Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Benilova to Alexander (Netherlands)

Letter 1

Hello my fine prince Alexander!!!
I without was cleverly glad to see your letter. I very much like to read your letters I understand that your letters are necessary for me as air My fine prince Alexander! I would pray to the god that at us all was good and that our attitudes would reach top of the big love!!
I understand that for continuation of our attitudes it is necessary for us to see each other, that we could learn each other on better!! I know that our meeting will pass very well because we understand each other and I understand that we are created the friend for the friend and that that we cannot live the friend without the friend!!! I do not know as I before a vein without you because my heart belongs to the finest to the man on light which has filled in my heart to happiness and heat, it you my fine prince Alexander! I am very happy that the destiny has made so we would meet also that that the fine angel a cupid would make all that our two hearts have grown fond each other!!
I think that we should know about the friend the friend all down to a home address, my angel I want to give you the home address: I live near to city centre in the street DEKABRISTOV 29-45, my postal index 420066!!! I too want to know your data!!! Also my full name Yana Benilova!!! Also I would like to tell, that I the given moment have no phone!!! Not for a long time I have moved to a new apartment and have not had time to install a telephone yet but as I shall establish it I necessarily to you I shall tell!!! Know I want to hear your voice!!!
On it I would like to finish to you the letter!!! I with pleasure shall wait for your letter.
Your sincere Yana
I send fiery I shall kiss
Letter 2

Hello my charming sun Alexander!!!
My fine angel Alexander I very strongly love you and up to the end of my days I shall be grateful God to the god for that that it has given me such fine the man as you my love and now all love which only are in my heart my fine and beloved on all planet belongs only to you. My amazingly beautiful prince you the miracle is simple and I am confident that any woman dreams about such to the man as you and I seem to me tha t the happiest woman on all planet because I have such fine, romantic, fair, kind and most favourite person on light and this person you my fairy tale. My dear I already simply cannot live without you because for me all of you, I lie down to sleep and I wake up also all my ideas only about you when in the morning I open my eyes, my dream only about you, then I wash, I prepare myself for a breakfast and as soon as I have had breakfast I I put on and I go to the Internet of cafe what to check up my mail and to find in it one most expensive and most important letter for my heart, the letter from the favourite person and this person you my precious prince and when I read your letters filled with heat and love, I feel that palpation of my heart increases also I am glad to each word which is written in your letter, because all these words are written a hand of the expensive and most favourite person, and when I start to write to you the letter back words for my letter to you go from my heart with all my love and I is happy that already very soon I can to go to bed and wake up near to the man of my life, I can speak and hear every day in the answer of a word of love and I can carry out the whole days near to the beloved. My fine angel I very strongly love you also you, the most favourite to me on light the person because only you posess my heart and all love which is in my heart only for you. My angel seems to me that our attitudes have reached the top of the present love, and our meeting good continuation of our remarkable sincere love would seem to me that!!! And I would like to ask you my angel that you think if I shall come to you!!! It is very important for me to know your opinion, I wanted you to tell that your answer will not affect our attitudes!!! My dear Alexander to me I unfortunately shall be time to go to write to you only tomorrow!!! I as want to tell to you, that to me 29 years and me will very soon be executed 30! It will be on June, 20!! I with impatience shall wait for your letter!!
Your loving Yana
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