Scam letter(s) from Zoya Chernonos to Paul (England)

Letter 1
Hello Darling Paul! Im sincerely glad that youre interested in me. Thanks to you a light flicker of hope and faith lighted in my soul. Frankly speaking I dont like my pictures though my friends say I look far better in real life. I think its pleasant for any man when his beloved woman has beautiful appearance. Its not so important for me to have a beautiful appearance, as to love and be loved. I send you one more picture, for you to be able to have a better look on me. Nowadays any man is lonely his own way. Why it happens so? Im afraid of loneliness very much. I have been lonely for so long and this loneliness just must step aside for love, warmth, weasel, and care+ I want so very much to believe well find it in each other. Honey Paul! Ill tell you a little bit about myself. Im 25 years old, and I have graduated the Institute for Economy. I have been working as a junior book keeper just for 2 months, because in our country its very hard to find a good job. Honey! I must go. I hope we have common points of view and opinions. I must tell you that I dont need a pen friend. Im looking for a man wholl take care of our future children and about me. I want to know that my children and me are protected. I want to see your picture my Sweetheart Paul. Though I told you that appearance is no matter so much as inner world of a person, his soul, and heart. I hope to hear from you soon. I want to hear more about you- your job, way of life, and plans for future. I want to know what makes you happy and sad+ I want our views about life to be similar. I wish you all the best, and good day. Zoya
Letter 2
Sweetheart Paul! Today it is such a wonderful day in my life, because I received your letter. I reread it several times and felt that we become closer to each other. I want you to know that I need you and your letters very much. Thank you for the picture, my Honey. You're a very handsome man. You have very kind eyes. I want so very much to beside you and to look into them! I'm grateful to God that He gave you to me, and I'm so grateful to you, my Honey Paul. That now I have You, and I won't feel myself lonely anymore. When I was a child I liked very much when Mom read fairy-tales to me. Most of all fairy tales I liked that one- where a prince saved a girl. They loved each other and the whole world was glad for them. I thought I would never meet my prince. But now when I met you I believe that a fairy tale can be real. Sweetheart Paul! You lighted up a light of hope in my heart, and light rays of love. I love all this world only for that it gives you to me! When being lonely after I divorced my husband I often ask God to give me power to outlive all this. He helped me much, and of course, my little Angel helped me too. Her name is Nastya, and she's 4 years old. I love her so much! You and her- all I have in life. And I thank to God for this priceless gift. Honey! I have never gone to the internet club before. I talked to my friends from the internet club. They told me that men often betray their women. I'm afraid of being on their place. Honey Paul, I'm very sorry I have to tell you about it, but I'm afraid of treachery very much. Honey, if you're really serious about our relationship and will stop your choice on me, I'll be very happy. Because I want so very much to believe in a fairy tale- kind, pure, and happy. Sweetheart Paul! I have to pay for our writing. It's so hard for me to pay its price. I don't want to limit Nastya's needs. If you help me with our writing, I'll see you have serious attitude to me. After all pain I had I need a real man, who I can trust and who can care. I hope you understand me, and that we also can have a fairy-tale. I think we deserved it. I wish you all the best, and good mood.
I kiss you. Nastya kisses you too.
Say "Hello" from us to your daughter. You must be proud with she. I hope we'll became friends. Zoya
Letter 3
Hello my Darling Paul! I'm very happy we have found so much in common. And that our feelings become strong day by day. I really began to get used to your letters, to your tender words, to you. Now I wait for a new day impatiently to go to the internet cafe and to receive your letter. They give me so much warmth and light in this gray and sad life. Give powers to fight for us for our happiness. Now I know for sure it's in the world and I hope it won't pass me by. I believe we'll be able to create a strong, and friendly family. I want it with all my heart. The main thing can be in life is the happiness of your child, well being and coziness, and peace in the family. Success of dear to you people and smiles on their faces. I hope when we are together your face won't be upset with sadness even for a minute. And even if anything will happen I'll be with you always to help you and to share all your troubles with you any time. It's very pleasant for me Honey Paul, that you want to help me with the payment for our writing. Thank you very much for it. I understand little about it that's why it'll be better if you explain everything to my translator. Transfer is better to do with system Western Union to my full name -Chernonos Zoya , town of Kremenchug, Poltava area, Ukraine.My adddress - Sumskay str. 40b-3 Our correspondence cost about 100$ in month. Next letter you must sent me cod transfer, your full name and sum. My Nice Paul! I very positively look at, that we will meet in nearest future. I want very much to meet with you, because no letters not change meeting. It's very important, that people will feel when they will be together. I so want to feel you near me and kiss you eyes! I know you better with your every letter. I see you're a wonderful man. You're tender, careful, kind, and also smart and strong. I don't know how could I deserve such a chance to meet such a man like you before the destiny. I was alone for a long time, and taught a lot of things to do by myself. But I still remained weak, tender, and unprotected woman. I need a strong, and reliable shoulder to lean at any time. I need a wise advise and tender word as any man. I have no one to give my not wasted woman's tender. And I also worried very much about Nastya. She grows and I see day by day how she needs man's attention. I try to do what I can but I understand I never will substitute a father for she. Early when we were walking at the park and she saw other children playing with their father and mother I read in his begging eyes a mute question. I had nothing to say and words stick in my throat and I couldn't help but crying from my helplessness. But now I can answer she for sure we'll be fine. You appeared in our with Nastya life and everything has changed. Every new day gives much joy in stead of usual sadness. Because it brings hope with it, and make the light at the end of the tube closer, and makes you closer to us my Honey Paul. I'll always be grateful to you that you gave me hope back and to the destiny which let me to be happy. We with Nastya kiss you tender. We're waiting for your next letter impatiently. And send you all our love. Your Zoya
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