Romance scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Smirnova to Daniel (USA)
Letter 1
You are very attractive man!
I would like to start a conversation with you!
If you agree to do it, so write me to:
Letter 2
Hello my name is Ekaterina, i'm from nice town Vladivostok! It is located in the extremest part of our country.
It is a seaport: here Northern Fleet of Russia is located, therefore we can see here many ships.
A little about myself: I have finished university 5 years ago on a speciality the manager on sales.
Now I work in interior on sale of cosmetics. I very sociable person and it very much help me in my work.
I am fond of navigation: since the childhood I visit a swimming pool and even I have awards for participation in various tournaments on navigation.
I like to visit cinemas, theatres and sometimes museums.
I love alive music. My most favorite films are: " Lord of Rings ", " Carried away by a wind " and all films of Luk Besson.
My most favorite kinds of music: R*B, Classic, Soul, Jazz, Bluz, Disco and new age.
I very much love real flowers, especially roses, but anybody never gave them to me.
I like to travel much on our huge and great country and on the world.
I am able is very tasty to prepare! I adore Russian kitchen - you tried sometime something from our kitchen.
I very much like expensive and beautiful automobiles but while I go on foot. And what at you the automobile?
Still I very much like to have a rest on the nature, at us very fine nature. Beautiful woods, lakes, reserves.
I live in a two-room apartment with the grandmother, mum. Father has thrown mother when she was on the sixth month of pregnancy, therefore I since the childhood do not have not enough man's love.
That you still want to find out about me, ask me!!!
I hope, that I shall find worthy the man, and I shall love it.
All life, I very much want it!
Write to me soon!
Best regards.
Letter 3
Hello dear Danny.
I'm fine, and at you how are you doing?
I answer your questions.
I would like to have the big family and the careful husband. I want two sons and one daughter.
I was born on June, 29, 1976.
My favourite color of a sea wave and the blue sky.
I am able to speak to write and suspect the English language a little.
It is possible to speak by with me to phone, but it will be possible only in the future when our attitudes will go far.
I have photos where I swim and I sunbathe shall send them to you.
In my opinion my husband should be the main defender and a support in our attitudes.
The wife should love and respect the husband, feed and bring up children. To be engaged in cleaning on the house, a message of a facilities. And the most important never to speak the husband is not present.
I I hope has answered all your answers.
I wait for the following letter. I hope, that all at us to turn out.
Letter 4
Hello my Dear Danny
Thanks that you have estimated my photos and my answers to your questions.
At us with you opinions almost converge in all that I it concerns a difference in the age of that think, that not a handicap for our attitudes. I very much like men is more senior than me.
Probably it is connected that I was brought up without the father and I all life did not have not enough love and caress.
Forgive, but you very much like me. You strong and courageous men and I would like to cast in the lot my ideal with you and a life. I yesterday thought of you as you there on the other doomsday at night. All this history of acquaintance reminds me film " Got mail ". You did not look this film? I with impatience wait for each your letter with excitement checking the mail. I am very glad, that at us identical opinion on creation of family. We creators the destinies, and we do ourselves happy.
I dream to see all world the eyes, all sights of capitals of the world and about it to shoot a film. I dream to see pyramids in Egypt, skyscrapers of New York, a great Chinese wall, but this dream to be failed, I cannot allow myself of it because I live in a small seaside small town.
I think of you. Write to me more likely.
Letter 5
Hello dear and hotly loved Danny
I have received your new letter and I was happy to read it.
As at you an affair my courageous and fine prince. You have woken my feelings.
The love to you has swallowed up me all.
You as prince have woken me the kiss after long dream.
I have very much liked to you all soul and a body.
From your letter I have understood, that you too very much love me.
Our feelings are mutual also I wanted to have the husband as you.
Time goes also we the tragedy cannot stop him and every day, lead without your dialogue for me. I am very glad that you too love Egypt and China.
I very much would like to lead with you romantic travel, enjoying a sea surf and bright light of the moon.
At you fine children. I too want to have children and to bring up them together with the father.
I think that children to bring up in high-grade family where there is father and mother better..
I am sure, that they become true Jordans and will be stars NBA. I too am able to throw a ball in a basket a little.
I shall send photos of mum as soon as I shall scan. She asks me about you. I want to ask you, what you know about my Native land? It is simply interesting to me.
Ask me about all for you I the open book.
Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love
Letter 6
Hello Danny!
My lovely I was happy to read yours again
Letters again. You know only today I Has learned joyful news to us with you...
Today to me have told that I can have holiday in the beginning of July.
You really want to see me??? It not dream?
You can meet me in July? It would be very much cool.
I think that we know each other but in enough Letters it will not be compared to personal contact! I am right?
I would like to embrace and kiss you! But unfortunately I cannot be with you more than one month...
If you want to see me in the beginning of July that tomorrow I can go and learn how many flight will to cost To you but then you write to what airport to me better To arrive and when it it will be more convenient for you.
I want to have with you and to be mum to your children. I in passionate and hot read sweat of pleasure your letter.
I so want you that you have caressed me from legs and up to a head.
I have some very sexual photos for you, but while I do not have money to print them.
In interior it is very expensive for me (about 50 $)
Also I wait your answer. For ever yours Ekaterina.
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