Letter(s) from Evgenia Petrova to Tom (Norway)

Letter 1

Hello!!! My name is Eugenia. I have placed the announcement on a site of acquaintances because I want to find second half for creation of serious attitudes. I have decided to choose you after very long search. You sympathize with me and consequently I have decided to write to you. I write to you from the girlfriend and consequently my letter will be short. To me of 29 years. I am young but I have enough experience to make the man happy and to create a cosiness and comfort in the house. I never was for the husband and I think that now there has come time to find the happiness. I have chosen you as I was interested with your questionnaire. I think that the true love will come in due course both the most important this understanding and trust. I hope that you will answer me and I at once shall write to you the big letter on and I shall send the photos. Please write on my address of e-mail as I have no constant access on a site. My address of e-mail: reitana@rambler.ru reitana(at)rambler(dot)ru

Letter 2

Greetings the favourite person Tom! I am very glad road that I receive your fine letters every day and as I can answer you them lovely it does me by very happy woman. I with the big impatience waited for today's your expensive letter with the big impatience favourite my person. Today I as well as spoke you that there will be to travel agency I was there and learned new about your remarkable country really much and it very much pleased me that people which work in this travel agency very well spoke about your country. I have come to travel agency in the middle of day and started conversation from the girl which she works in this travel agency really very much helped me with a choice and spoke that that all documents will be made out for 12-14 days it very well I have told to it lovely. It is really fast. But there is a problem for me in cost of trip really when she has told cost of trip I has really understood that I can not pay this sum of money for travel. To me have told that all documents and tickets will cost 700 dollars and plus trip from Kazan up to Moscow as will cost money as my plane will take off from the city of Moscow as in my city there is no airport and I will need to go to Moscow and already only from there to fly by the plane to you lovely. Trip from Kazan up to Moscow and a hotel accommodation to cost 145 Dollars in the sum for trip to me it will be necessary 845 Dollars at me there is no such big money and I do not know where I could take them. But I very much would like to arrive to you lovely and to be with you road my hope I do not die about our meeting really it I wants to be with you lovely beside would be very fine. I do not know road but probably you can help me road with this problem. Loved I say goodbye to you up to tomorrow and with impatience I wait for your letters fine. Up to tomorrow favourite 1000 kisses for you.

Yours Eugenia!

Letter 3

Hi favourite person Tom. Today with me there was a bad situation and to me really now it is bad a little. I am really very much afflicted with that that has taken place with me today lovely. And I would like to tell to you about it lovely. I hope that you will understand me favourite my person. Today I have risen early in the morning me have woken a sunlight which shined in my window. I have woken up from a solar beam and at once have recollected you lovely my person. I as have decided at once that to me is soon necessary to go in travel agency as they caused me. I would go on kitchen what to weld to itself coffee since morning and have noticed in a bath a lot of dirty clothes. I have decided to wash her what then pure already to put in suitcases. An apartment in which I live remove its and many thing in this apartment not my same the washing machine in is also which I erase things. And this washing machine very old and rusty but before she very well erased I has put linen in the washing machine and has decided while the linen is erased that I shall have time to descend up to travel agency lovely. I have gathered have put on have washed have closed doors of the apartment and have gone having left houses to erase linen. I have left on street has decided to go on foot to travel agency and to enjoy autumn warm shall put I went very for a long time. When I have approached to travel agency I have noticed that they are closed on a lunch break and I have decided to go to the house what to switch off the washing machine and to hang up to dry linen. While I would go up to a house and back travel agency just would open also I could come there during time. Also there was I home. Having come home and having opened doors I have felt that in an apartment a lot of water. I have come in an apartment has really seen on a floor huge quantity of water. I not at once understood that has taken place with my apartment and why here so a lot of water loved. I have gone further and have seen in kitchen that my washing machine has broken also water flows directly on a floor and all fills in water loved it I was very bad only that minute has realized that happened and that neighbours from below as have suffered very strongly. Here neighbours with a bottom to which at once have come running as water on a ceiling has got and has leaked on a wall lovely has come as the mistress of my apartment loved it was very bad they have started to shout at me that I have very irresponsibly considered all that on my fault all this happened. I really realize that I am guilty in it my mood very bad of for that that it has taken place loved. The mistress of my apartment and neighbours together would cause the appraiser that it has counted as him losses and cost of repair loved. I went down to neighbours in an apartment and saw really as in their apartment the present nightmare from for a plenty of water wall-paper have come unstuck all ceiling and wall-paper were not clearly what color and is valid on a floor as was a lot of water. In my apartment as from for it the horror was created simply. Victims have presented me cost of repair of apartments. What to repair both apartments the sum 2135 Dollars is necessary as really all building materials at my neighbours in an apartment were very expensive and they would want that in their apartment all began as was loved. To me it became valid from all it very bad and I do not know that to me to do now and where to search for such money I at all I do not know for me it is simply huge sum. Especially all this has taken place during such time that when we want to be with you together loved. I need to give money before I shall go to you as they cannot live in such bad apartment all time. And my mistress as needs to give all very quickly as I very much would not like to give this apartment to whom that to another. I would would like that while I shall be at you she would make repair in an apartment that when I shall come from you I could as again to lodge in the same apartment. Loved as soon as this madness has passed all these words of neighbours and mistresses. I did not know what to do and really listened to all that they spoke me. I have decided to go to the Internet of cafe and to write to you about it. The favourite both dear person I and the truth do not know that to me now to do as to be. I love you and I wait for your letter. Now to me cleaning in an apartment is necessary me at all would be desirable to carry out night of one in this vile apartment in which so badly smells and is very wet. Loved I ask your help as not who will not help me more more. I would not know loved that else I could write to you but to me really it is very bad now and tears do not cease lovely. I shall wait for your letter favourite my person. Up to tomorrow road.

1000 kisses for you lovely mine.