Scam letter(s) from Anastasia to Carl (UK)

Letter 1

Hello my love Carl
Sweet mine, it is very glad that you want that we will together.
I live 700 kilometers from Moscow. I live in village of name Kuyar.
This very small place, therefore I think that you will not find it on map.
The most, close airport for me in Moscow.
I can arrive right after when documents will be ready.
I have received all the necessary information for it.
Lovely the first that I should make it will legalize papers.
Lovely, today I have made inquiry concerning the visa to me and concerning the foreign passport.
I have learned the following things.
The tourist visa to me costs 250 American dollars.
Term of registration 7-10 working days.
The visa to receive simply enough. The following documents are necessary for this purpose.
The first passport for travel abroad for not less than for 90 days -180 $ Second two color photos The third copier of all internal pages of the passport.
The fourth biographical particulars!
The fifth reference with the instruction of a post and the salary.
Further the medical insurance - 160 $ is necessary Registration of the visa is incured with a travel company. But at desire it is possible it To engage most.
All expenses apparently will make 590 American dollars.
It is the information concerning the visa of the passport and all documentation.
Dear while I cannot begin registration of papers. First it is necessary to pay.
I have no place to take money. Money which mum and I receives,
suffices only on a meal and payment of habitation.Dear,can you help me?
Dear you could send me of money through "western union" or "moneygram". It is fast and reliable. As soon as I shall receive money, I shall begin registration of papers.
Lovely, I think that together we shall find happiness.
kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss is all for my lovely.
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