Letter(s) from Kristina Soloveva to Randy (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my sweet lovely gentle love Randy.
I just now can write to you and I want to tell that I have found money that to you to call and soon today I shall call to you, it 5:00 pm, I ask my bell of you answer not. To me it became now sad as you did not write to me today the letter and I ask the God that you wrote to me at once in the morning as will have time. I as ask you leave in a chat after our phone conversation today? I ask the God that at you all was good you answered my bell and wrote to me. I as hope that you today will send me money and I can arrive to you as it is possible soon.
I now should go. Wait for my bell in 1 hour of 20 minutes.
I love you Randy all heart and soul.
Your sweet lovely gentle love Chris.