Romance scam letter(s) from Ludmila Alekseeva to S. H. (USA)
Letter 1
Hi my dear friend!
How are you today?? How is your health, my dear?? I hope, that all things are ok with you. Really i was happy receive letter from you. I did not think, that you will write to me, but you wrote to me. Thank you very much for your nice letter, my friend. Now i want to say you about my english. My english is not good, but i think, that you can understand my english. If you do not understand please write to me about it, and i will try to explain it to you again, my friend. My english is not good, because my dear, at school i did not learn english. I learnt english only at college, my dear. But i hope, that we will undestand each other.Now i want to describe to you myself. I was born at small city of Russian Federation. This city is Cheboksary. Really i like this city. It is very nice city. And now i live at Cheboksary, my dear. My height is 165 cm, my weight is 53 kg. I was born at 20 december 1978. Colour of my hair is blonde. And about colour of my eyes. It is really very interesting question, my friend. All my friends say to me, that i have two colour of my eyes. Sometimes it is brown, sometimes it is green, my friend. dear, forgive me, i forgot to write to you that my name is Ludmila. But all my friends call me Luda. I think, that you can call me Luda. I like more, when friends call me Luda. What about your hair and eyes?? Please wrtie to me about it in your next letter. I so want to know about it, my friend. And now i want to say you about Internet. Really before it i did not use internet. And my girlfriend teach me to use internet, my friend. Really at Russia i tired to find my half of love. But really i could not find it here. Really i tired with mans here, but it is not mine. Thats why i try to find my half of life from internet. I so hope in it, my dear. And after my registering profile at agency of date my attention stoped in your profile. I so like your profile. Your profile is very nice. And i want ask from you, my dear, that you will write to me only truth. I write to you and i will write to you only truth, my dear. I think, that relations will be only when you say only truth. I hope, that you will say to me only truth, my dear. Now i want to say you about my family. From family i have only my mother and grandmother. My father was died when i was 3 years. It is so bad for me. I did not remember my father. I want to cry , when i think about my father. How do you think, why my father was died so young??? He was died so young, because he was alcoholic. He drunk vodka everyday, and then he was ill, and then he was died. really it is very hard for us, that i was grown without my father. Mu mum is very great person. She could learn me more in this life. And i love her very much. When i was child she bought for me computer, and now i connect this computer with internet, my dear. And now i can write to you from my computer, my dear. Ok, my dear, now i have to go to my work. And i hope, that you will write to me more about you in your next letters. And i will try to answer in all your questions. I will write to you more about me and my family in my next letters, my dear. I will wait your letter with impatience. I forget to say you, that in this letter i send to you some my photos. Please send to me more your photos in your next letters.
Your new friend, Ludmila!
Letter 2
Hi again my dear friend!!!
How are you??? How is your health, my friend?? I hope, that all things are ok with you, my friend. I was happy again receive letter from you. It was very nice letter. I want to say you thanks for your nice letter to me. From your letter i could know more about you. Really i was happy, that you wrote me again. i so want to continue relations with you. I see in your letter, that you want serious relation. Yes, i want it too, my dear. My dear, also i read in your letter, that you want only truth from me. Yes, you are right, my dear. I want only truth from you too. I promise to you, my friend, that i will write to you only truth. Only when person say to other person truth can be relation. And i hope, that you will write to me only truth. Yes, from your letter, i understand, that you will write to me only truth. Also thaks for more information about you. But , my dear, i want to know more about you. Today i tried to explain to my mum, that i find man in internet. And that i write to you letters. But my mum do not understand "intenret" , that from computer i can send to you letters. She is old person, thats why she does not understand internet. But she then ubderstood, that i write to you letters. And after your last letter i told to her something about you. And then she said to me ,that you are good man. And she said big Hello to you, my dear. Also she wishes to us only good relations. And now i want to write to you more about my mum I wrote to my last letter, that my mum is good person. Really it is so. She is nice person. And i say to her Thank everyday, that she could give me life. After died my father, my mum lived only with me. After my father my mum did not marry more, and for it i say to her only BIG THANK. I love my mum very much. My mum worked at shop. She was seller all her life. And her salary was enough for us, for me and mum. Now my mum is 63 years old, and now she can not work at shop. She lived with me now. And i help to my mum with work at our house. I do not have brouthers and sisters, but i so wanted them, when i was youger. My friend, also from relatives i have my grandmother. She lives at another city. And i vist her everyweek. I help to her with work at house. She is 84 years old now. And really her life is very long life. I so love my grandmum. She is very great and nice person too. And at this week i will visit my grandmum. Ok, my dear, i think, that you want to know more about me. Yes, now i will write to you more about me. About something i wrote to you at my last letter. I work at school. i am teacher of music. I so like childs, thats why i work at school. Childs are so nice persons. I like them very much. Today at my work was very interesting case. when i was at lesson , i played with childs game "Guess song". At this game i play at the piano music, and childs should guess song. When we played this game with childs today one of them should guess the song. I asked from him: "Please say the song". And he said to me: "I love you". It was so hard for me. Really my face was red, my face looked at tomato...After lesson, i was talking with him, and i explained to him, that we are very different at ages. Really it is so. It is very interesting history. And despite of anything i like childs. And i like very much my job, my dear friend. How do you think about your work?? Do you like your work, my friend??? Ok, my dear friend, now i have to go to from my computer...I will write to your letter, when i will receve next letter from you. I hope, that you will write to me very soon. i will wait your letter with impatience.
Letter 3
Hello my love!!
How are you today, my love? Are you fine? How is your health? How is your work? How is your mood? I hope, that all things are ok with you, my sweety. My honey, i am ok today. My love i was very happy to receive letter from you. Thank you very much for your nice letter, which you wrote to me. My love, i think only about you all time. Really i am so happy, that i met you i internet. Really, my sweety, before it i can not belive, that it may be, that person can love other person from internet. My love , more i can not live without you. Only you are in my minds. my love i wan to be with you very much. My sweety, today i did not sleep at night. My sweetheart, how do you think, why i did not sleep today? my love, i did not sleep today, because i thought about you and me all night. And i am so happy, that you are mine and i am your...My love, only you are in my heart. ANd i love from my heart from my soul. Really, my honey, love is inexplicable feeling. My honey, i do not know how i can so fast fall in love with you, but i love you very much, my sweety. My honey, and really i wan tto be with you faster. My honey, and i ask from God everyday about our meeting. And i belive, that God will give day for us, when we will be together with you. My sweety, when i will meet you, it will be happiest day for me. My honey, i will hug you, i will kiss you, and i will say to you 1000 times, that i love you very much. My honey, i am ready to do for you all things. Only for you, my honey. My love, you are my dearest man in my life. My love, really i have 3 persons in my life for whom i can give all things, what i have. My love, they are my mum, my grandmum and you. My love, i need in you so much. And with everyday i see, that i need in you more and more with everyday. My love, ok, now i have to go form my computer. My honey, please write to me faster. Really i need very much in your letters. I can not live without you and without your letters. My honey, i hope, that when i will check letter from you, i will fine nice letter from you. My sweetheart, please take care of yourself...I need in you very much...
Your lovely girl from Russia, Luda!
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