Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Salnikova to Jack (USA)

Letter 1
Hi, Reading your letter I have not begun to cry nearly with happiness. That there are such perfect people as you I very much, is very glad. That I have got acquainted with such man as you. You such lovely, kind, clever man. Why we have not met you earlier? Can be at us already there was a large happy family. Yes I very much love to prepare, is tasty to prepare. And if you would be a number (line) I with pleasure prepared for you. Would bring coffee in bed. I love to prepare various sweetness. The Ukrainian, Russian kitchen. Especially I love to prepare on a nature a shish kebab. In cinema I go about 2 times per one week. And on discos I in general seldom go. Yes life without love it not life. You see love this very perfect feeling. You see when you have favourite man. You become by the happiest man on light. And when you are happy at you all always well in life. I am afraid acquaintances through the Internet slightly. But nevertheless I have small hope that I on a correct way. The truth now when I almost has left in holiday. And on a nose at me birthday. I do not have means, money to arrive to the lovely man. And as I for a long time dreamed of arrival to the lovely man. Where I would be met by(with) the favourite man. Also I hope by this man there will be you. Than I am engaged now - I prepare to holiday. I want this holiday to make unforgettable. I hope that you will help me in it. I rise at 6:00
I accept a bath
I prepare to have a meal
And by 7:00 to running on work
I work as the hairdresser(barber) in a female hall
I do(make) any colouring, chemistry of a hair
Well and certainly I cut
Especially to me to like to select hairdresses to the clients
I love when they leave from me happy and beautiful. After work at 12:00 I usually go (running) to the girlfriend and I write you the letter. And if I see from you the answer that I write down your letter on a diskette and running home. Where nobody will prevent me it(him) to read and to dream about perfect. I hope, I wait, whole
Yours Ekaterina Merry Christmas
Letter 2
Hi favourite,
I miss on you.
Excuse for this letter when I wrote it(him) to me it was very a shame rather Money. If want that can not read this letter. I went in travel companies, airport. Me there have not pleased. The visa in your country costs(stands) 350 $. And about the tickets already and to speak there is nothing 1100 $. I have gone round all familiar, native, close. I searched for money to the tickets, visa to arrive to you. All that I could find it only 70 $. This money will suffice me only on a road to Moscow. You see to you I can take off only from Moscow. I very strongly am anxious that I can not to you arrive. To me is very sick. You see for these of our separation I on the present have understood that I can not without you. I think of you constantly I think as you there without me. There can be you to me will prompt as me to be, As is faster to you to arrive. You see all that to me is necessary it to buy the visa and tickets. I do not want at you to ask of money to me it very much, it is very inconvenient. But at me except for you more anybody would be not present who has helped me with it. Excuse if I have afflicted you to me very very inconveniently to me it is a shame before you. Whether you probably want to know there was at me a friend. Yes the friend at me was. We have parted from for that that it(he) to me changed. I some times forgave it(him) but it(he) continued to me to change. I tried to make all that at us with it(him) all was adjusted. Besides it(he) frequently of saws and even beat me. In a result we have parted. Excuse but me unpleasantly it to recollect. And you had girl? Tell if want to me it will be very interesting. I very strongly love you I love as anybody never loved. You are constant in my ideas I think of you each minute, each hour. When I lie down to sleep I dream that you were a number(line). I want to love, to kiss, caress you. For the sake of you I would leave though on edge(territory) of light. You see where we would not be I always was happy with you. I frequently re-read your letters. Very much grieved for you and when I saw your new mail I became most. By the happy man on light. From all heart I send you millions and millions kisses. With impatience I shall wait for your answer. With LOVE yours Ekaterina
Merry Christmas
Letter 3
Hi lovely,
To me is very sick and you are insulting that so badly speak about me. Lovely I do not buy the visa in embassy. The visa to me is done(made) by(with) a travel company. Which takes additional money for that that it is a travel company. You see she(it) does(makes) all documents an advice. You excited only with money. You do not trust me. You do not love me. So who among us a deceit???
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