, I to dream only that me to like, respect and appreciate. I know that only you can to give me it. I to know that you are valid to love me and to respect, I am sure that you and I can create real attitudes(relations) and we have tenderness with you. I to feel heat from yours heart and it warmly is in mine heart, it is between us, on this I chose you my lovely. I to trust you and I to want that you as trusted me and then we with you really shall happy together.
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