Scam Letter(s) from Inna Adamova to Claus (Germany)

Letter 1

Dearest Claus,

Thank you for your lovely warm invitation to visit you I would love to !

But I know it is not easy to open Visa for pretty single Russian girl.

The only way is reply for the help in the Tourist Agency, they will make all the nesse sary papers and apply for Visa for me, but I found out that it will cost me 175 USD, which is terribly expensive.

But, not difficul and take 1 week time.

The airport is only one in Minsk, but the flight every day, by the way, what airport do I have to fly? May be it would be better for us to meet in Warsaw for weekend ? - If you buy me the ticket and reserve the hotel, I do not need Visa for Warsaw.

Good close family with special man for me , raising beautiful children in a cozy romantic family atmosfere, enjoying life when is pass - that is the only my dream , and the only thing I pray for.

Well, Darling, I have to finish now, tomorrow is my sisters birthday, and I am going to buy one very beautiful flower I saw in the shop yesterday now, just hope it had not gone yet.

Have a very nice evening.
Your. Ina