Scam Letter(s) from Oksana Demina to Patrick (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello Patrick How are you? I hope my letter will reach you in very good mood. I has see your profile and very want to write you. This is photos for you, but they is not best, soon I will have more photos. I also single person which want to find sincere love, I believe that in our big world be a person for you and me, simply we are take a chance from our fate and begin to hear each other. I am a young, attractive, graceful ledi, I have a blonde, long, climbing hair and blue eyes. I live in the central part of Russia, in Cheboksary city. I am a student of university and I will finish my university on end of august. I am study all sides of law, property, crime and the another. I hope to finda man with which I shall conduct the whole my life, have a happy family. I want to do my loved person the most happy on the Land, if my man will happy signifies I too shall very happy. I believe in the sincere love and relations and hope that my searching will be successful. In the world so much single people but love always comes suddenly, when we don't wait it, possible this love sometime far off from us, in other country, so us need simply to give a hand for each other and possible we both searched for each other the whole life. Let's take a chance and try, possible you searching me the whole life, but I searches for you? I hope soon to get your answer and photo. Have a nice day.

Letter 2

Hello Patrick I am pleased once again receive your message. I want little more write you about myself and my family. I have a younger brother he is 12y.o. He learn now a grade school and then he want begin learn in university. My parents are divorced and do not live together. My mother work on sweetmeat - chocolate factory. I live together with my mother and brother in apartment. I miss of our full family. So now I have strong desire has no divorce because I felt this myself how to suffer children from divorce! I am sure that two people always can agree on something average, but I understand that life maybe different and be some situations which really difficult decide, but we never are to surrender, I am certain never need to run from the problems, their always need to decide even if this difficult. We always can ask a help beside our close friends and family.. I am grateful my parents, because they done me very good well-mannered and I more grateful for my mother, because she has teach me value a sincere love and family! I like to listen a different music, this depends from the mood. Sometimes I go to dancing. I like a good cinema, go in the pool and visit gym, like to prepare a food and I think well do it:) What food you like? I like food: vegetables, fruits, seafoods, chicken. I am keep my body in the good form. After the completion of university I want have a good work.What do you like to do at a free time? Now I learn in the university on the five course on the profession lawyer. I like my training. I like to spend time with my girlfriends. I like a humour, cinema, theatre, camp, sail, beach, be on the nature. I do not like foolish and greedy people. I hope to introduce with the decent man for making serious relations and family. I want to take care of my loved person, also to he take care of me. We together are to build our life and try always to understand each other,but for understanding need probity, sincerity and then, I think, relations between the people will more best. To understand each other we must more talking, have frank talks, speak of our desires and dreams.
I did not lose a hope to meet sincere, honest man, hope this is you. Ask Me any questions, which you interesting and I answer on them O.K? I anxiously wait your following message.



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