Scam Letter(s) from Oksana Demina to Randall (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello How are you? I hope my letter will reach you in very good mood. I has see your profile and very want to write you. This is photos for you, but they is not best, soon I will have more photos. I also single person which want to find sincere love, I believe that in our big world be a person for you and me, simply we are take a chance from our fate and begin to hear each other. I am a young, attractive, graceful ledi, I have a long blonde hair and blue eyes. I live in the central part of Russia, in Cheboksary city. I was a student of university and now I finished my university with a high degree. I was studyed all sides of law, property, crime and the another. I hope to find a man with which I shall conduct the whole my life, have a happy family. I want to do my loved person the most happy on the Land, if my man will happy signifies I too shall very happy. I believe in the sincere love and relations and hope that my searching will be successful. In the world so much single people but love always comes suddenly, when we don't wait it, possible this love sometime far off from us, in other country, so us need simply to give a hand for each other and possible we both searched for each other the whole life. Let's take a chance and try, possible you searching me the whole life, but I searchesfor you? I hope soon to get your answer and photo. Have a nice day.

Letter 2

Hello, Randall Thank you for the letter. I want find a soul person for who more important a soul condition than material. I not material person, so I searches for a person which has a rich soul! I am 23 yo, I will 24 yo on 22 august. I have a graceful body of 167 sm (5.6) heigh and 54 kg (near 115 - 120) weigh. I like to take care of myself, my appearance, my face, my body. And, I believe, that a woman should always look very nice and attractive. I also to keep my body in shape as sport gives people not only health, but much energy and strength, when doing sports you are always in good mood and don`t concentrate negative emotions on yourself. I very love children, children - our future. Do You love children? I like people who have goals in their life and strive for them. As for my goals, at present I want to find my heartmate, the man who will be my best friend and best husband. Perhaps, you will ask me: "Why don`t you find your love in your country?" And my answer will be the following: I want my husband to be a foreigner, because, I don`t like Russian men, because they drinking much vodka and less romantic. A lot of women married and moved abroad for good and they are very happy, they say, Don`t doubt. I have got serious intentions to find a long term relationship with a mature gentleman. I want have relations with the older person than I because young men not serious about family and do not know what they want from the life, so I wrote you. I think, the most important things in the relationship between two loving hearts is honesty, trust, respest, faithfulness and love... There are many people who differ greatly from each other but all of them want to be happy. I think we should strive for being happy, because very often it is useless just sit and wait for your love. We should act but not wait something unreal! Do you have any photo? Send me please. I hope you got interested in me and want have really a sincere realationships, if so e mail me please. I hope you have a nice day and I will happy if my letter add little warm in your day.
Sincerly Oksana

Letter 3

Hello my sweetie Randall. How are you today? Today I has heard how much cost a flight to you, it cost $980USD, in this cost enters a passport, visa and tickets of plane, but this dearly for me, I have no such money, do you will help me to pay for the flight to you? I will very happy to meet you!!! To get tourist documents need wait approximately 5-6 weeks and I can reach you in 5-6 weeks after a day when to pay in the company. In the tourist company to take cash only, so you can simply send me money through the bank and I shall immediately pay for the flight to you. When I receive your letter, on my face always come a smile and I feel a heat in my soul, thank you for this.Thank you for filling my soul a joy, thank you for filling my heart of the most pleasing feelings!! I can not now visualize a day without your message, I very very love receiving your messages. Hope soon we will still better hear each other and maybe at one beautiful day we meeting and will speak:) You like this? I am very much! I never think, that be such men as you! Me never spoke pleasing words. I not even know that you will write presently, I simply delighted with you! I wrote you, I like a poetry so now come time to write you some of my poems. Having read a poem, possible understand more what in soul of person, what he feel, so I has write this poem myself, without translator, to not to lose good sense these words, (I think you can able to see small difference how I write myself and how I write through translator) So, this words from my soul and heart only to you: Someone will always be thankful for you.Someone will always cherish the warmth of your smile and the happiness in your heart.Someone wants to always be close enough to care in every way and to treasure each and every day spent together.Someone will always keep you lovingly in mind and will welcome every opportunilty to find you in happy thoughts. Someone will always know that life is good because of you,and that tomorrow has a bright and shining hope that wouldn't be there if you weren't here today.Someone will always try to find the words to thank you for filling life with dreams come true and with beautiful memories.Someone will always be thankful for you.....And that someone will always be me! Anxiously wait your message. Gentile kisses for you. You always in my thoughts and dreams.
Your Oksana



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