Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Smirnova to Nikos (Greece)

Letter 1
Hello my a kitten:).
I think that you not against in that that I to name you a kitten:)? Nik, yes I think it it will be fine if you can send tomorrow to me of money on Western Union. I think it the most reliable and fast way of transfer of money. Nik, I think that will be necessary for me on the ticket up to you about 200 $. Nik, I am sorry, but I want to ask you, whether I can on staying your money (if certainly they will stay) to buy to myself in Moscow some dress or suits. Nik, in Moscow a wide range of the various goods and when you will meet me at the airport I I want to look very beautiful. That all looked at us and envied. Nik, what you think?
The data for Western Union:
Andriyanova Natalia
Russia, autonomous region Hantymansijsky, city Surgut,
Petrov's street the house 56 sq.17
My kitten, I hope, that tomorrow in the morning I can receive a remittance. Then it will be necessary for me to prepare in Moscow.
Gentle kiss
Yours Natalia
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