Scam letter(s) from Olga Gritsenko to Mike (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my dear,
Thank you very much for your letter.My dear, I am very upset because at University I must have a salary. But they told that they will pay only in September. And now I have no money for the ticket. And I do not know what to do.
My dear, I want also to say that I afraid to go along because I did not go for such long distance along that's why Marina Gorova advice me to take a translator with me. She will help us in different situations. For example at first it will be a little difficult to find a common language. And she will help us. It is very important for me. Please, write me what do you think? It is not very convenient for me to ask you about the help. You have done so much for me. But I do not want that everything has stop because we made a lot of efforts for our meeting. And I am sure that when we will be together everything will be like in fairy tale. I liked your idea to meet me at train station. Now I finish and I wait your new letter with patience. It is very hard to wait this few days. This days like a year.
With all my love,
Your Olya
Letter 2
Hello my dear, Thank you very much for your letter. Tomorrow I will go by train along. I understand that you do not want that I go with translator that's why I decided to go along. I hope that you will meet me in the train station. I can not wait when we meet each other. And it will be so soon. Soon I will be the happiest girl in the world. It will be like a fairy tale for me. Do you remember the fairy tale when the prince come to the princes and take her with you on a white hours. I can not belive that it is a reality and not a sweet dream. I have a lot of emotion inside. I can not think about anything except you and our meeting. And it is very hard to write you something normal. To tell the true I am very nervure. I am sure that everything will be wonderful.
With all my love,
Your Olya,
See you very soon
Letter 3
Hello my dear,
Thank you very much for your letter. My dear, do not worry I understand you. Everything is ok. We live in a real world and everyday you can not have a good mood. Everyday can not be nice. We a human and I can understand that you have some problems. I only want to help you, to make all that after my letter your mood will be better.I am sure that things will change on better. And everything will be very good. I wish I were with you because I want to be with in all life situation. It does not matter good or bad. I want to support you. In such situation I would like to meet you tomorrow , any way I will be patient and I will wait with greater and greater excitement the day when you will be personally in front of me. I am glad the day I found you and so now I enjoy to feel your love. My dear, you are so kind and careful for me. You help me in any situation. It will be great if you help me. I have a nice idea. What do you think if I have a money for that dress and hat. I want to make a photo of it and send it to you. Do you like my idea. Now I finish and I wish that your day will be better than previous.
I send you my kiss and my love,
Your Olya
Letter 4
Hello dear,
Thank you for your interesting letter, I like to know more about you. But unfortunately I have to say that this is the last letter without paying. The agency gave me the last opportunity to write you without paying. Not to bit about the bush I'll start by saying that I was born in a perfect family. All the members of my family are my dearest and nearest they will help me in different difficult situations. My family is rather small than big. There are four of us: my father, brother, mum and I. My mum is a teacher in the college. My father is a taxi driver. My brother studies in the school. We spend together a lot of our free time, of course, if we have it. My family is very friendly. But my family is not so ideal as you think. You see every family has its own problems and my family as well. I am not a little girl already that's why I want to build my own family. I wish you were a person whom I need. I think that the most important thing in relationship is mutual understanding and friendship. That's why I hope that you sharemy opinion. I'd like to say that it isn't a problem to communicate through the Internet. It's the only first step in our relationship. I'm very interesting in you. Just imagine that we can sit together and discuss our favorite teams, novels. We can spend our free time together and think over our life. So, my dear, I'm waiting for your letter impatiently.
Kiss you, Olya.
Letter 5
Dear Mike, I'm writing this letter now and I think about some changes inside me.I go to bed and imagine the beautiful morning. I can go to the agency in this morning and receive you warm letter. Can you write me your lettersevery morning? It's my sweet dream. I bring my letter and my photos to the agency today. I write you about my feelings, about my life in this letter, but, my dear, my letter is so long and the prices are so high. I can not pay for my correspondence.I would like to continue our lettering so much. I want to know you better, but I don't have a lot of money and that is why I can not pay for correspondence's expenses. My dear Mike, I will send you my home address, if you wish, but Internet is the fastest way to communicate and I want to meet you as soon as possible. Do you want the same? Dear Mike, I am so sorry, because I'm a modest girl, but it would be nice if you can help me to pay for correspondence because I think that the special relations are growing between us. I will be waiting for your letter impatiently.
Yours Olya.
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