Scam letter(s) from Oksana Curdiucova to Djamel (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my dearest Djamel!
I loved your pictures! You are very handsome and romantic in the dress of Alladin! I want so much to be your Jasmin! I wonder if you want it? Well, we don’t have Halloween here? But I’ve heard much about it.
As for my vacation, I can take it anytime because I didn’t have it since last year! I have 30 days of vacation! Well, for me to travel outside Belarus it’s necessary to make visa. I’d love to meet you! Maybe I could come and visit you? What do you think? I know that you are what I want and what I need. We will be great friends and great lovers! I know we can make a good family! I love your, often poetic, letters. In the absence of fact to face conversations and long talks on the telephone, your letters have allowed me to know you. The words you have found have been precious. I know you will say more with a hug, a kiss, a warm embrace. I share your passion. My deepest desire is to convey how much you mean to me and how special you are! I want you to know this as surely as you know your name! I love you and if you love and accept me I will stand by you as long as I live! I wish I could say more to warm your heart and comfort your soul but you must know how it is difficult for me not to see your face in person! I long for the day and even for the moment when we can see each other! I want so much to hear the music of your heart! You may think that I am crazy but the day I found your profile at I bought a flower! And from this time I associate you with this flower! It stands on the window – sill in my room! I can stay gazing at it for many hours! And I always think about you! It’s a pleasure for me to take care about it, to water it, to wipe its leaves! It is the first thing I look at when I come into my room! I can see that I warm it with my heart, and I also want to warm you!
I love you!
I need you so much in my life! Yours Forever, Oxana
Letter 2
Hello my dearest Djamel!
I hope you are doing well! I am just at home dreaming about us. You are all I think about day and night. I just keep thinking about the day we'll finally be together. Can you please send me some of your pictures? I would really be happy! Well, I can take a vacation. I'll have 30 days of rest. So I can spend it with you!I think about you all of the time! I pray for you each day! I dream about you every night! I know in my heart that my life is not complete without you! And I know that my life would be empty, and an utter failure without you!
You are my love, my entire world; I desire nothing else in this world, except having you as my husband and soul mate! You are the only thing that truly matters to me, for my life is worthless without you! I would never give up on you unless you didn't want me to be a part of my life!
I love you so much like I have never loved before! And more than I ever will again! There is nobody that can ever come close to making me feel as I do about you! We have to be patient honey; I promise you that we will be together!
I'm going to tell you something that nobody else in this world knows! I haven't been with anybody for all my life! Yes, I'm a ******! I promised myself that I would never sleep with anyone else until I had found my true love. I had not found her until now - I found you, my dear! And I will never sleep with or have any desire for anybody but you! I want you to show me everything you know, to discover a real woman in me! I just hope that you don't become disappointed in your ideas of me! I am merely just an average woman. I have a big heart with a lot of love thought, and my family comes first, before my needs even. I have said enough for now, so I will sigh off.
Take care darling, and I hope to hear from you soon!
And remember that I love you with all of my heart and always will!
Yours Forever Oxana.
Letter 3
Hello, my dearest Djamel!
Thanks for your picture! I wonder who are these people around you? Are they your friends? You know, I love watching pictures and I can spend several hours to watch my or anybody else's photo album! Well, I want to ask you for something. It's not very characteristic of me to do it but I have no choice. You know that I work very ******* two jobs. And when I went to the agency and found out the costs of the trip, I couldn't believe it! I want to ask you for help in my visiting you. I promise that I can pay back all the money. I know that it sounds not very good, but again, I have no choice. Of course, I can stay here and visit you in 2 years but the desire of seeing you is so high that I can't bear it! I hope that you understand me. The weather here is so wonderful! The sun is shining brightly, and everything is green. I love so much the seen of lilac! There are many lilac trees in my town! My window faces to a very beautiful one! It's such a pleasure to open the window in the morning and to breath the fresh air mixed with lilac fragrance! The day becomes so wonderful! Well, the spring is a great season, isn't it? Today I went to my friend who works at the photo-lab. I don't remember maybe I have told you about her before. She says that it's such a pleasure for her to take pictures about me, because I always look very well at every picture! Do you agree? She knows about us and wishes the best to us and she tells me every time. I miss you that our fate will do everything for us to be together. I hope that she is right! That's a pity that I have little time to go and take my pictures! Well, things stay pretty much the same at work. As usual, I have many patients. I feel so elated when I can do something for them, to bring down their thankful faces smiling when they go out of my surgery! I can't even describe this feeling! With you in my life everything changed, even my attitude towards other people. I considered them as just people in the street and now I always smile to them! So, these are things in my head!
I love you, my dearest! Millions of hugs and kisses are only for you and only you!
Sincerely yours Oxana.
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