Scam letter(s) from Galina Bakumenko to Steve (USA)

Letter 1
Thank for your letter! I am very glad to receive it. I for the first time use such way acquaintance. I do not know that it will be, but very much I hope that it really. Unfortunately I can not write now much. Last days my health not so good. It is very sad, that it is necessary to begin our acquaintance to such short letter. I send ou 2 my photos which are made in studio one week earlier. I not model, but me have invited to try a photo in studio and I has agreed to try. But this experience is ot successful. I have no very bright appearance as model. Later I shall send others (not professional) photo. You should look and think if you want to write such woman. I shall wait the answer, please send me your photos and a lot of information about your life. If I shall receive it I shall answer necessarily and to write much bout me. I wait your letter, With hope
Sorry for other e-mail address. not work
Letter 2
I am very glad to receive the letter from you. A thank for photos. It is a little about my life. I was born and has grown in Cheboksary city the capital of Chuvashia Republic which there is in the central part of Russia on the river Volga. If you will look a card you will see Samara, Yaroslavl, Novgorod and below small city heboksary. It is my home. It is good city and certainly I love my city. We have many factories and one of largest in Russia electrical station. But therefore in our city not so good ecology. It is sad. I was born on June 12, 1973 in teachers family. The parents very much love me and have given me good education. I too very much love my parents and is very grateful to them for all. They tried to give me all that it is necessary for me. I was engaged in sports: swimin, tennis, etc. Now I have no a lot of time for sports but I always try to support my figure run on mornings and sometimes aerobics employment. From childhood my parents have learned me to love the books and theatre. I very much love to read. I love to learn about new people, various cultures and nations, very much I love the historical novels about the brave knights with devoted and gentle heart, about the perfect women, which gave back the love only to one man, I love to read about love, which gives the people force to go through all troubles and failures, about the people, which are ready to give life for happiness of the favourite man. I dream of travels to the far perfect countries (I earlier never left Russia). Oh stop! I can write about the dreams and ideals indefinitely, I do not want to borrow much your time. Probably for the first letter you want more to learn about my life. After the ending school I have acted in Pedagogical institute and has received a speciality " the teacher a home facilities". It not an absolutely pedagogical trade. Probably more creative. I train the small girls to do a home facilities. It includes very many things: Cookery, sewing, gardening, care of the child, home design, various female cunnings and wisdom. It very much is pleasant to me. My schoolgirls always with great desire visit my lessons. They understand that for the woman these things should be on the first place. I very much love children and very much I love to learn something from my schoolgirl, they tell to me secrets of their mums and I frequently study at them. It is magnificent! Now I work at school. In free time I love to visit theatre, cinema, concerts, to read and to be engaged in sports. I very much love ice-cream. Now about the reasons, which have helped me to get acquainted with you. Steven I for the first time have decided to use such way of acquaintance as the Internet. It was advised me by my girlfriend, which one year lives in America with the man, which has found her in the Internet. Then they long corresponded, have decided that is necessary to meet and now they are very happy. I understand, that you probably can not understand why I can not find the man in my country. If honourly I not can exact to explain. I shall not deny that the men pay attention to me. But I am very much disappointed by our men. Very much it would not be desirable to speak about it, but it is necessary to recognize, that the validity not always so is pleasant and easy as the love novel. It is sad. The men actually very much differ from the heroes of the books. The majority of the men in our city use a lot of alcohol, some take drugs, they beat the women, very rough and malicious. Certainly not all such probably are the gentle and kind men but unfortunately I have not met while such. My ideal is the men the clever strong man probably grown-up than I which have a steady rule and gentle fond heart, the man, which will love me and our children and to care of me. I want to have the real friend, careful husband, gentle lover and good father for our children in one body. Probably I am too requiring, but I believe that in the world there is such the man and I believe that once I meeting him and I shall tell to him that I waited and all life searched him and to give him all my love. Please forgive my mistakes mine English not so good, so much I want to tell, but I know so few words...Is sad. Thank for attention.
With hope I wait your letter.
Galina (Galya, Gala as it is pleasant to you)
Letter 3
How are you? I am very better. I'm very glad that it is not pneumonia. Only flue. Yesterday I had conversation with my parents rather you and my decision to leave the country. They were surprised and are certainly upset, they very much love me and after long discussion all FOR and AGAINST they have agreed with me both have approved my decision and promised to help always if it it will be necessary. I am happy to have such parents.In the street remarkable weather. The present winter. It is a lot of snow. Up to my knees. It very much is pleasant to me. I love winter, but it is very not long. November, December, very much I love a holiday New Year. And then begins not so pleasant. January, February - is very cold, frost, blizzard... Poorly. March, April too is not so good. Best for me the month is May when there is a grass, flowers, young green sheets on trees. It is magnificent! Steven I very much want, that you have seen winter in my city. I think to you it is pleasant. On the main area each year build city of ice and snow. We with you could be photographed and fun. Then to go to drink coffee in small cafe and to heat frozen hands in hands each other. I dream, how I tell to you, hardlyfinding words, how I am long waited for you, as I am a lot of evenings has spend in my small apartment, dreaming about meeting with you, as fell asleep with your letters in hands, as each free minute flied on wings in Internet - cafe to write to you, as missed and waited your letters, as dreamed of our meeting. It is remarkable dreams and I like to dream of it. It warms me and I am not afraid a frost and wind, it gives me hope in happy tomorrow. I hope you understand that I write. One request. If you see mistakes in my letter or do not understand some phrases, please correct me. I shall be glad to write correctly and I want that you understood all my ideas. I shall be the good schoolgirl and I shall try.Forgive, I did not write to you earlier, my growth 170cm. Weight 50kg. What I silly, how I could forget to write to you it? Steven I wrote to you, that I have no the telephone in mine an apartment and I use the Internet in cafe, you probably have noticed, that I write you very much frequently. I try to use each free minute for the letter to you or to receive your letter. Your letters I type in cafe on the printer I read and I translate in my apartment. But I with each day understand, that it is difficult to me to use Internet - cafe. I did not write to you, but my salary makes 50-60 $ per one month. I should pay for each letter 3 - 4 $ it very much for me. Certainly I very much helped by my parents. But I am compelled to ask you about some the help if you have an opportunity and desire to help me, if you really seriously treat to me and trust me. I understand, that probably I should not ask you, but I am really compelled to make it. I shall understand, if I shall not receive the answer from you. But I believe, that probably our future and I hope for your understanding. We are familiar not enough time, but it seems that we understand each other and we trust in an opportunity of our common future. I have thought, that probably you will have an opportunity to come to Moscow at any time and I shall meet you in the airport and we together shall go by train to my city, where I shall introduce you to my parents and friends. I do not know, can be badly, that I write about it, there can be I shall not receive your letter. Steven I shall wait your answer to my request and if we shall understand each other, we shall discuss all details of our meeting. If you will decide to help me with payment of correspondence, there is only one way. My aunt works in bank and we yesterday talked to her. She has told, that the best way to transfer money it is Western Union. She speaks, that the offices are worldwide and it is a very fast and reliable way. You should know only my complete name and my address. I send it. Money so important in our liife is very a pity, that. Forgive, if I have made the end of our relations, but I do not see other way. It is very a pity if so. You the remarkable man.
Bye. Galya.
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