Scam Letter(s) from Tatyana to S. H. (USA)

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Letter 1

There is so much love within my heart, and so much more which I am ready to share with you, yet I will wait a sign of your interest in me. If I receive your letter telling me that you think that we desire the same, I will open my heart to you fully. I will cherish everything which you choose to share with me. The greater our level of sharing and communicating the better chance we have of finding in one another the precious gem of love which will change our lives forever for the better. I want to find the endless source of love and inspiration, the greatest husband, best friend, most passionate lover. Can you help me to share my wish? If yes, please write to my e-mail

Letter 2


Thank you for sending me you interest, I mean your letter. I suppose it is a fate that two people from different parts of the planet are sitting near the computer and are communicating with each other like if they were face by face.

Here is some information about me that maybe will interest you: my name is Tatyana, my height is 172 sm, my weight 55 kg. I have dark green eyes with brown tint and chestnut-colored hair; my favorite colors are blue, red and white; favorite flower is tulip. I am 26 years old. My birthday is on the 24 th of October. So this year I am going to be 27. I was born in Yalta, the Crimea. But now I am living in Lugansk, because I am working here as a secretary in the library. I live in the dormitory for now. I have a brother Sergei. He is 25 years old, but he lives there in Yalta.

I adore to take care of the domestic plants. I am also keen on dancing and bowling. My favorite drink is wine because I believe that this is a drink of passion and magic power of joining two lonely souls. I also like music and listen Madonna, Tony Braxton, our group Tattoo. I like to spend my free time in circle of my friends who are a real support for me. I can not imagine my life without them.

Of course if you are my second half,only You will be my best Friend. I feel very lonely without you, my darling, but I hope that soon all these barriers will be overcome.

You are free to ask everything about me.

As for me I want to know about your life, your friends, your dreams.
Please be frank with me.


Letter 3

Dear Sir,

We are the translation firm which deals with the translation and providing Internet services. Your Lady Tatyana is using our services. Unfortunately her account came to the end and now she is not be able to read your letters and to answer yours. Tatyana feels great attraction to you and is dreaming of further correspondence with you. If you want to make her wishes come true we can send you the needed information about our service and prices. If you are not interested in the lady please be confidential about the given information from Tatyana.

Best wishes.

Principal of "Logos"
Konstantin Shwenk



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