Scam letter(s) from Anna to Wayne (USA)

Letter 1
Hi my dear Wayne, You are everything I'm thinking at the moment. What wonderful photos you have. I liked them a lot. I wish to tell you that looking into your eyes is really exciting. I wish to tell you that your eyes says that you are a sincere person. And truly speaking I can't understand my thoughts... But, later when you read what I'm doing in life, you'll understand why I'm telling about it. I have seen a lot of bridegrooms in my life and I'm sure that you'll be the next one, mine!!! What do you think about it? Of course we'll need to get to know each other better before to make any serious decisions, but... you know that our life, happiness and fortune in our hands only. Do you agree? Now I wish to tell you a bit about myself, but not a lot. I don't want to make you to be bored of my letter. So, if you wish to get to know more about me, I'll answer your questions with a pleasure. I'm from Rubejnoe, my age is 27, but I'll be 28 years old this year. By the way, my name is Anna... I have graduated the University in Donetsk and returned to my home city, cause it became difficult for me to settle in Donetsk. Now I'm working at the wedding salon as an organizer of ceremonies. I do everything people have a joyful wedding. So, looking at the happy faces so often, I decided that it's a time for me to be happy also and to create my own family!!! Hope you are thinking about the same. Waiting for your answer. Anutka.
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