Scam letter(s) from Maria Ageeva to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1
Hello beautiful man!. It is very pleasant to me to get acquainted with you. My name is Mariya. I'm 25 years old. I from Russia Though I well do not know you, but I liked your profile. I was in delight from you. I very much wish to learn you more close. You are very interesting to me, and it would be pleasant to me to correspond with you and to learn you more close. What do you think of it? You have very much interested me, I think that you will love me, and will be agree to correspond with me. For me it would be delightful.... If I have interested you and you wish to learn me on better and to correspond with me, write me to the letter on my email:
Letter 2
Hi my friend!
How are you?
It was pleasant to me to receive from you the letter, and I am happy, that you have answered me. Your structure became interesting to me, and I have decided to write to you the letter. And you too have answered me, for me it is huge honour to get acquainted with you. If you do not understand, that I wish to tell to you write to me please it. Simply I not so well know English language, and because of it while it is difficult to me to write in English. But I try, and every day to learn all new words what is better to speak and write in this language. I wish to tell to you, that I never got acquainted through the Internet, and to me as that is strange so to communicate and correspond. But I think, that you the interesting person, and because of it I wish to learn you more close.
I consider you my friend, in fact at us have already started to eat, and we can write each other at any time. I wish to tell about myself a little. My name ist Mariya. I was born on December, 29th 1980 in the city of Izhevsk. My city is in republic Udmurdskoj. It is very beautiful city, and here very much it is pleasant to me. You were sometime in Izhevsk, or in general in Russia? Tell, please.. You already likely looked my structure, that my growth of 173 centimeters, and my weight of 57 kgs. At me green eyes, and I the blonde. It is possible to ask to you a question? That to you speak my eyes, tell to me to me about them, it is interesting to me, that you think of my eyes...
My life should cheerful and not interesting. And I cannot tell, that I the happy woman. When I was the little girl I saw much, and to me it was difficult, that me who cannot support, or even talk to me. When to me 10 years were executed, I have lost mum, it strongly hurted, and to it who could not the help. In fact such cannot be, that to the person who cannot the help. There is always an exit, but my mum has died, and it has brought to me many tears and griefs. I have ceased to trust in the good future, and that all will be good. No if you will not achieve the purpose at you that it will not turn out and in what good it will not result And since this moment when my mum has died, my father has started to drink. To it too it was bad, in fact it loved my mum, and could not exist without it. I could not understand why it has started to drink spirits, same not an exit in the given situation and in general. And it cannot to it the help, it does only worse. And it could not sustain burning, and it have put in psychiatric hospital. Now it cannot normally speak, and my daddy cannot live without the help of doctors. And I lived from now on at my grandmother. Also has acted in an institute of technology where I studied 5 years. After I have finished institute, I have started to work the engineer-builder, in the building company. I had a husband, but I have divorced from it. At first at all of us it was good, and we loved each other. But in due course it has started to drink, and to beat me. It was not pleasant to me, and I have left from it, I could not live with it any more. I shall live is better with the grandmother, than with this alcoholic. It all the same cannot forget me, but I cannot forgive it. I at all do not wish it to see, it for me does not exist...... I have told to you much about me though my story not so vigorous, but I cannot hide it. I wish to write to you letters, all that I think, and that was with me..... I want, that we have learned each other all more close and more close. Unless I am not right??? I think, that will suffice about me, I wish to learn a little about you. Tell to me about yourself what you, than you are engaged, and all all. I wish to know about you everything, in fact you my friend, and friends do not have secrets. I am right? To me Interestingly will learn about you, well???
On it I finish the letter, and I shall wait from you for the letter.
I shall look forward from you to the letter my new friend!
Your friend Mariya.
Letter 3
Hi my dear friend!!!
Big to you thanks, that you could write to me the letter. It was pleasant to me to read through your letter, and that you could understand me. I worried, that you will not answer me, and to me will not write the letter. And your letter has pleased me, and to me it became easier. For me the reciprocity is important, and to me it is good, when to me answer the same. I have learned about you, under your stories about you. But it is not enough for me, I wish to know about you all all all. You for me are important, as the friend, and I want, that you trusted me, and that I would trust you. We were fair the friend before the friend. To me not that to hide before you, I can tell to you everything, that it is interesting to you, and that you wish to learn. Be not afraid to ask, you for me the friend, and I think, that you consider me as your good girlfriend. You can tell to me more about in what you are engaged and where you work? How you like to have a rest, and where?
Whether you Like to walk in a wood, and to enjoy the nature?
Always it was pleasant to me, to walk in a wood, what to me who did not stir, and I was one. To me so it is easier, and to me it becomes good on a shower, and all bad ideas leave. I calm down walking one, I would walk with the friend or the girlfriend, but I have not enough girlfriends and friends. And I should be always one..... I have one very good girlfriend, and I trust it. I always share with it the secrets, and it is pleasant to me to be with it. It understands me, and it is more at me there are no girlfriends. I had one more girlfriend, but it has brought me, and I any more do not want its nobility. It spoke about me bad much, and to me was sick to hear it from people. And you have good friends? Also tell to me, please about them. What you about it think? I am glad, that I have got acquainted with you, it is pleasant to me to learn you more increasing. Be with me sincere, and I too shall answer you with the same.
In my life there are no good moments, and I want, that you would help me to be joyful. Also that to me it would be good from your letters.
It is pleasant to me to receive from you letters, and I wish to ask you, that lifes were written to me with many letters.
I shall always wait from you for the letter
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