Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Andukovich to John (UK)

Letter 1
Hi John! First of all it will be great for me to know your name. It's really nice for me to receive your letter now, thank you a lot for taking your time and writing it. Thank you a lot for the photos, I like them very much and hope you will send me some more soon because I really think you are looking very nice. I want you to know that I am very new to this kind of relations but I think it's not too hard so I will do my best to tell you some information about me. Ok, let me start. As you already know my name is Katya and the long and full form is Ekaterina. I am living in a city named Snejinsk in Russia. If you want to see where I am on the map you should search for Cheljabinsk, it's the nearest big city to me. My birthday was on the 5th of April and I am 24 years old now, hope I'm not too young for you :) I am working as a teacher for kids preschool age (4-7 years old). I teach them Mathematics, Biology, Literature, Writing and Reading, English and Russian languages so you can see I am very intelligent myself :) just joking. Frankly speaking I don't like to praise myself but it's really necessary sometimes. I am working every day for about 8-12 hours except Sunday and I really like my job because these kids are the smartest creatures in the world and it's always too funny and too noisy with them...they're helping me to stay a big kid in my heart too and it's really great. I am living here with my parents and my sister who is 20 y.o. now and who's name is Masha. I am writing you this letter from the internet cafe which is the only one internet cafe in our city and which I hope will not stop working soon as it happened with the previous one :) I am sending you some of my photos with this letter, one is me with Masha, the second one is me with my cat Puffy, and the last one is just me, I really hope you will like them all. I have lots of photos but I need to find a scanner to scan them, I will try to send you some with each of my letters. I want to tell you also that I've never been anywhere abroad from my country, I've travelled in Russia but I've never been to other countries, hope one day I'll be able to travel somewhere... Of course you can ask me why do I write this to you, why such a nice girl can't find her happiness somewhere not so far from her location and you will be totally right but I have an answer for you. You know, Snejinsk is a little city and about 80% of population here are military people because a city was a military zone for many years and most of the men here are already married or have some other goals in life except creating of happy family...I don't know how to explain but I hope you'll understand me. By the way, please, forgive me for my English, I know it's not fluent at all (even if I teach others) I try to improve it day by day and I just hope you can understand me easily. So I've decided to search for my other half somewhere abroad my country, the world is too big enough for it, don't you think so? I'm sure you do, that's why you're here :) Ok, I will end this one now and will be waiting for your reply impatiently so please, write soon. Oh, and just want you to know that it's really great to meet you.
Hope to hear from you soon,
Letter 2
Hi John! It's nice for me to get your reply, we're moving forward and I like it a lot. I am fine here, as usual and hope so much you're spending your time there without any problems too. You know it's very interesting for me to learn more about you and I just hope this correspondence will lead us to something special in our lives. You're totally right, I think about family but first I need to meet a right man for me so until now we are writing to each other and I think we should go on and then we'll see if it will work between us, I like writing to you and hope so much I don't bother you with it :) I want to write you some more about myself, fortunately I have some time for it now. You know, internet connection is just terribly slow here, I was studying in Cheljabinsk for 5 years (I finished a Pedagogical University there) and I was using an internet in the university library, it was really great to surf the web there because the speed was high and it was really nice because I was able even to watch movies it's really terrible, I was receiving your letter for about 25 minutes. Frankly speaking it will be nice to talk online using Yahoo Messenger or any other one but it's just impossible here so I am writing this letter, like Pushkin did :) Do you know Pushkin by the way? I'm sure you should know him. Ok, I wanted to tell you more about me, not Pushkin :) In my first letter I didn't write you some usual things about me like my weight (51 kg), my height (169 cm), my favorite movies (Fight Club, Phone Booth, Cruel Intentions), music (Roxette, Madonna, Avril Lavigne, Brian Adams, The Beatles of course). By the way my parents were (and still are) great fans of Liverpool quartet, so you can say I was learning English from their songs and I still like their music very very much. When Paul McCartney visited Moscow I wanted to go there madly, but I had some shortage with money and also my work schedule didn't allow me so I've just watched his show on TV, anyway it was fantastic. Let me tell you some more about my family. My father's name is Evgeniy, he is retired now and he was a policeman for all his life. He was born at Belarus and moved to Novosibirsk where he's met my mother and fall in love with her. My mother's name is Elena, she's a scientist and she's also retired now. Both of my parents are 51 years old. I was born in Novosibirsk as well as my sister and we moved here 10 years ago because my mother received a pretty nice offer from a Nuclear center which is situated not so far from here (that's why the city was closed in Soviet times and it's still not so easy to get here even now). My sister is a student now, she's learning economics and trying to show herself very clever haha. She has a boyfriend who is a professional photographer and who have made some model photos of her and me (I am sending you one of them, I am looking not so good there I think so I hope I will still get your reply after you'll see it). I also have a cousin (Olga) who lives in Cheljabinsk and who's 20 years old just like my sister Masha, I am sending you a photo of me with her too (which was taken this autumn). I can write for more and more but I think you're already bored with it so I will stop now and will send this one to you. Also you can see a third photo which is just a funny photo of myself. I will end this letter now, but before I'll do it I will tell you one thing. All my life I have faith that the most important things in relations (even virtual) are honesty and trust from the other side, so I want you to know that I am trying to be always as open and honest with people as it's possible as well as in my letters to you, I hope I will receive the same back and I hope you still can understand my poor English :) heh...Ok, I gotta go, will be waiting for your reply and hope to receive it soon...
Letter 3
Hello John! I am very pleased to get your letter and hope you will feel the same when you'll see this one from me :) Thank you so much for the photos, they're all very beautiful especially the last one, I really like it very much. How are you there? Hope your days are going fine. Mine are not so great, yesterday I found out one of my pupils has got in hospital because of the car accident so I went directly there and was very worried about it. Thanks God he's fine now but will be recovering for about 5-6 months. So I was a little shocked by it and today I gave a lesson of rules of the road for all my other pupils and hope they will remember it. Ok, I hope you don't mind me telling you about it, I understand you have your own life and problems there but anyway I really want to share such things in my life with you because I've always seen my future husband as not only my lover but a best friend too whom you can share all your happiness and tears with...if you know what I the way, I didn't ever write you that I don't smoke and I drink very little, a glass of wine or champagne sometimes and of course I don't drink ***** or something like this :) Also I've never done any drugs and I really hate such things. So what can I tell you more? I like to play pool and bowling but I'm really not good in both of these games, anyway I'm trying to win always :) I like to spend my free time with my friends, going to the cinema or picnic when it's summer (see the photo) and also I like skating very much, do you like it? Well, what else...I like cooking very much and it's always a great fun for me to cook a new dish and allow my family to taste it...of course sometimes there isn't a happy-end ha-ha :) but it happens really rarely. Found a photo of me cooking at my kitchen and sending it to you too. Well, I am sorry this one is short but I really should go now. I also want you to know that it's not so easy for me to write you as often as I want it, and I hope you can understand this. And the silence from my side doesn't mean that I forgot about you, it's just mean that you will get a reply a little later :) I know I've already wrote it but anyway I want to write it once again that I am very happy that we've met each other in a so big universe of internet and I want to welcome you in my life.
Best regards to you,
Letter 4

Dear John! I am so happy to be able to write you now! I've just arrived here from Ekaterinburg and just want you to know that I miss you a lot here. Sorry I wasn't able to answer for some time, I really hope you're doing fine there and want you to know I am thinking of you here all the time, hope so much you think of me there too! :) Ok, you asked me about my address, here is it: Zaiceva Ekaterina
Ulica Zarubina 11-7
Russia I just want you to know that because of my city being a military zone it's really hard to use international regular mail, the rules are strict about it here. Ok, I will go home now because I am really tired but please, write back soon, I will be waiting for your reply...
All my heart,
Yours Katya
Letter 5
My darling John! I am writing you this letter while feeling myself a ****** girl, really :) I was trying to send you a letter I wrote you almost a week ago with a photo of me, you told me you haven't receive it so I was trying again and again and you know what? Today I found out there was a virus in the photo file and that's why the letter wasn't delivered even once! Foolish me I can say only :) How are you there my dear? I hope so much everything is great and I really do miss you here terribly. Now I can send you this photo without any difficulties, it was taken a week ago when Masha and I went swimming, frankly speaking I don't like my look there, but hope you will :) This week is my last week of work, then my vacation will start and of course I am still dreaming of meeting each other and spending some time together which will be the best days in my life, I'm sure. My darling, I have so much to tell you but I can't write a lot so I should end this little one, sorry, I will try to write more next time. I just hope you will receive this one, I will send it again without a photo just in case there still are any virus problems with it. I want you to know once again that you're always in my thoughts and hope so much you're not angry about my delay...
Millions of hugs and kisses,
Yours Katya
Letter 6

My dear John! I am so happy to receive your reply soon and be able to write you right now. I hope your day is going great and you'll answer me soon too. I really feel myself very excited about our future meeting and I hope so much we'll be able to arrange everything fine. I want you to know that it's not so hard for me to receive a tourist visa as I've already found out, I need to prepare some documents, letters from my boss and my father, there is some work to be done for receiving a visa but it's not so hard. Also it's easy to receive a tourist visa with the help of a travel company, it will be really hard for me to arrange it myself, it means going few times to Moscow, preparing all the documents myself and so on, this is much harder. But I can't order a visa in a travel company, they sell services only in packages and the package includes international passport (if needed), visa, flight tickets, tickets to Moscow and travel insurance. So I can't receive my visa without booking the tickets here, the full trip to London will cost me 780 euro here and it's the best offer I can get here. The earliest I can arrive in Heathrow is 13th of August (next Saturday) Also I found out from the travel consultant how the money can be sent the best way. I was told about the money transfer system named Western Union, have you ever heard of it? I've never used it but the travel consultant told me it's very easy to do, you can look at, you should just know my full name and home address for sending the money and I need the same information from you to receive it. What do you think of it? Please, tell me soon...I am really very excited about everything and I can't wait for the moment we'll see each other in the airport and please, write me back as soon as possible, I will be waiting for your reply thinking of you as always...
Yours Katya
Letter 7
My love John! I've just returned from the bank and you know what: I STILL CAN'T GET IT! I can't understand. I trust you totally, I think there is a mistake in their system. Please, call them once again, I've been there thrice but I was not successful at all! They've just told me once again that you had not given a permission! Please, dear let's solve this problem, I hope I'll be able to make the payment on Monday, that way I will be able to be in London on Friday evening, please, write back soon honey, I will be waiting for your reply...
Yours Katya
Letter 8
My darling John! I am so happy to be able to write you now really! I was finally able to receive the money you sent me and pay it for my trip so we just need to be a little patient now! I am already counting seconds before the moment when we'll be able to see each other, I was told that I will arrive in Gatwick airport on Friday!!! I will have all the information about it tomorrow or on Monday and of course I will write it to you right then. Please, my darling give me a phone number I can reach you at, I really need to hear your voice now when we're so close to each other as we've never been before. I will be waiting for your reply and please, write back ASAP
Yours Katya
Letter 9
My darling John! Thank you so much for giving me a phone number, I've asked it just in case something will go wrong and we won't find each other in Gatwick so I won't get lost in unknown city there :) Ok, let me tell you my travel schedule. I will go to Moscow tomorrow afternoon and will arrive there on Wednesday morning, there I will need to receive my visa in an embassy and will stay in hostel for few days till Friday when I will finally fly to you! I will arrive in Gatwick airport on Friday at 11:15 your time with Transaero flight number UN333, please, confirm that you've gotten this information and you will be waiting for me there with a yellow rose :) I am really so excited about everything my honey, I've never felt myself so happy as I do now and I want to thank you for making me feel this way, I just can't wait to be finally hug you and tell you how much I was waiting for that moment...I will be waiting for your reply tomorrow so please, write back soon, hope to receive your letter till going to Moscow and I will find an internet cafe there anyway so will read you from there if you won't be able to write till my leaving. Ok, I send you all my love and my warmest kisses Yours Katya
Letter 10
My dear John! I hope that you will receive this letter as soon as possible because this is very important for us. I have just returned from an embassy and I am really shocked because we have a problem here, a real problem. My visa is already ready and I can receive it in any moment but for receiving it I should prove that I have money for living in UK, it is 100 euros on each day of living!!! I applied for 30 days visa and I can't change it now so I should show them 3000 euros in cash to receive this visa! This have been made to prevent illegal immigrants entering UK....but why me? My love, I am really very very worried and scared because this is a great amount of money and of course I don't have it!!! What will we do now? I don't want to lose everything, to lose our dream because of ****** bureaucracy, I think maybe if you can call to the embassy it will help us maybe? What do you think? I will try to find out a phone number and also I will go to see a lawyer now who can help me as I was told, I will find out a number and will give it to you as soon as possible... My love, just please, reply me soon because everything is very serious, I don't know what to do...I am sitting here in this internet cafe in this very big unknown for me city, I don't know anyone here and I am very very worried...I just pray that everything will be all right...I am here, waiting for your reply... Yours Katya
Letter 11
My dear John! I was talking with a lawyer last 20 minutes, and I found out that YOU SHOULDN'T CALL TO THE EMBASSY!!! I will explain you now. I will go to UK as a tourist, I have my sightseeing program, some other documents like letters from my boss and my father (which can prove that I won't stay there but will go back) and they don't know that I am going to you (because it's much harder to receive a visitor's visa) and if you will call there and they will find out that I am going to you - I will need to change the type of the visa and will need to receive a visitor's one and it will take about a month! It is so terrible! The only way to make everything fine is just show them this ****** money! These people who are sitting there in the embassy won't help us at all, their job is to prevent immigrants from coming to UK so it's useless to ask them for help, of course I knew a little about it but I didn't know that everything is so serious...I know for sure that if I will show them this ****** money - I will have my visa in a few minutes, they already told me about it but where I can get such amount??? Please, my dear, just answer me as soon as possible, I am very very nervous but I hope that everything will be fine...I just should show them this money, please, tell me if you can get it anywhere, I won't spend any cent of this money, I just should show it and I can send it back to you or bring it with me when I'll come...I am so afraid, I just want to be with you, all this situation is so ******, I really hope we'll be able to solve all these problems and everything will be fine...I am sitting here, waiting for your reply, I miss you very much and I want to be with you... Yours Katya
Letter 12
Dear John...I've just came here and read your letter...well, what can I say. I can't really say nothing because I am shocked upset and just angry...Why should we give up? We've already done so many work to see each other and why should we stop now? I don't know...but of course I can't do it myself...frankly speaking I was trying to call you but it wasn't possible because I was told the number was wrong...I called my friend Tanya in Snejinsk and asked her for help, when I recalled her in a hour she told me her husband Oleg was able to send me 1600 euros, that was all of their savings and I was so happy when I went and received it, I thought to come here and write you about it that I already have more then a half of needed amount and so on, I was trying to fight because I know people should fight for their happiness always, nothing comes easy and I learnt it already in my life...but now I see you don't want to fight and of course I won't do it I am just tired, I am tired of everything, of this ****** city and people who care about nothing, I am tired of this rain and I am tired of all this ****** situation, I feel myself all alone and simply broken, I don't know why I am writing it to you, just because I still think you're a right person for me and I still want to be with you as much as I've never wanted anything before...I will still be here even if I don't see any reason...I hope your day is fine and I hope you won't ever feel yourself as I do now... Still yours Katya
Letter 13
Dear John, I went to the embassy once again, was trying to find out if I can change duration of my visa to 16 days and found out it's impossible so I should have 3000 euros anyway. I am really sorry for my last letter, now I am trying to stay calm now, I just hope we'll be able to solve the problem and be together at last. Yes, you're right I have great friends and now I realize it as I've never done, the friend indeed is a friend in need as you say there so it's 100% right. Honey, is it possible for you to ask your friend(s) for help? If you can send 500 pounds and your friend will send another 500. What do you think of such a solution? I was told you can make a transfer totally the same as you've done it last time when I was able to receive it and I will be able to receive it here in the Western Union office which is very near to this internet cafe, please, write back soon and I'm sorry once again for not writing you sooner, I was in the embassy and it really take a lot of time to go from one point to another here in Moscow. I am waiting for your reply, still hoping we'll be together soon...
Yours Katya
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