Letter(s) from Mandy Tatlane to Michel (Canada)

Letter 1

Attention Sir.

This mail is strictly confidential, and i want us to act on trust.

I tried to send the email 2 days ago, but i got a failure notice. Maybe i had the wrong address.

Based on the information about you that we have gotten from Mandy Tatlane, we strongly believe that you will make a nice friend with us both in business and in the near future.
I will like to know what type of business you will like to invest the money into, and how ready are you about this so that we can arrange in your name all the legal documents you need for this funds transfer. Please reply as soon as possible with your profile. so that i can see what i can do. I am right now in my chember to talk this out with you.


Barrister Mrs Joann McDavis (ESQ)

Letter 2

I am the senior lawyer on the above firm Barrister Tampany Oni Esq. (SAN)
After my call to you i made up to send you this full update on the state of things, this is to inform you that I have submitted all your details to the bank and the bank many contact you for your full bank details of the total sum of US$22M, I will scan to you on or before the end of today all document I have got on your behalf on the transfer of the above fund into your account as the final beneficiary, for full oral details call me on 2348069833993
Note also that you will pay us our legal fee of US$15,000.00 as soon as the above sum is been transferred into your account.

Note we are asked from the bank that you have to send to them or via us your full bank details where they will transfer the above fund.

As soon as the bank contacts you don’t fail to update me so that I will advice you with out any delay and your full co-operation will help to get this concluded with seven working days .
We assure you 100% of the legality of this transaction and we are here to save you better.
Yours truly
Barrister Tamapny Oni Esq. (SAN)

Letter 3

This is to inform you that we have received all your details as the final beneficiary of the said sum of US$22M. with out any delay mail your bank details to this bank and your copy of ID card or passport so that we will not credit a wrong person

As soon as we received the need things we will give you the final approval on your fund payment as we have give out some of your approved document to you Lawyer Barrister Tampany Oni Esq. (SAN) to scan and send to you.
Fill free to call on me for full details on your above fund and as soon as you comply with the above you will see your above sum into your account on or before this week
Yours Faithfully
Dr. Mrs. J. Peters( Bank Manger First Bank)
+23483300716 ExT 01
Oni Chambers
Mr. Issa Musa ( Telex Officer First Bank)

Letter 4

This are the documents so call me as soon as you get it. make sure that you mail your bank details so that i can submit it for fund transfer.
Dop your best to send the US$5,000.00 to enable this chambers complet this transation this week as we need to make the full payment of all this documents
Yours truly
Barrister Oni Esq. (SAN)

Letter 5

See my scan passport and let me know if you are sending the money today
Barr. Tampany