Scam Letter(s) from Veronica Andreisheva to Pascal (France)

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Letter 1

Hello my dear Pascal! How are you days going on? As for me I have much work.
But I will have vacation in one week. I'm really happy about that cuz I haven't vacation 3 years. So my boss decide give me some time to rest. I want spend my vacation very good and I guess that I can come to visit you for one or two months, of course if you not against. I think that we can know each over face to face better, and we can have a great time together. Will you invite me? LoL. I have foreign passport and visa so I don't needing in any paperwork. So I can come to you so soon as I will found good flight. But this is not too hard, cuz our company work with one tourist agency very long time, and they always can find good flights to any point of the world. Today I was in that travel agency and check cost of flight to you. It will cost for me about 500 EUR. In this cost including round-trip tickets and health insurance. In my country I can't buy one way tickets, cuz in many countries immigration cervices afraid that somebody could stay in them countries illegal, or something like that. And about insurance, this is I must have too. I thought that I will go to my vacation to other country so I saved some money for that. I have 200 EUR for tickets, but unfortunately I haven't another part of that sum. I wanna ask you, dear will you able help me with other part of money. I think that it will be very honest from you and my side bye tickets for me together. This will be great chance to meet each over and know better. What do you think about that?Ok, I will write for your letter.
Sweet kisses! Bye, Dinara!



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