Scam Letter(s) from Irina Bobrova to Jussi (Finland)

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Letter 1

Hello Juhani!!!!!!!
I am glad that you so have soon written to me. Yes a has received your offer of a trip. I think that me will suit it. It is pleasant to me. All there arranges me. It is necessary for me to buy the ticket and to do the visa with the passport most. On all documents and the ticket it is required to me nearby 700 $. Try to send money through a site It is very easy. As I have already given you my data. Trust me please. Soon we shall together. I promise you.

Letter 2

Hello My dear Juhani!!!
I had problems in travel agency. To me have told that I will be not not passed by customs as I go under the tourist visa and I do not have hotel it appears to me is necessary have at itself money on which I could to remove hotel and normally to eat abroad. To me have told, that it is necessary for me to have with itself about 480 dollars. As at me the ticket for 4 days, at me with itself should be on 120 dollars a day. I did not know it. To me have told it only today I do not know, that to me now to do. I yesterday have received the salary and I at once today have paid 100 $. This money is necessary for showing only. It turns out, that 380 dollars still are necessary for me. If you could send me so much money, I would return to you at once as I shall arrive in the airport. I shall wait for your letter. I very much love you also I hope, that our love will overcome all difficulties which divide us. Yours Irina.



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