Romance scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Gadylgaraeva to Jon (USA)
Letter 1
hello . I wish to tell a little about myself. I live in Russian in city the Kurgan, it on the east from Chelyabinsk. To me 28 years, on a horoscope I aries, my birthday on April, 15th. I was never married and I have no children. I have ended university on a specialty the economist. After the ending. I worked in Chelyabinsk in restaurant business, on a speciality the senior barman. Into my duties entered to watch assortment of drinks and the personnel of a bar and restaurant. But I had to return to the Kurgan as my parents 3 years ago have divorced. I live together with mum, and I work in an urban service of electrosupply as the economist. I very much like to go in for sports and I try to maintain the figure in norm. But for this purpose not always there is time as I am usual is much occupied on work. Also I very much love (aerobics and swimming). When there is a free time, I try to be with mum or on the nature friends. I began to visit last time Internet Class at university. I very much would like to have a computer of the house, but I do not have opportunity to buy him, for me this expensive. But I think that I shall sometime carry out the dream. Still I trust in the true love and I dream visiting other countries in the company with the favorite person. I love children and pets. Seriously I concern to family. To me very much to like to travel, I very much love new places, to get acquainted with new people So it has turned out, that now I am lonely and would like to meet the man for serious attitudes. My girlfriend has advised to get acquainted with the man through Internet. My hobby, this studying of English language and I start to master a computer and Internet a little. I have shortly told about myself, what I. I hope, that you will answer me. I shall look forward to hearing from you. In the following letter I shall write in more detail.
Sincerely, Olga
Letter 2
Hi Jon. I am very glad, that you have answered me, I apologize that so long did not answer. Likely I have interested you too. Probably, you can send me the photo you in full growth as I would like to present you completely. My growth of 167 sm, weight of 54 kg. My favorite color pink. Me interesting to know more about you, your work, a life, hobbies. I would like to find out you better how you spend the free time, your dreams, hobbies, that to like you in women. And also, how you wished to see the future. I hope, you will find time and will write to me about yourself. I shall look forward!!! My family consists from two people, my mum and I. My mum - the social worker. Our relations very friendly, my mum - my best girlfriend and my adviser. I very much trust our warm relations I search for the man is more senior than myself because I consider, that this the man has experience more me, on such men, it is possible to rely in any situations and difficulties. In men I appreciate a maturity, courage, generosity, fidelity to the word and the favorite person. I send you the photo, I hope to you to like. I hope, that you are not disappointed, what have got acquainted with the Russian girl. Unfortunately I was not in other countries, but I very much would like to look as there live people. Write to me more about the city. Where you were born? When? You live in an apartment or in the house? Who else lives with you? And how you think about relations between the man and the woman? Whether you Trust in love? I would like, that we would have closer and warm relations. I very much hope, that you will try to answer all my questions and that I to you am not indifferent. I in turn shall try to answer on all your questions, but do not take offence, if I shall pass something. Once a week I try to visit a sports hall, what my figure was in norm. I think it is necessary, you with me agree? I very sociable person, like to give and receive gifts, to happen on a visit. I dream of love, I very romantic girl. I dream, that there will be in my life a person who will take away me to it far-is far and will make me happy, will care of me, to love me. I very impressionable. I like to read novels about love. I think that at the girl the main quality fidelity and fidelity to the favorite person. Write, what you wait from our relations? It seems to me we have got acquainted with you not casually. And, probably, we can sometime see each other face to face, spend time together.. It would be simply wonderful. I very much would wish to hear your voice, but, unfortunately, I have no home telephone number what to call to you. I live in new area of city where still there is no telephone exchange. And on work phone is only at director, but rules do not allow using it in the personal purposes, at us very strict rules. I can try to call to you from mail if you will write me the phone number, but it is expensive to me, but I shall think up something. Now it is time to me to go, I shall wait very much from you for the letter. Sincerely and gently to you, yours Olga
Letter 3
Hi mine favorite Jon. In the winter I sometimes ski. Today day I began from viewing of the mail in Internet Class. I am very glad, that you have written to me. I slightly want to tell to you about the personal life. I had some novels earlier, but it was faster enthusiasms, anything serious. They were finished as quickly, as well as have begun. But with you at me completely other attitudes and feelings. Earlier I was quickly convinced, that it not that I yet have not found the present love. But my attitudes with you, this other business. Lovely you the man, closest to me. Probably, I know you not enough more, as well as you me, but our love are stronger than it. You such type the man, which to me very much to like, in you my favorite qualities are combined. I think, that you would like and could deliver to me many pleasant minutes of pleasure. It is time to me to go, therefore I finish the letter. I shall wait for your letter. Write faster, I do not want to miss without your letters. Gently kiss you.
Yours fond Olga.
P.S. I want to inform you me address - 646004, Russia, Kurgan, Sadovaya str., house 7, apartment 24. Please, write to me the complete name and home address.
Letter 4

Hi my darling Jon, I am happy to have correspondence with you. I think of you always. You have entered into my life and will remain in her for ever. After a meeting with you I understand, why many Russian women marry Americans. Russian women are not spoilt by attention of the man. Men in Russia are not able to respect with the woman. However Russian women are able to love, they gentle and tender, they appreciate the man and respect with it. I wish to present all life to the beloved. You wish to have children or not? I think that the main thing in family this respect, understanding and the most important LOVE..I feel an attraction to you as if the strong magnet pulls me through ocean. I am ready to arrive to your country, to overcome any distance, simply to see You. I think, that in a life of each woman there is one man which she loves all life. And mine the man is you! I did not think at all, that I can grow fond of the person in the Internet...... I feel heat of the keyboard, let it is transferred you. When I touch keys, I think, that it is easy touches to you...... I even have a shiver on a body......... Mmmmmm.... At I shall wait for your new letter. Now I wish to go in sports club to do by aerobics. I wish to start to study "belly dance" which is danced by east women. It very plastically, beautifully and sexually. What do you think of this dance? You that I have danced it for you Want? I send you my hot kiss.....
PS My full name - Olga Mochalova
Letter 5
Greetings my love Jon. I constantly think of you. Under your gentle letters, I see that you too are glad to our dialogue. I thought of forthcoming our meeting much. It would be very good to meet and spend to us wonderfully time together, to have more close relations with you. You that person who is necessary to me, you true the man. First I wished to offer you, that you would arrive to me to Russia, in my city, but have then understood, that it not the best idea. My mum too has told, that Russia not a place for similar meetings. And, in general, I think, that the road to Russia will spend at you a lot of time and money. But I promise, that you after our meeting, you can arrive and to me for a short while. I talked to mum and it has agreed to release me to you in the country, if you certainly not against my arrival to you. I agree to arrive to you though on edge of the ground. Today I wish to go in a travel company and to find out, how many it will cost for me, that it is necessary for this purpose, and preparation for a trip and on registration of all necessary documents what is the time will borrow. I ask you to write the nearest airport to you. I want to you. I was long one and in me have accumulated a lot of love and passions which I wish to present you to one. I think of you at home and on work. Our meeting is simply necessary for me and the more likely, the better. Tomorrow I shall write to you everything that I find out in agency. Kiss Kiss Kiss. Yours Olga
Letter 6
Hello my love Jon.
I am very glad that you not against my arrival, I today to go to travel agency.
I offer you the register of all services given by agency.
1. The organization of preparation of travel to summarize terms{terms; conditions} = 110 USD
2. The help in fast manufacturing the passport + cost of the passport = 55 USD
3. Insurance + cost of an insurance policy = 100 USD.
4. The help in fast manufacturing the visa + cost of services OVIR = 130 USD
5. Medical informatio = 15 USD
6. The information from a residence = 5 USD
7. The information concerning the marital status = 5USD
8. Tickets up to Moscow + two-day hotel = 260USD.
9. The advanced order + cost of tickets = 1090USD
Total= 1770 USD.
I have been very surprised by this sum because I thought that my money
(520 $) will be sufficient for my arrival in you. I do not know that
I should do now, to me is offensive up to tears. First I Asked you
about visiting, and now I cannot arrive. Me seems that the world
around of me has failed, Jon, it is very a shame to me, but if for
You 1250 $ not a big sum, I can arrive in 3 weeks. I very much love
you and with hope I wait for your letters. Sincerely yours Olga
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