Scam letter(s) from Elena Kiseleva to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1
Hello, dear!!!
It was so nice to open my mail box and to see a message from you, from the other corner of the world! I am not very good at computer, and I am surprised to understand that now I have an opportunity to communicate with a person who lives so far from me. The distanse becomes less great, when people know each other better. And I am sure that very soon we will know each other very well! Because as for me I am a kind and open-minded girl with a good sense of humor. And what about you? How can you describe your character?Also thank for your photo, you in a photo very beautiful, and I am very glad to our acquaintance.
Well, now it is high time to tell you about me. My name is Ekaterina, but my friends call me Katia. As we are friends already you can callme just Katia, I like it more. I am 29. I live in the most beautiful city in the world. My native city is very dear to my heart, I was born here. is situated not far from the capital of Russia. It is not as big as Moscou of course but Tver with its beautiful lakes and rivers, green gardens even in the centre of the city is much more beautiful. And what can you tell me about your city? Were you born there or you moved? Is it big or not and where it is situated?
And now look at the photo and say how do you find me? Frankly speaking, I tried to send you my best photoes to make impression on you...Did I manage to do it? So, look and tell me. But on the photo you cant see my growth and weight. I am 170 cm tall, and my weight is 54 kg.
When I look at the map of the world it seems to me so big!!! I find your country and understand that thousands and thousands kilometers separate us. But it doesnt frighten me! On the contrary, it is very exiting to communicate with somebody with whom you have never even talked! In the process of communication we will understand our characters, the differences between us. But I am sure we will have many common things. The first one - we are active people, which dont stay at one place! We try to change our lifes, I like this position. Every person must be a master of his life. Our world is so big, there are more than 6 mlrd of people in it and we are so different!!!
I would like to tell you that I have no computer at home, and I write to you from the Internet club. So, you understand that I dont have opportunity to write to very often, but if I am interested in a person, I will do all my best to communicate with him... I know English rather well, I write letters myself and speak fluent English. I graduated the Pedagogical University. But anyway it is a foreign language for me, may be sometimes I have mistakes. So, ask me if you dont understand something. And very soon I will be sure to improve my English with you!
Well, it is all for this time. Please try to answer all my questions and of course tell more about you.
Your new friend Katia.
Letter 2
Hello, my darling!!! Every time I reread all your letters and every letter from you is very important for me. Really my darling, I feel how our confidence in our letters grows day from day and they, our letters became more and more sated. So we decided to describe to each other every day of our lives. I think it's a pretty good idea of doing like this!!!!! Do you agree with me?
So today I had really a remarkable day because I spent time with my little cousin Masha!!! I send you our picture, look at it with attention. Don't you remark some resemblance between me and her??? I do not pay for compliments, but I think both of us are very pretty. You know my sweet, my little cousin is a very smart girl. She goes to the kindergarten and she is one of the best pupils there. In fact she reads very well already!!!! May be I will teach her English. She adores me and I am an example for her. She is going to follow my life experience and to be a teacher. Of course she is just a child and her dreams are childish, but it's high time to make the choice. Don't you think so? I shall answer you yours aii?inu:1-my role of the wife this birth of children, education of them, cleaning on the house, to love the husband, to love children .2-yes if at me the husband I always to it would be spoke about the problems. 3-there is no material a value so it is important as my future husband 4-I think that main in family is the husband because it should hold the house. 5-if at me would be the husband and I on him was upset that I have simply taken offence. 6-yes I can forgive to the person for the big insult. 7-I want 3 children of 1 boy and 2 girls. 8-yes I think that it very important to nurse the child. 9-there is no role of mother should be all life.
So I had a nice day and I am happy I've got the opportunity to describe it to you!!!! May be it seems a little bit strange that I express my feelings to a person I have never seen, but really I feel as I have known you for a very long time. May be it's because of the fact we change letters every day and we write them with all the sincerity. I never thought it's possible to feel so attached to an unknown person, but now I understand that when you receive so touching letters like from it's quite really!!!
You know, my darling, before beginning the friendship with you I often felt very frustrated and unhappy, but now I can wait for you letters, I feel happy reading them, and I write my answers very quickly because for me it's a real pleasure to write to you. Our life is so changeable, and you never know what will happen to you the other day. So I never thought I'll get acquainted to you, but now I thank the God, I thank the day we began to change letters.
Now I do not feel single, I know that you wait for my letters, and I wait for yours. It's really a great feeling when you know that somebody needs you and waits for you. Don't you think so?
I know that you appreciate my sincerity and that you'll answer me by the same way. I wait for your answers with great impatience. Please write me about every detail of your life. It's really very important for me!!!
I kiss, my darling!!!!!! Sincerely yours, Katia.
Letter 3
Good day my beloved!!!
How romantic our friendship is!!! My darling, you know, I have never had such relations like with you. No man understood me like you, nobody wrote me such letters. I learnt what means waiting for a letter and joy after having read it. With your occurrence in my life I began felt myself a real woman; I felt how the spring came into my heart.
My dear, the weather in our country is very sunny now and I feel how the sun beams ********* in my heart and warm my soul. My sweet, I must confess you that I can't imagine my life without you. It seems to be impossible, but I think that I felt in love with you. All my thoughts, all my dreams are about you. My attitude to you is quite particular. I have never felt such emotions. It' really a kind of madness. I want to talk to you, to see you, to look into your eyes.
My sweet, I can imagine us together. As all girls I am very romantic and impressionable. What do you think of a picnic in touch with nature? Only you and me, and nobody else in the entire world. You so handsome and male and me so fragile and attractive, blue sky, green trees, bird singing... We won't need words; we'll understand each other without saying anything. My darling, don't abuse me for such courageous dreams, but I can't resist them.
I am afraid a little to say this words but I can't conceal my feelings any longer. I can't stop falling in love with you and what is the most interesting, I enjoy this strange and exciting feeling. I dare say my unique man, I LOVE YOU!Ii ai?iaie aa y aioiaa e iaoae aaoa.
The fact we got acquainted in this world is really wonderful. You can't imagine how I am happy we found each other. I understood you are the very person I need. You understand me, you appreciate me, and with you I feel a real woman.
My beloved, you presented me with fine sensation of being necessary. I want to express all my feelings to you, but it's impossible to do it, so fantastic they are!!! Fortunately I know you learnt to read my thoughts though such a long distance separates us...
My fantastic man, I dare hope you will appreciate my courage and write me your opinion of my confession. I don't know why, but I feel you won't be upset having read this letter...
You are the first person whom I tell about my emotions. While I want them to be only our secret. My friend Marina remarked that I changed. She asks me what about I am thinking all the time. I only smile in answer. May be later I'll tell her about you but now I want it to be a mystery. My feeling is so sacred and distinguished that I don't want to spoil it by other people commentaries.
My sweetheart, I wait for your answer with my heart trembling. I really need to know what you think of this.
I love you and kiss you with all tenderness of my heart.
I LOVE YOU!!! Katia.
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