Scam letter(s) from Irina Sorkina to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my lovely friend!!!
I am very pleased, that you with me of the beginnings To correspond. I want to tell slightly about myself. Me call Irina, I live in a small small town vollsk, it is on the river volga. To me of 28 years. My city is located in 800 miles from city of Moscow. My growth of 172 sm and weight 58ea. I have finished school and university. I studied at economic faculty and have well studied the English language. I work as the economist in food shop. Work heavy. I think the work very useful, but wages very low and on this money it is impossible to live. My hobby to play on a guitar and to go shopping to shop. Also I like to go to cinema. In the evenings I like to listen to quiet and silent music. She very much calms me after a heavy working day. Also I like to have a rest on a nature with friends. I like to bathe and go in for sports. One of my loved holidays is new year. This holiday the most cheerful in my life. I have no harmful habits, I do not smoke, I do not drink and I do not use drugs. I like to have a rest with friends. In the life I never was married and I have no children. I want to find persons for serious, further attitudes. For this reason I have decided to address in this agency and I very much hope, that due to this agency I can find second half. If you are interested with the questions concerning me with pleasure I shall answer it. I with impatience shall wait your letter. Write you will not regret.
p.s. Please do not overlook to send a photo
Letter 2
I each day am glad to your letter. To me now, only one is important, is our meeting. I think, if we shall not meet you, we should not correspond. It will be a pity to me, if my words will stay on a paper. I yours faithfully treat you. I shall sympathize sincerely with myself if we and shall not meet. I can believe in love if my loved person will be a number. It is very difficult to keep love, when between people the big distance. I trust you the ideas and feelings. I write with all my heart. It is very difficult to write all feelings through a paper. Want to tell all this personally to you. I feel, that I fall in love with you. I fall asleep, I sleep and I wake up with ideas on you. I want that a number you always were and only you, more than anybody. I hide the body up to those times while we not together. I cannot so without a meeting to show other part of the body. I hope that you understand me my darling. What can you tell on the account of our meeting? At you is what or plans?
Write to me more soon I wait the answer. Irina!!!!
Letter 3
Thank for your letter, for me stops time when I wait for them.
All ideas mine only about our meeting and about you.
I now present, as you meet me at yourselves at the airport with a bouquet of the big roses.
We for pleasure shall fly in clouds.
Further we shall go to you home. You will show me your house.
I shall look all your rooms. We Shall drink with you for first our meetings.
Under a romantic melody we shall dance till morning.
It is dream at all girls. I want that all girls had love, children and family.
Unfortunately it is very difficult to understand, that you feel on distances.
Therefore it is necessary for us to meet.
Our letters and words will be vain, if we shall not meet.
You agree?
Yes I agree to throw all what we have met and lived together. I for the sake of you am ready on all!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I very much want our meeting.
I love you.
Yours forever Irina
Letter 4

Hello my love!!!! I always shall name now you my love. You not against?
I have remarkable news to you. I have decided to execute our dreams.
I for a long time dream to see you. Dream to have strong embraces and a gentle kiss with you.
I shall try to execute my dream.
Yesterday I have learned that in one month I shall have holiday.
I at once have decided where I shall carry spend the holiday.
I want to carry out my holiday at you in the country. I want to visit you in one month.
It will be best my holiday. All holiday we shall be a line.
Most my treasured dream I will come true shall be near to you.
Our meeting it will be possible only if you want it.
For me your feelings are very serious.
I read each your letter very attentively.
If you do not object about our meeting I shall prepare for documents for trip.
Our meeting will be possible if both of us shall want it.
I shall do all what to lead holiday with you.
I would understand that it in our forces what to have a meeting.
If we shall prepare together to a meeting our meeting is held.
You agree? I hope you too you want a meeting and you will help me.
I believe only mutual love. Therefore I believe that both of us want this meeting.
It will be the beginning of our joint life.
About this meeting we shall tell to our children and grandsons.
I will be sure it the most remarkable holiday in my life because you will be near to me. Excuse I my love should tell good-bye! Irina!!!
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