Romance scam letter(s) from Tatyana Perlashkevich to Marcello (USA)
Letter 1
Hello, Marcello!
I got your letter, thank you very much. For me it was a big surprise. You're very interesting young man. I'd like to know more about you, may be you also want to know more about me. You may ask me any question concerning my life. I'll answer them honestly. Now we have time to know each other better. I'm "lively" girl, loving all natural, I love nature. I appreciate honesty, seriously, decency in people, because I'm of this kind. As I feel myself as kind-hearted man. I like joking, smiling, I have a good sense of humor. I understand, there is not any ideal man and may be I have some defects. may be you'll like my defects. Now I'm fond of sports, learning English. What are you fond of? What do you like? I want to know all of you. I like meeting my friends, some of them live abroad (Italy, Spain, France, Germany). I communicate with all them. Tell about your family, friends, people around you. Now I depend on my own. I have my own flat. It is not big, but light and cozy. I like order don't like dust. I think I have told something about myself. It's interesting to tell about myself but I left something for future to say later. I'm waiting for your answer. Tatiana
Letter 2
Hello, Marcello!
It was especial pleasant to receive your letter. Thank you ever so much. I also saw your photos and I want to mark that I find you quite handsome. I live in the city of Novosibirsk. Novosibirsk was based more than 100 years ago. It has turned from a small settlement into an industrial transport center of Russia of the splendid high buildings trading centers theatres clubs cinemas, the most beautiful parks and gardens. my favorite place of the city is the Zoo. One can see the animals from all the world sides on its area spreading some kilometers. I could tell about my favorite city a long time. But they say it's better to see once than to hear 100 times. I hope you'll come here as a guest and then I'll show you all the sight seeings of Novosibirsk by all means. I work as economist in Pension Fond our city. I'd like to know you more. Possibly so would you. I hope our interests will agree. I'd like to be taking all my life that there should be hand in hand. Actually our life is too short and the mistakes in it are undesirable. Unfortunately it's impossible to go through it anew either. What can I tell you about myself? I think that I can add to the Internet profile about me the following. To my way of thinking I find myself intellectual, sensitive. I am a girl of taste. I like the order and cleanness in all. I like everything natural and real. I like nature and animals. I am with a sense of humor. I am fond of making jokes and people. I value honesty, openness and seriousness in people.By nature I am a contradictory person. My mood changes like the weather. It is easy to pass from major to minor. Doesn't it frighten you? But it's always easy to make an agreement with me through I am not trustful and think over it thoroughly. However being with me never bores. But my circumspection gives me an opportunity to make mistakes as seldom as possible. My wish to make a strong family is very great. How many children do I want to have? I suppose they will be not less than two. But it'll depend on me and my man of course. For example. I have my elder sister at the age of 34. She has been married for 10 years. She has a daughter. And it's great that I have my sister. What must your future family be like to your mind? My parents are very wonderful people. They have been together for 36 years and they love each other up to now the same as it was in their young years.So their experience is model for me. My favorite occupations are sports, different cultural activities, mixing with my friends and so on. Sometimes I like to be at home where I can read a book, do my favorite occupations, maybe stay in bed longer (on a rest-day). To my regret I have no pets ay home. They imply the very great responsibility. There is a need to have more spare time to keep them. Do you have some of them : a dog, a cat , maybe a parrot? Seng, can ask you to pay our correspondence? I have placed my at in the Internet through Marriage Agency (number 029) and the e-mail address what you use writing to me is an address of their computer. I paid for placing my ad in the Internet and I also pay for the correspondence with you. And presently it's expensive for me.
Letter 3
International Marriage Agency "Pearl" In our country not everyone can afford to have a computer at all. That's why the girls address Marriage Agencies where there is a computer and a translator's service. We place their pictures and profiles inthe Internet and provide them with translating. The services provided by us to be paid for are:
1) Translation, to ensure that the meaning of your words, as well as our clients words are accurate in expressing your meaning, as well as hers.
2) To provide access to a computer, that some of our clients do not have.
3) To assist some of our clients in the use of computer technology.
4) To help us recover the expenses of our efforts in assisting our clients reach as many perspective life partners as possible. As Tatiana can read you letters by herself then the translation and sending her letter out to you cost $9. The payment for 5 letters (5 letters from you and 5 answering letters from her to you) cost $40. The payment for 10 letters (10 letters from you to her and 10 answering letters from her to you) - $70. And if you prefer to use the regular mail, you can get an address and a telephone number of Tatiana is $10,0. We know about some cheat occurring on the Internet. But we are reputed as honest workers and it's unpleasant for us to listen to reproaches like these. You can transfer the money to our bank account: SAVINGS
BRACH 6695/0243 BO
A/C 42301840444087400482/01
NAME: MIHAIL and you should inform as about it in your e-mail to as: Or you can transfer the money by Western Union to the part of Mihail Macheret, Novosibirsk, Russia. Would you be kind to tell us the control number of the transfer, your full name after your sending it? You can use your credit card for transferring the money to us through web site Western Union to the part of Mihail Macheret, Novosibirsk, Russia. Would you be kind to tell us the control number of the transfer,your full name after your sending it? All our service of the Agency is presented at the net address:
Best regards, Mihail Macheret International Marriage Agency "Pearl" Best regards,
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