Scam letter(s) from Natalia Kravchenko to N. S. (Turkey)

Letter 1
Your letters, this weather and the spring you brought to my soul make me so much happy. I don't walk now, I'm flying! At nights I talk to you. Do you here me sometimes? I'm whispering... no, I won't say this through he computer. Only in personal. I want to sit very close to you and to see your eyes. I do really want to come to you. Honey, I would like to meet you so much. But will you help me with the trip? I consulted the Travel Agency in my town. It will cost 410$. Are you ready for it? It includes visa and tickets. An international passport I have. But, this price will be one week more. Then it will be much more ******, because of the holidays. We have not much time. How it will be wonderful, my dear!!!!!! We will be together, hand by hand and all world will be ours. Increadible!!!!!!! Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!! Please, do not let us loose our chance. Maybe, it is our destiny?! Please, write soon, I am waiting for YOU ONLY,
Your Natasha.
P.S. You can call me tomorrow at 5 pm. my time. OK?
Letter 2
Hello, I am Natashas friend Lena. Natasha have got into a terrible car exident. She is in the hospital now. She can not go now and need an operation. She is woring a lot about your relationships. She asked me to tell you, she is thinking of you and loves you. But if you do not want to wait she will understand.
Best regards, lena.
Letter 3
Hello, Thank you very much for your letter and care about Natasha. She misses you very much! She is still in the hospital and will be there two weeks more if everything will be OK. She broke her leg ande two ribs. Also it is very cold in the hospital and she got pneumonia. We try to help her with money, but it is not enough and her parents borrowed some. She asked me to say she did not forget you and still loves you.
Best regards,
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