Scam letter(s) from Elina Rozanova to Pascal (France)

Letter 1
we help people to overcome all barriers Dear Mr. Pascal Bret. Thank you very much for your interest in our services and prices. But we want to tell you from the very beginning, that our system of payment is very flexible, and if you are our client more then two months we offer you different discounts. So, we provide the following services:
1) translation of one letter - 5 USD,
what includes:
translation of it - 3USD
printing of it - 1USD
Internet services - 1USD
2) translation of telephone conversations - 5 USD per 10 min
3) printing of one photo - 3 USD
4) scanning of one photo - 2 USD We also can suggest you to use our unlimited services:
1) "one month unlimited translation"(without photos) - 150 USD
"two months unlimited translation" - 300 USD
2) "one month unlimited correspondence"(photos including) - 200 USD
"two months unlimited correspondence" - 350 USD If you decided to help your Elena with payment, you may do it the following way. You can make transfer by Western Union. Here is the full data for the receiver: name of the receiver: Miroshnichenko Elena
address: 91000 Solnechnyi block,34/16
city: Lugansk
country: Ukraine.
We will be glad to assist your further communication with your pan pal. Cordially Yours
Principal "Futures"
Alla Mazur
Letter 2
___________________________________________ Futures
translational firm ___________________________________________ Dear Mr. Pascal Bret Thank you for using our service. We'd like to introduce You to the up-date statement of Your account: You have sent (25.10.06) $60
On you account was $0
We have translated 4 letters for Elena $20 We have translated 7 letters for you $35
0 photo printed $0
3 photos scanned $6
Total : $60 - $61=-$1 We'll be glad to continue our assisting You and Elena to keep in touch as soon as Your account is filled up. Cordially yours
Top manager of "Futures"
Ukraine, Lugansk, Radyanskaya Street, 65/12
tel. +380953880351 9.00 - 16.00 Ukrainian time
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