Romance scam letter(s) from Julia Shirokova to Tom (USA)
Letter 1
Dear Tom! Many thanks for writing me. Sure I'd like to keep correspondence with U. I liked U appearance. U know even the girl, siting by the computer, who saw Urpic. by chance, couldn't look at U without attention! She also smiled that I was looking at U so attentively. I appreciate when a man presents flowers, it is romantic and tender! What flowers U like? I like beautiful flowers, roses, scented, It's great to get flowers from Beloved person. It's nice of the person, who gives presents to others not only on special occasions. In this first letter I'd like to introduce myself, if U don't mind, but in my next one I'll answer all your questions. First of all I'd like to tell U that I don't have any children. I don't speak any English at all and use the services of an Internet Club. I work as a nurse in hospital until now. It's great hat U like also music, Yes, music is wonderful! It may sometimes inspire U on the pleasant thoughts. U may feel dull or merry, while listening to it. It depends on Ur mood and in its turn it affects Ur mood either, isn't it? U know I also like to go in for sports. Since my childhood I have been training in some clubs. I went in for running, volley-ball, swimming. tennis. When I grew older, I sicked on the tennis and swimming. It brings me great pleasure, I also like to do aerobics listening to the tunes of music. You know why I addressed the Internet, Tom!? I almost felt disappointed in men. May be you disagree, but that's true. I'm not even now sure that it was right to seek for my love abroad. I decided to risk and write to you. In our country I couldn't find my happiness. I value love, soul, family with children, who run in the house, garden and make us with my Beloved person happy and merry. I dream of him and me chattering nights away about the future, making plans. But all those 5 years I suffered only pains. That was my former husband, who didn't share my values and thoughts. I didn't want to see those betrayings of him. That thing hurt me most. May be you can't imagine all that and I won't tell U all. But all was against my imaginations of a happy real life. So I decided to divorce with my husband. I didn't know what I would do without male support, but I couldn't stand that anymore. I do not have any close people to share with about any life things. But that's my own problem. You know, I'd like you to tell me of you more, of your job and do not fail to mention about your problems, which hurt you. I care about it. Will you send me your pictures, please? I don't know what can better characterize you as a personality. I respect in men not the appearance, but their inner world. I hope you seek for a real love, not for a friend, don't U? I've always cherished in my mind the dream of my second half, which would complete me. If I meet a caring, kind man, I'll love him my whole life. Sincerely Yours, Julya Write to my e-mail address: Mail PS: Here is a pic ofme. I hope U'll like it.
Letter 2
Dear Tom! Thank U very much for your interesting letter. Today I was looking at Ur picture and now I can say that the most attractive for me in U are Ur eyes. Ur looks is penetrating and thoughtful. I wonder, what U were thinking of when U were taken the photo? Santa Barbara is know to me by the film, do you know it? It is some kind of soap opera. YOU might have fallen in love with this place? I noticed you like nature, animals, everything alive, Tom? I like pets very much. I always wanted to have a dog or a cat, but my parents didn't let me do it, as our flat is very small. I liked Ur thoughts as for mutual understanding. A couple should know each other better, to understand each other further. And to support in everything. But I suppose equality must not be in everything, Tom, as female is weaker than a male. As for asking you questions, I'd like to know about ambitions in the life and what you think needs a woman? Tell me also about your experience with other women, if it is not a secret. In this letter I want to tell you some more about myself. I live in a small town of Kremenchug, Poltava Region, Ukraine. It has approx. 400.000 citizens and is situated 400 km away from our capitol Kiev, 200 km from from our regional center Poltava. I live with my parents, now they help me financially and morally. It's a very nice city with beautiful nature in it's surroundings. The capitol of Ukraine is Kiev. Ukraine is a very nice country. It has a variety of nature scenarios from North to South. The Country has been lucky not to be involved in any wars lately. I think Ukrainian people in general are very genuine and caring. Frankly speaking on the whole I like compliments as everybody, but I should know that you say them very sincerely. That you are not writing the same words to many women at once. On my spare time, I like to spend time with friends, go to a movie , play tennis , dinning , socializing and have a good time.. In the summer I like to be outdoors more or less 24 hours a day and during the winter time I spend more time inside, reading a book , listen to music or just sit and talk with friends of mine. I don't enjoy the winter time to much,. even though it can be very beautiful , I am always longing for spring and summer. I like to go swimming for an hour in the morning I love taking long walks in the nature, planing things, solving problems or just philosophy about life. I also love to be near water , the sound of the ocean inspires my soul. There is a lot of things that interests me, The Arts , science , philosophy, sports , nature , cultures , global issues. For me a relationship has to be based on true love , mutual understanding and compassion. A genuine friendship and trust. A joy in seeing the best for your loved one. Well, Tom, I'm closing and hope to hear from you again. Good bye for now Sincerely yours, Julia
Letter 3
Dear Tom, If only you knew how glad I was to get your letter. How glad I am to get Ur response! I so much missed without Ur letters! How could it be that I failed to write me? I feel jealous. Did U behave well? Little time passed since we haven't written to each other, but it seems to take up so much! As for me, I don't have any news. Exactly,it concerns my work as well as my life. I go to work, I had days off as was ill for some time cause of the weather. I felt not well. Now I've recovered. I am so happy that now I can read Ur lines and not to worry about U. I am glad that in autumn there may be a chance to meet. Yes, I have some men, writing me, but I've not chosen my one yet. It's so pleasant to hear that you are interested to continue our correspondence. You know, in my heart the spark of hope has lit and I didn't believe that the men are interested in mutual understanding and spiritual communication. Our men look for the satisfaction of their needs and desires only and drugs and other affairs. But in you I felt some special male charm. It keeps me warm. Beauty, outlooks doesn't mean much for me. I value soul traits, I like kind,loving hearts. And what do you value in a person and female, Tom? I don't know what about you, but I'm tired of loneliness. I want to obtain the love, where there will never be an end and will only be love, care, tenderness and kindness. From reading your letters I feel like you're a very deep and beautiful person. I'm very happy to get letters from you. I like to read what's on your mind. Here are some of the things on my mind. It's been very hard for me to trust anyone at all. For the last 3 years the only person I could trust was me. I now know that I can't continue to keep myself from having a relationship. I truly want to share my life again with the right person. I'm a fun person to be around and very loving. There are so many things that I want to do but I am going to wait until I find my best friend. This way we can experience some of these pleasures together. I often wonder what it would be like to come home to a smiling face and nice greeting after a long day at work. To have someone their to snuggle up next to and watch a good movie. To get on Sunday morning go out for breakfast. Just to know what it's like to actually have someone care for you. These are things I never felt in my life. I want some to express their concerns and feelings with me. They don't always have to be good that's why we're all individuals. All they have to be are your feelings. Things aren't always going to be perfect, Tom. You're not always going to see eye to eye on certain things. If you can communicate and respect each others views this types of things can be easily dealt with. I feel asking Questions is very important. It nice to ask just to make sure everyone is on the same page. Little things like that make life easier for everyone. As for age for having family, it is no norms for me at all, I always think about serious aspects, not about fun. My family name is Shirokova. I was born on the 27 th of Dec, 79. I don't know I can go on and on but I'll end this now. Have a great day, I'll be waiting for your reply with great impatience. Sincerely Yours With Love, Julya
Letter 4
Hi, Tom! Now I see that we really have something in common. I should say that I liked you in your letter. I pay attention to strong men, who have something in them, to help a girl, to see her inner thoughts. I suppose you are not the same like others. Do you like to observe nature and animals? I suppose, yes? You like to go outdoors, sailing, but I like to go to clubs and to listen to any kind of music. But it doesn't matter, if we have different interests, it doesn't say of different souls. Do you like your job, if yes, it's great. If your work is like your home, it means that it's not boring for you. As for me, I take my job for interesting and necessary for people. I also think of my future life like about the thing that is coming soon. I want to have children, but I don't have any definite desired number. What about your willing ,I mean in gender? Do you mind if a family has more females or males among children, do you think there will be a gender discrimination, if some gender will prevail, Tom? I think that the children are gifts and we should take them as granted. Everything in my life I take as granted, with exclusions. I have to work a great deal, sometimes it's very hard, sometimes unbearable to see that your salary is so low, you may know about our wages. Frankly speaking on the whole I like compliments as everybody, but I should know that you say them very sincerely. That you don't write the same words to many women at once. Now I'd like to explain to U ,my dear, my current situation. My parents don't work now, they can't help me. To live and pay rent, I have to work much, almost every hour I'm busy, and I do not have time to go to write you letters with computer. Sure I can have half an hour for it, Tom, but wouldn't like to send you a letter in a week or write just some lines to you. I want, really want to get to know you better, to understand your inner world, your way of thinking, and living, to know your intentions and hobbies, to get involved into your personal habits and the customs of your country just to make such important choice in my life. It's only the smallest part of what I need to know about you. That's why I wrote you that we should have only the same concepts to keep correspondence. I've been looking for my match seriously, I want to know everything of him, and the same to tell him of me. So our letters will take much time for me if I do everything myself. I'll have to translate your letters with dictionary as my language skills are not enough to understand each your word. Then to print your photos, to translate my letters to you, to scan… I tried to translate your letter with a computer program, but it was so bad, you couldn't even imagine, the sense was lost. You know all that, Tom. I'd like to get your letters each day and to write you long ones every day too. So I want to go to bye a kind of Internet-account, Tom, thanks to which I can get all these services done for me. Everything I'll have to do is to write you a letter in Russian, all the rest will be done by the people from The Internet-Club. But it costs very much for my benefits. I can't afford such services to me. Would you be so kind to help us in our correspondence? I hope you'll support me in this hard situation. Sincerely Yours, Julia
Letter 5
Dear Tom, Many thanks for your response wit hcompliments. Frankly speaking I thought you would stop writing me after I wrote you of my problems. How are you? Why you don't write me what are you doing in your spare time? As for me, I'm very well. Now I know that you are serious to me and I can feel safe with you. I had a dream to have a prince on the white horse, who would love me and would make everything possible to protect, support me, create a strong family and clear all dark clouds off the skyline to prevent anything, which may hamper our love and relationships. You know last years I didn't believe that I might meet such an avatar of my dream. But this time I even was surprised to see that there is a man who doesn't stop against any difficulties in love. I didn't believe in real love earlier. Now I can't believe in your existence as I've never faced such an attention, treatment. I like that you want to continue our correspondence. Dear Tom, I want to find my love, my only man so much ! I dream to create a real strong family where love, mutual understanding and tender warmth will always cherish. Once more thank U very much for your long and interesting letters, but my dear I can't write to U as often as U do. I'm glad to hear that U like me, even though we don't know each other in person and where our correspondence will lead us, but I'd like to come to U very much. Sure I'll be very glad to meet with U. U would show me round your town. We need to write each other more and more to know each other better. But dear , I didn't want to tell it to U, but I must confess that I use the services of an Internet-Club and it charges 100 USDollars per month. That's all I have to pay, it includes all services, all I have to do is to come and write you a letter. I don't want to scare U off, but I won't be able to write to U very often, if I don't cover the costs for the Internet. I could write to U a regular mail, but it will go very slowly, in addition the translation services in our town and country are high, so it would be much cheaper to use the Internet-Club. If you will be so kind tohelp me pay for it, it would be good for both of us as I can't afford it to me at present. My parents are old, retired and in addition they help me with money from their pension, besides I have my grandparents and they are very old and with many health problems. I do not have any other source. I don't have anybody to help me except U. You are my only hope. Dear Tom, I wonder if U are able to help us in our correspondence, if not, please don't think of me badly, I won't be offended. I can understand U well, maybe U've already had some bad experiences with other girls on the Internet in your past, but I want to assure U that I'm genuine and not a scammer like others. I just want to find my real love and if it's necessary to leave this country, I'll do it, if nessecary. I'm not like others, I want to be happy in this difficult life. I just can confirm U that I'm also sincere and genuine and that I really have financial problems, I mean I can't afford it to me to write to U so often, if I don't pay for the Internet Services. If U are so kind to help not me, but us in our further correspondence, I'd be very grateful to U. So you may send the money through AVAL BANK, PROLETARSKAYA ST., 22/13 KREMENCHUG , Zip Code 39 300, Phone 38 (0) 5366 2 32 47 Western Union on my full name - I give U my details: Address: 39608 Ukraine, Kremenchug, Poltava Region, Naberejnaya Leitenanta Dneprova 54, Aprt.44 My full name: Shirokova Yulya Borisovna. You send me the code ( from 10 digits) with your full name and I get it from Western Union personally or U can also send some money through the regular mail, because Western Union charges much money for transaction. I need 67$ USD. It'll cover all the costs for a month. It includes all the services: translation, printing, scanning, the phone line, electricity. That's all, I do not want to talk of it any more. Well, my dear Tom, that's all for now. Sincerely Yours Forever, Julia
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