Scam letter(s) from Elena Vascanova to Krzysztof (Germany)

Letter 1
Greetings Krzysztof ,
How do you do? I am very glad, that you have written to me the letter. Well, Krzysztof and I would like to tell to you about myself. First of all, I write to you because I know and have much heard about your country. I wished to talk to you because I know English language: I studied it at university and at school within 6 years. So, I have decided to write to you, Krzysztof, knowing that you will understand me without any problems and between us thus there will be no language a barrier. Other reason on which I have chosen you, is that fact, it I - in a stage of registration of my visa for your country. I long time worked without days off, and now for me many paid days off. I the colleague have advised me to go to travel agency, to choose a route of travel and to forget about all problems, relax and to take pleasure. I have filled all necessary documents for the tourist visa and I with impatience wait for reception of news from embassy which is in Moscow. To me have told, that the answer will be ready in one week or less. I in delight, that very soon can see other country with interesting culture and not less interesting people. And while I wait for the visa Krzysztof, I have decided to strike up an acquaintance.
Probably we to be interested the friend in the friend, and then we can meet ?.. I can be naive, but I think, that it is very interesting to meet someone in other country whom you knew before only in letters. I would not like to leave more quickly from here - far-is far. I am very tired from work and loneliness. I trust, that I will manage to find the person understanding me. Well, allow me to tell to you more about itself. To me of 25 years, my height 5 ' 7 foots, my weight - 121 pound. I was born December, 15-thth 1980.I - the white Russian girl. I am religious. On religion I christians, orthodox, thus I trust in Jesus. I am lonely, I never was married, and I do not have children. I am very sensitive and sociable. I like to meet new people and to learn something new about the various countries, the nations and so on. I like to read. My friends and my family speak, that I - very sociable and kind person. (if they so did not speak, that, possibly, they would not be friends for me).
Can, I shall tell to you about city in which I live? I love the city, it name Nizhni Novgorod. It it is located approximately in 350 kilometers from capital of Russia of Moscow. My city very beautiful. But here happens very coldly in the winter and a lot of snow. In the winter all covered by a snow and people should carry warm clothes. At us many winter entertainments. I walk, I ski also skates together with my friends and family. But my favourite season of year - summer when trees are green and is many various colors when warmly also it is possible to walk all the night long on flight. In the summer I often go floating. To that my city is located on one of the most beautiful river in Russia. It is Oka river. And, what yours a favourite season of year? What weather at you in the street now? Well, this long enough letter, I did not think, that I can write so much! Once I was is happy to receive your letter, and I hope to receive news from you soon!!! Therefore, as I apply my photo, and I hope, that you it to like.

You frequently see the daughter? Tell to me about her.
I cannot tell to you about Russia in general. But in my city safely. Good so long! Your Russian friend,
Letter 2
Greetings Krzysztof,
I tried to receive your letter. I like to re-read your electronic letter. I wish to learn greater from you. You me very much interest!!! I want, that we were is more close to each other, for this reason I wish to tell to you about very important part of my life: about mine family. I have small family. I have mum, the daddy and the senior brother. My mum call Nri?, it works at a factory, she is a technologist. At their factory bake bread. My daddy works as the taxi driver. It seldom happens at home. My brother soon wishes to get married with the girlfriend. At them and they test very romantic attitudes to each other tenderness. It is good, that I have such remarkable family!!! I love them to death. We spend a lot of time together and we never argue. I so am proud of my family I devote much time to the work. I work 8 hours per day, and sometimes there are night watches. Perhaps, it not top of dreams, and I can make more, and I very much love the work and children. Not looking at it, do not think, that I give not enough time to the relatives. Sometimes I go on walk with my family and friends. We walk, we ski also skates in the winter and we usually go to bathe in the summer as I told to you in the previous letter, that we have very beautiful river proceeding through my city!! I have told to Mum, that I correspond with you, dear Krzysztof. It is happy for me. My mum wants, that I was happy. I shall really love the one who will love me also. It is happy, that I write letters to you because it knows, that I - glad our dialogue. Certainly, it wishes me happiness as well as any mum of the daughter. It sends the regards to you. About, excuse me, it is probable to boringly you, to read about all this. (I hope, that you do not yawn, when read it :)
Well Krzysztof, I do not wish to hurry a case, but I have some questions to you.
These questions are very important for me. I would like you to ask about, whether that you are realy, looking? Tell to me: how you see your happy life how you see your future woman? I have a happy family, but I wish to have own family. I wish to have the cosy house, kind, close the husband and children. This house would become for me silent harbour, entering which I could ar forget about all troubles and problems. I wish to give all heat and love to mine the husband. I can be old-fashioned. But I very much wish to hear every evening: " Dear, I at home!!! " Tell to me about all this Krzysztof. Tell to me, that you should have in a life, that you could tell, that " I am happy on 100 !!!! " I hope that our desires and our dreams will be similar. I during long time try to find half of soul.
I shall soon have the visa and I can to travel to your country. I cannot approve, I do not wish to do hasty decisions, but I think, it if we shall meet you it will be remarkable!!! Tell to me please more about your country, about your city. If I shall visit it what interesting places for tourists there are. What can I visit? Also tell to me please the name of the international airport which are most close to you. I have no concrete destination of my travel, therefore, if for this time, while my visa is made out, we will become closer to each other, there can be I shall arrive in this airport.
Well I should to go. But I really hope, that we shall not stop to write each other!!
My visa will be valid during a month across all Europe.
I wish so many to tell to you about me directly, and I wish to study much more from you!!! :)
Good - so long!!!! Yours, .ALENA " greetings Krzysztof" P.S.: I do not know, whether you think of serious attitudes or you lokking for funn only and you do not require serious attitudes. Tell to me in yours after the letter, whether you consider an opportunity of ours a meeting for real? It is very important for me, I shall look forward to hearing from you.
Letter 3
Greetings my dear Krzysztof!
I was is very glad to read through your last letter! I - very much value to ours attitudes. I often think of my forthcoming travel and about you. I think of it all the day long and even more I think of it before laying down to sleep. I very much wait for this moment. Today I went to travel agency, I have filled there a few papers (about insurance). To me have told, that my visa will be ready in a week. There is a chance, that we shall lead to following week-end together. About Krzysztof, I - very happy. I feel, as the child who opens gifts under a christmas fur-tree. Tell to me, what you think of our forthcoming meeting? You think, what it is not fast for a meeting? Perhaps, I hurry events. I hope, it not and that to our meeting we shall be happy both. I very much wait approach of this moment. But if this meeting will be not convenient for you, you can tell to me about it. I shall understand, if you you will not have time for me or if I am not interesting to you. When I shall receive the visa, I buy the air ticket. When I will have an air ticket, I shall send you the information concerning my flight. It is very exciting moment for me - our meeting at the airport. I very much wait for it. But at the same time I so am afraid of it. I cannot state the emotions, ideas were mixed in my head. I hope, that you will understand all that I wished to tell to you. I think, that you eo?rtn the same mixed feelings of pleasure, happiness, fear and doubts. But I think, that all these doubts will disappear, when we shall glance to each other in eyes. I continue, passing cold streets of the city to peer at persons of passers-by, and to think, that I learn you in the passer-by.
I think, that you could be this person. I speak All of you it and I am afraid of that you will not understand me my dear Krzysztof a little. You, possibly, think, that I the naive woman. There can be it the truth, but I so feel, and I wish to be frank with you. Anyhow, we can understand, whether we have made each other more happily, only if we shall be together with each other.
I shall tell to you something more about myself. I hope, that it will be interesting to you to read about my hobby. I think, that people who wish to learn better each other, should have some general hobbies. But actually - it is not terrible, if there will be no general hobbies because it is amusing - to study in something new! I Hope you will agree with me Krzysztof?
My favourite hobby to dance!!! I like to dance!!! And I dance each moment of the free time, it could seem to amusing you, and it is true!!! I studied in Russian national dances and ball dances when still went to school. In Institute participated in various dancing competitions and we often borrowed the first places you like to dance? If we to meet with each other the some people time we shall dance for certain!!! Also I love sports meets. I played football at school. Now I also do not have time for this purpose. But I still am engaged in skiing, I skate and I float, as I have told in the previous letters. And I like to look football!!! When I for the first time looked on TV, it for me was not meaningful. Then my friends have explained to me rules I began to love this kind of sports. In the past to year I have been interested by aerobics. I am engaged to it from time to time. But sports and dance not my unique hobby.
I like to read, listen to music and to look various films. I very much like to read Russian classical books such as " the Crime and punishment " Dostoevsky, and "War and peace" Thick. They - my best books!!! In the first is narrated about the poor student who does not have any money for existence, thus it kills the old woman and plunders it. Later it feels guilty and goes to police office and admits the crime. Thus this book - about difficult a life of poor people in St.-Petersburg. The second book about war 1812, and attitudes of people during this war. I love books about love since then. I like to dream of true love!!!
I like to listen to various music. I love classical music, the priest, lyrical novels. I love " a sonata of a moonlight " Beethoven. From classical music I love Beethoven, Mozart, Shubert. I look many cinema. It receives more and more than good Russian films in the course of time, but Americans are still the best! I really think so. In my opinion, each person should have the God in the heart!!
One of my hobbies - food! I like to eat delightful food. I prepare for it to myself and it is good (I think so :)!!!! I very much like to prepare!!! I often invite my friends to myself home, and they usually speak that I prepare is very tasty. I love our Russian traditional food. I like to prepare bliny, borsh, the Russian potato salad. I love fruit most of all because they - the most healthy food, in them is a lot of vitamins.
Well, this my preference in music, films and food. And what you love?
My mum and my friends ask much about you: my mum cares of me. (mums usually worry for the children, whether not so)?
On it think I shall better finish the letter. (I hope, what you like mine e-mail?) I wish to know about you more!! I hope to receive news from you very soon.
Each your letter resembles a holiday for me!!!
While, my sun ? Alena
Letter 4

Greetings my dear Krzysztof!!!!
Last night I called to my tourist agent, it has told, that my visa will be ready in three days. I was very pleased to hear it, but it has added even more excitements in my ideas. I have written to you beforehand, I very much want to see you, but I very much worry before this meeting. This my the first travel for limits of my country, but I am not afraid of it. I very much worry about ours a meeting with you. I i hope, that all those warm words which you write to me in your letters, it the truth, I believe, that you are the fair and frank person, you will not cause me the insult. Tell to me Krzysztof, it - the truth? Well, I should not think of bad things. I trust the god. I trust my destiny, and I trust it. This trip and acquaintance to you - a gift of destiny and the god. I very much hope that I will find happiness with you, after this trip and my loneliness will end.
Yesterday I had unusual day, I went with my mum for a supper to my aunt Natasha. We spoke about a life, about people, about me and you and about my trip to you. Krzysztof, you, probably, know how many borrows time when three women speak at supper my aunt very much was interested in you. She has asked me, whether I am afraid of you? I have told, that you are very good, kind and gentle the person, I have told, that I am sure in you on 100 , and I do not wish to hear more such questions. Heart cannot be mistaken, if I feel confidence of my heart. We spoke for a long time and vigorously, we very much laughed and dreamed of a forthcoming life when I have arrived home, I had such feeling, that I already have with you a long happy life. It was wonderful!!!!
I have already taken holiday on my work. Therefore these some days before trip i can lead to Moscow with my family. I shall collect the luggage for trip with my mum. I shall keep you posted, sending by mail letters be relative my trip. Today I shall go to order to myself the ticket up to Moscow. I shall reach Moscow by train.
It is well mine dear Krzysztof, I cannot wait longer, I right now shall go on railway station and I shall buy the ticket up to Moscow! I am very happy, I am pleased, and I want to embrace all people around because I shall soon see you!!!
I hope, that you will answer soon!!:) because I shall not be capable to wait your answer long time!!!! Bye bye
Yes God will bless you Alena.
Letter 5
Hello my dear Krzysztof!
I am very glad to receive your letter. I day after day dream of arrival in your country and this expectation attracts to me because those moments when you wait for something good are always pleasant.
Today already on November, 9 and on November, 12, that is on Monday I already should receive the visa. Your letter was pleasant to me, it is pleasant for me, that you in a rate of events in Russia. Unfortunately, wages at us very low. And to save up for travel to me and my parents it was required hardly longer 2 years. But they want to carry out my dream of travel abroad. I shall wait for your letter.
Elena. P.S. road Krzysztof why you have written to me so a little?
Letter 6
Hello Krzysztof!
Thanks for the letter.
In the passport there is name Elena. Houses of me name Alena. I friends name simply Lena. All these 3 names mean one and too.
Yes I am going to fly in Cologne. As you have written to me, that it is the nearest airport. I very much worry. All time I think of that as a meeting of you. My parents send the regards to you.
I have not enough time, I already began to collect the things. I am afraid to forget something, that can be necessary for me during my travel. With alarm I shall wait for your letter.
Letter 7
Hello Krzysztof!
Thanks for the letter.
In the passport there is name Elena. Houses of me name Alena. I friends name simply Lena. All these 3 names mean one and too.
Yes I am going to fly in Cologne. As you have written to me, that it is the nearest airport. I very much worry. All time I think of that as a meeting of you. My parents send the regards to you.
I have not enough time, I already began to collect the things. I am afraid to forget something, that can be necessary for me during my travel. With alarm I shall wait for your letter.
Letter 8
Hello my dear Krzysztof!!!!
This letter brought me so much happiness!!! actually every letter of your do so!!!!! i have russian favorite love poem which was written by Anna Ahmatova. I wish to send it to you. I do not know how you will apprehend it in inglish, but in russian it sounds very beautifully. i'll type it first in russian and then i; ll try to translate it in english:
well in english it sounds something like: you are by my side and everything is wonderful:
and rain and strong wind.
Thank you my sunshine
that you exist thank you for your lips.
thank you for your hands.
thank you my love
that you exist. we are together but it could so happen
that we would never meet each other
thank you for your living
the only man i love. That's about it: i hope you will like this poem! because it's my favorite poem about love. Tomorrow is very important for me. Tomorrow I go in Moscow. I cannot write to you tomorrow, but I promise to send you the letter or call you the day after tomorrow, at once, as I learn all details about my trip. I hope, that my trip will be safe. I do not love a trains, there is a probability to meet bad people, I would be quieter, If on this trip, you would be a near with me. Krzysztof, I want, that you have understood me correctly. I am very glad, that I have met you in the Internet, I am very happy, that I can soon see you personally!!! Therefore I wish to be frank with you and I want, that you will be frank with me. You have now last chance to refuse our meeting. I trust that you as well as me want and wait this meeting, but I understand also, that I can be inconvenient for you, I can be inconvenient for your schedule. If it's not so and you do not see any reasons for a cancelling of our meeting then I shall buy the ticket up to the airport nearest to you and I shall be glad to see you at this airport waiting for me!!!
It is my first trip abroad and I very much suffer.
I wil wait your letter very much!!!! With all my sincerity to you, yours Alena! Alena."till after tomorrow"
Letter 9
Hello my loved Krzysztof!
I for a long time did not receive from you news!?
I worry, that there is a reason of your absence.
I so want to see you!
As to me have explained at customs house, that for 1 day of residing the tourist needs to have 50 dollars. If I go for a month it turns out that 1500 dollars are necessary. Really so to be very expensive to live in your country??? It is many money for me ?
I have 700 dollars. I thought, that it will be enough. I have got used to live simply, without luxury. I yet do not have 800 dollars.
This money will not be lost, they will be at me when I shall pass through customs house. Money only it is necessary to show.
I shall be while in Internet - cafe to wait for your letter. I very much want to you ?
Yours Alena.

Letter 10
My lovely Krzysztof!
I am very glad, that you want to help me. I do not know how it is possible transfer money. I did not collide with it earlier.
But I think, that is possible through bank. I should hasten, as already late, banks will soon be closed. Well, I now shall run in bank, I learn and at once I shall write to you.
I shall soon write.
Yours Alena.
Letter 11
Hello my sun!
I hope, you had not to wait for me for a long time. I tried, as could.
In bank to me have told, that the fastest translation it through westrnunion. For this translation it is necessary to know my full name: Alena Waskanova; the name of city: Nizhni Novgorod.
I miss on you. I very much want to see you.
Yours Alena.
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