Scam Letter(s) from Julia Pesotskaya to Wayne (USA)

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Letter 1


I hope that if you are reading it right now it's a first step in your interest to me and this interest can bring us something special. I am very serious about what I am looking for and do not want to be alone any longer. I am a woman that would respect my Man, care for Him and love Him forever. Family is very important to me. In a relationship there are a lot of things that are very important. Feelings, tenderness, caring, caressing, love, romance, sex and passion. As for me I am very romantic and passionate. It is very important to me. I hope that we both want the same things and will have much in common.

I would like to find someone for a lifelong relationship with a loving beautiful man who can give me the love, affection and devotion that I could and will give to my Man to be for as long as I live. A man with the fondness for living life to the full, as well as just being alone together to those cozy nights in from the cold. If you are interested in my message I can promise that you won't regret if you contact me

I'm waiting for you!

Letter 2

Hello Wayne!

Firstly I want to thank you for responding to my email! Just to pass ahead your questions I want to say that I am also looking for someone who is looking for love! I guess the biggest thing I don't want to do is rush things too quickly. Now I think it's time to go ahead and to tell you more about me.

I am a very faithful woman, loyal, hard worker and I would love to have family! I would have to say the biggest thing I am looking for in a relationship is complete honesty, compassion, romance and a friend who I can take comfort in. My full name is Yulia Pesotskaya. I have green eyes and brown long hair. My height is 168 cm and my weight is 50 kg. I am 28 old years girl, born on the 19th of August, 1978. I can describe myself as a person who loves to joke, attractive, suave and caring. I can be brave and fearless. They say that I have leadership qualities and know how to console others. Sometimes I am too generous and egoistic and take high pride of oneself. Telling the truth I am thirsty for praises. As every person I have not only positive qualities but negative too. I am easily angered and angry when provoked, easily jealous, but I am observant, careful and cautious, I think quickly. Independent thoughts. Love to lead and to be led. Love to dream, romantic, loving and caring. I love to make friends. I think that there is enough information about my character.

Now I want to tell you that I live in a wonderful part of our Earth named Crimea, in a little town Sudak. I work as a seller in a grocery store. As for my relatives I live with my grandmother who is very old, she is 79 years old. My parents died when I was 10 in the car crash and my grandma brought me up. In my free time i like to read different kinds of books, I have this habit since my childhood. I remember that even being a little girl i could spend hours reading something new and interesting. As I live near the Black Sea I like to spend lots of time near the water dreaming about something pleasant and imagining myself here with my beloved.

What else... My favourite color is white, they say that it's a color of innocence. I like flowers very much but I like them when they grow in their habitat. My favourite flowers are white lilies and I wish that on my wedding day I will have a wonderful bouquet of flowers. In the end of my first letter to you I want to say that I sincerely want to continue knowing you better and hope that you want the same. From the moment I will be waiting for your response and hope to get it soon.

Best wishes to you,

Letter 3

How are you doing dear Wayne?

As for me I am fine here and very glad that you answered me. It is a real pleasure to receive your letter and since it is from you, nothing would stop me from rushing a reply to you. I get the feeling that you and I will hit off quite well. I want you to know that, as a promise, I will always that which is designed to bring total happiness to you, and implicitly, to me. If I go astray, do alert me and I will gladly stand corrected. I believe that to err is human and to forgive is divine. The problems come when mistakes are consecutive and actions appertaining thereto become problematic. I am certainly far from the letter. For some reason, this is the first attempt by me to use this medium to find a soul mate, and it is certainly the last because I have landed on a "gold mine" whose other name is yours (smile). I will have no other man in my life except you. That you can count on because I am not a woman of easy virtue or one who goes about with many men. Certainly, men make advances, but I am selective and have my standards in character, content, and beauty. To me, beauty is merely skin deep. There are other qualities that I consider paramount.

In continuation of telling about myself I can tell that I remember my childhood and I was happy those times. I am, however, constantly told by his friends that my father was super intelligent and that he was good at playing football. Today, there are many people who refer to me as very smart, and I guess I took that from my father. I remember my mother as a very tender and caring woman. She gave me unforgettable moments of child's happiness. It is very hard to recollect about it as I begin to cry. Easier is not to think about it often.

As for my relations with Ukrainian men. Of course I had some relations in my past but all of them had failures. Maybe it is because I haven't found my soul mate. When I was a child I was fond of sport, I attended the section of rhythmic gymnastics for 7 years. I liked it so much but when my parents died I stopped it. I already told you that I work as a seller, as for my education I finished just a commercial school but I haven't got a university degree. I always had a dream to learn English as it became an international language but my dream hasn't come true yet. That's why I need the help of the translation and Internet service and I use this service in order to write you my letters. I hope you don't mind it, do you?

So if you have a real interest to me please write to me about your dreams or wishes. I want to know all your mysteries and desires. I'm sincere with you and I want you to be truthful to me too. I'd like to devote my life to you, to give you my soul and body. I will wait for your letter, please don't disappear.

With kisses to you,

Letter 4

My dear Wayne,

Thanks a lot for your letter, you have made my day a lot better after knowing that you are attracted to me and that you would like to get to know everything about me, for I feel the same. I would love to find out and know you in each and every way that you will let me. For I would love and like to get very close to you. I would like not to use the service of translation but unfortunately I don't have my own computer and I can't use free on line tool that you sent.

You know very often I dream about having my own house. It is because there are lots of things that you cannot do when you are the midst of others. First, everyone needs privacy. Second, persons sometimes want to do things, go to places, and just have time for themselves without anyone tagging along. And if you have your own house, you can also invite people and have nice dinners and sometimes parties. So I keep thinking about my own house because it may just become a reality in the future. It is always good to have big plans. It's only right to tell you that I've never been married or have children. This is (I suppose) because I have not met my right man, my support and care. You know I have such strong desire to have my own house and my own family that I can imagine it so brightly!

Besides I like to cook and I can do my meals very delicious as a lot of Ukrainian girls. I like to cook meals from our Ukrainian cuisine very much such as borsch with pampushki (such little rolls with garlic), chickens Kiev, vareniki with different fillings and so forth. I would like to cook some Ukrainian meals for you in future. They say that the way to the man's heart passes through his stomach. Who knows, maybe I will conquer you? :))) As for my private tastes I prefer Ukrainian food, all sea food and also some meals from Italian cuisine such as pizza, spaghetti with pasta and lasagne.

In the end of my letter it is true to say that I am looking for a full commitment, friendship and romance from my further soul mate to be, and I do hope with all my heart that it will be you by my side, for I would be so happy and honored to have you in my arms. I do hope and wish that you can see that I have a sensitive side, and I will be attentive, caring, and romantic to all your needs.....

With tender thoughts about you,



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