Scam letter(s) from Katerina Tigran to S. S. (UK)

Letter 1
Thank for latter!!!
To me it is pleasant that you are interested in our dialogue.
I wish to tell to you a little about me.
I live on Ukraine, city Poltava. It on the Western part of Ukraine.
Now I study in Poltava institute of management.
But I to be engaged in dances very professionally. I went abroad with my ensemble much. We travelled on the Europe much. I as to work as the choreographer. I to work at school of dances, to teach children dances. I to dance national dance, Latin - the American, East dances, ball dances! This{thus} very interesting employment{occupations} for me. My trade womanly enough and very much to like me, this my most important hobby. I very creative person, I love music different, to like me a way, I to play on the piano and a violin! My mother was the national actress and sang in chorus! The grandmother danced in ballet. The father - the sculptor, and the grandfather - the artist. Therefore it was transferred{transmitted} me on genetics.
In ours to a sort all creative people.
I the only child. Has grown in love and care. Therefore I wish all this to keep and in own family in the future.
I very much wish to have attitudes{relations} with good the man. For me it is very important to have in attitudes{relations} to understand, friendly attitudes{relations}, respect, care, romanticism, feelings, reliability and fidelity. I very cheerful and cheerful, I an active way of life, romanticism, I wish all this to divide{undresse} with mine the unique soul mate. I search generous, kind, reliable, sharp, strong, accurate, responsible{crucial}, hardworking, romantic, polite, assured{confident}, close{attentive} for the man. I as shall be very glad to look your new photo.
Yours faithfully your new friend Ekateina
Letter 2
My dear,
I ask to forgive I did not see your letter the second.
And so I already have received the information on hotel Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, Canary Islands.
And so the visa to me can open for November, 27th if on this week to pay the permit. I should receive completely the permit and to pay here. Cost hotel in day 50 euros. For 7 nights it costs{stands} 350 euros. Cost of the ticket 1300 euros. Completely the permit all together with the insurance, hotel and tickets costs{stands} 1650 euros.
My dear I not to a stack to pay this travel. I to think you understand it if me invite. Therefore I should have all this necessary money for that what to receive the visa and the permit in the near future because time to remain very little.
Well, I shall wait from you the letter. A kiss for you!!!!
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