Letter(s) from Victoria Tkachenko to Wayne (USA)

Letter 1

I was very happy to get your letter. It is great that you interested in me. But for now it seems to me that you want to know about me something.
My name is Vika.I live in Luhansk.
This city is situated in the Eastern part of Ukraine.
I hope you know this country. Although I live in Ukraine I and all people around me speak in Russian language.My city border with Russia.
As all people I have my dreams. My main dream is to create a family with right man for me and have a children. I know that I am very loving and devoted person and I want to give my Love to my future husband and children.
I have many interests and I do not like to do nothing.
I like to cook and make all things in my home and I like when my home cozy and comfortable and do every thing for it. I like to stay at home and I hope when I will have a children I will be with them all time. I have many friends and like to communicate with them. We go to the picnic or in the theatre or in the cinema with them. My friends say that I am easy going and good friend most of all I do not like when people lie.Ok I will end for now and hope you will write me soon. Maybe we have much in common and we have a chance to be together.
I want to send you my picture and hope to get yours.

With Love,

Letter 2

Hello my dear Wayne,

Thank you for your letter. I think you are very handsome.
I really hope you are attracted to me.
I think in every successful relationship there has to be a physical attraction as well as compatible personalities.
My full name Vika Tkachenko.
I was born 15 September 1982 year. Now i work in school,in Lugansk.
My parents live in Lutugino,in city which i was born.
I am a loving and caring person. I am honest, sincere, kind, gentle and affectionate. I know in my heart I can bring happiness to someone I truly love.
I know in my heart that I can be a loving and faithful wife. It is also my dream to have a family. I love children. I look forward to spending long days with my lovely husband and beautiful children.
Marriage is a life changing step in life. So, I have to be very selective.
The person I am attracted to is physically fit. He is healthy and enjoys physical activity. I am attracted to someone who is very positive and outgoing.
I like someone who is easy to get along with. Someone who likes to try new things.
He must be full of love and happiness in his heart. He will be happy pursuing his interests on his own, as well as enjoying time with his partner. I like someone who is gentle and affectionate. I want someone who is not afraid to express their feelings through physical intimacy. He should also be able to express his feelings and emotions openly and honestly and not be afraid to share his thoughts. Marriage takes tremendous communication and it may be difficult when two people from very different cultures are married.
Unfortunately, I don't know English. I use Firm which provide me with translation of my letters and Internet. Several years ago I studied it at school, but I find it difficult to speak and to write in English. But I try to do my best to learn it.
I have attached a picture of me for you. I wish to someday have kids in my family.
I hope to hear your thoughts if you are satisfied with my physical appearance.

I look forward to hearing from you.
With love.


Letter 3

Hello my Wayne,

I am really happy to hear from you again. I hope my letter find you in a good mood and condition. My heart is full of happiness and gladness.

You letter really make me happy amd make me smile.
You know it seems to me that we have a lot of common things and i am sure that we can build a strong and long relation.I am so tired to be alone and want you to be honest with me.In spite of the distance we should learn from each other and i appreciate each your word.
I like that you are interesting in me and i want you to ask me a lot of question.
I will answer them with grate pleasure, because it is necessary for both us.
It is so difficult to be alone, I mean without beloved person.
I need man who will be care about me and i will take about him.
I want you to know that i can to make you happy and moreover i want it very much.

As for my family, unfortunately i'm an only child in the family.I said unfortunately,because i always dreamt to have an elder brother,who would protect me and be always by my side.But i have a lot of relatives ad we live like one friendly family.
I want so much that something wil work out from our communication,because i believe in us and i really want to make a person who will be next to me very happy.

With all my heart and soul,

Letter 4

My dear Wayne!

You know i am ready to give you the key of my heart, please take it and keep very strong, i feel that now i am not alone any more, only thanks to you! My dear Wayne!! You know i have serious talk to you. The matter is that i need to tell you one very important thing for me now. You know frankly speaking my English is not good , i studied it at school and i can't write in English and speak in English, dear i don't want to keep silence , because i prefer to be honest with you form the beginning. I use the service of the translator service. My sweetheart , please listen to me , i paid for our correspondence , and i thought that i could do it more, but my salary in so small (80$) and i can;t do it any more!! Frankly speaking i am waiting for your letter and for your understanding. My love , so i need you ask you about help , because i don't want to lose , you i want to go further, because i can't lose chance to be happy. My dear please let me know what do you think about and i am afraid that this can be my last letter. Please help me to pay for the correspondence. You will do not only for you , but for us!!! Am i right! My dear i wish to have nice week-end , and please remember that am looking for your letter.
With many kisses