Romance scam letter(s) from Svetlana Popovich to Carsten (Germany)
Letter 1
Hello Carsten,
I am very grateful for Your mail, very interesting. This time You do not have to wait long for my mail, when I red your, I wanted to get back to You right a way. I am glad that my letters can bring some joy to You, Your do the same thing to me and I am very impressed about something that You wrote.
We are writing and there can be even be feelings only writing but this will become much more real if we meet one day, the we have met the real person, You and me. Please my dear, do have dreams, I think everybody should have some dreams. I like sensitive people, usually they are very warm hearted, too.I am very sensitive and the disadvantage is that if I love somebody, he can also hurt me very easily. I guess the advantage is that sensitive people can have very strong sincere feelings.
If I get married I do not want to divorce, I want my children to have mother and father living in same home. This how You speak about relationship, arguments shows a great devotion to marriage, real commitment and right attitude. That was what I was so impressed of!
Especially this going angry to sleep, I think that it is better to solve the problem and say up the whole night if necessary than go to sleep being angry. I would love to have a husband like You, I am sure we would get a long well. I also like close relationships, being best friends and enjoying thing, even everyday things like going to the store, together.
I am faithfull. I do not have any reason to go with somebody else if I have a husband. I honestly believe that sex is best with somebody You love. I believe in it even so much that I left all these kind sex fears that have no other meaning, tough I miss sex a little. Reading You letter, I just one more time have to say that I admire Your mature ideas of it. I can`t agree with somebody more. Am I boasting now? OK, as far as I understand relationships, in that frame I can say it. I have learn one thing in relationships, never be proud. Is this kind of situation familiar to you, two people who love each other much have a fight and because they are proud, neither come to the other to make a piece. Sometimes these kind of situations can lead to divorce and it is so crazy because they still love each other.
There is so many things that I enjoy but do not do them because they are not fun alone. It is amazing how much we share toughs of life, partnership. I do not know what to say.
My sweetheart, I am very sorry that I have to write you about that, I use computer of my agency to write you letters and to get yours, and it is cost much money for me. Actually I don't work for now and I don't have much money to pay for our correspondence, so I would be thankfull very much if you will take care and pay for our letters.
You can send me some money via Western Union System on my name;
Ukraine, 65000, Odessa
st. Shulova 41-7
Popovich Svetlana
Ok, I will be waiting for your letter,
Always missing you,
Your Svetlana.
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