Scam letter(s) from Natalia Kossova to Ivan (Sweden)

Letter 1

Dearest ,
I was so excited to receive your letter – like a child at Christmas waiting to unwrap his presents! If I feel this excited at your letters I cannot begin to think how I would feel in those moments just before we see each other face to face! I am such a romantic dreamer and can’t help but let my mind wonder how it would feel to have you by my side. Always. :)
Figuratively speaking, sorry to say, I know we will sometimes need to part, but I know that we will be on each other's mind. Always. :)
It is a dream that becomes more real for me with every letter I receive from you.
Honey I understand why you would like to quit drinking coffee, it really is not very useful especially if you drink it way too much. I agree with your idea honey that it's very boring to cook something good for only yourself, i am that way too, I dream that one day I manage to show all my cooking talents to my special man, hopefully you will be able to ******** dishes one day honey and i will be happy if since that time the food that you eat will not irritate your mother any more:))
Don't you think that so often it is the simple things a person does that makes you fall in love with him – the way you feel doing the most innocent everyday things suddenly becomes so exciting. I imagined walking arm in arm with you along some busy street,
and I imagined how great I would feel as all people turn their heads to look at us! I imagine cooking together, shopping together, dancing together and just sitting curled up on the couch watching a movie together. It just seems that we have so much in common and we are both searching for the same things in life. Searching and finding :), otherwise we wouldn't be enjoying ourselves now, talking to each other.
I was surprised too honey that ****** was able to write the poems, he was the worst genius that the world had seen, and always makes me sad when I think about how much the world suffered and how many people were killed because of the will of one person only! But perhaps his soul still had some beautiful aspect which was reflected in the poem that you enjoyed.
I try to be honest darling and tell you about everything which is good and bad about me. One of my worst streaks I believe is that I am too lazy sometimes. :) I like to sleep much, I like to wake up myself without this awful sound of an alarm-clock, I sometimes like to stay home all day and do nothing, just read, watch TV, clean the house, I just need some rest from communicating with people and sometimes i feel there is too much of it in my life and I feel like being a lone for a day.
Well, what else is bad about me... I have a very changeable mood. And again, this is both good and bad. Bad because sometimes such a trifle as my stocking running can totally spoil my whole day. :)
But then, for example, I see something funny, like another girl with a hole in her stocking with a frown on her face, I think of how ****** I might look with the same frown and it makes me laugh and I am well again. :)
I also can't be angry for a long time. If I quarrel with someone over something insignificant, I feel so bad after it, so I hurry up to make piece, I am not afraid to make the first step, I am not a stuffed shirt.:) When I am wrong, I will always admit it and feel good after that. But what is really bad about me is that i am sometimes too stubborn, not because I like it that way, but I don't like it when my granny for example tells me what to eat and what to wear and what to do, I always want to try myself, then if it is bad,
I will assume she was right, and tell that to her, but I have to do that to understand what is good or bad. :) You know, there is such a saying that a clever person will learn on the mistakes of other people, and a fool on his own. I am definitely a fool then! I don't think I am, :) but this saying is about me. :)
What about you, my darling , what are your worst streaks, don't be afraid to scare me off, I know you well enough already, and won't be so easy to run away from you. :)
I will be so much waiting for your letter, have a wonderful weekend my dearest , you remember, i think of you and wait for your letters on Monday!
Your Nataly
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Letter 2

Dearest ,
This is your sweet angel writing to you:) I am so happy to be here today and talk to you, it will bring me more energy and will leave me in wonderful mood for the whole day:) My darling, thank you for opening so much to me, i feel so happy and so excited knowing that we are able to talk to each other so freely and so honestly, that really makes me happy as i have not felt this way for a long time in my life.
My darling, so your mother did guess about us, those are mothers, i agree with you honey:) I am happy you think she will like me, i too hope that she will and also i would be happy to be friends with your sister honey, she is a big person in your life and that would be wonderful if we could get a long just fine:)
Honey, I missed you today at my classes very much:) I was sitting and dreaming about you, my darling , and not listening to the lecturer at all:)
You told me something about your friends, that you do not meet them that often now, you just have different life plans and interests as far as I understood. Are there are people who still you can call real friends honey, i was wondering.
Honey, as for me, I must say I am a rather sociable person,
have many friends, whom I always invite into my cozy house. These can be either parties or just a quiet evening with some good friends of mine. Mostly all of my friends come from childhood, when everything was so easy and simple, we had small problems and a lot of fun. Now life has changed. I'm not a child any longer, and have to face the difficulties of life with my **** up. That's very characteristic of me - to be an optimist and make other people cheerful. It's practically impossible to be depressed with me around. Have you noticed it honey? ;)
I have mentioned I have many friends, but it depends on what you mean by this word - friend. There are a lot of people i know, I am friendly with, but they are just people who it is nice to meet, but not the ones to turn to in the time of need. As to such a close friendship, on the contrary, I don't have many people I can trust. I sure have my mother, who is my older friend who teaches me,
then to make up for it, I have my younger sister, who in return I can teach:)
And i have my equal, my best friend Elmira, who I have known for more than 5 years already. We are really close to each other, like to discuss things a lot, sometimes to gossip (nothing to do, we are real women :)) to share our thoughts and experiences. We are together everywhere, and even our dreams are almost the same. :) We both are in this agency and are looking for the foreign knights. :) She doesn't have a boyfriend yet, she is not that lucky as me, unfortunately, because i seem to have found the one already. :) But I am sure she will find her destiny too, when i am happy, i want everyone around to be that way too. :) You know, what i like about my friend is that we will never envy each other, there is no such thing in our relations, we both know how much depends on the luck of the draw and this is not because I am better and she is worse that she hasn't yet found a boyfriend. I know she will. :)
Well, my darling , you know, earlier, in spite of my numerous friends and hobbies,
there were times when I felt lonely, something (or someone) was lacking in a life of a woman without a man - that was a bitter feeling that made me depressed. It was the time that I did start 'attacking' both my friends and my studies to be saved from being lonely.
Now i think it's time for me to relax a little bit, I think I have a right to do that. I have found you, my darling, you have become a very important part of my life, and I do care for our relations! Now I don't feel that lonely, because you are there for me, am I right, my darling?
Tell me my darling of your best friends, do you have any? I hope i meet them one day and we get along just fine with them, I have a very easy going personality honey so it is easy for me to meet new people get adjusted to the new life, I have already thought about it when i thought about us and our future life:)
I have to go now my darling ,
Missing you,
Your Nataly
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Letter 3

My dearest ,
I am so happy I can talk to you today. It's been a hard long day to me. Thank you for your letters my darling, they keep me happy these days! I understand that there are some problems with the server, so that is why sometimes it takes long for the letters to reach us.
my darling, I see that you are a very sympathetic person, and that really appeals to me, because I am that way too. I tend to be very emotional. I always am that way,
I suffer my relatives and friends pain, I also feel deeply toward people who I don't even know. My mother usually blames me for my being too emotional at times. But she should blame herself, because she is that way too. :) I don't even talk about crying at the touchy movies. :) I am very sentimental as well. A walking soap opera girl that's how i call myself sometimes. But you know, some girls tend to do that because they are just ******. With me, I can't say that i am like that. I hope you've noticed that. :) I am sorry for these compliments which I sometimes have to do to myself, but this is the Internet, how else am I able to show you that I am a good girl? ;)
So, I should not call myself ******, I am now trying to figure out the word which would suit this feature of mine most. I think I can call myself sensitive. This is the right word. It includes my being emotional, sympathetic, able to feel very deeply. Even if I am just a mere observer, I do feel what people are feeling, in the movies for example. I bet you will easily guess what kind of movies I like to watch. :) But I will talk about that later with you. :)
sweetheart, that is so sad that even in your country there are the things which make me sad about this country, still honey, life here is a lot more difficult because even those people who are worth a better life live awfully poor because of lack of money. The government just doesn't care at all about the people, they care about themselves, and often makes me very crazy and sad.
I am happy you will be opening your something of your own, i see that you are a very motivated man and that makes me happy too honey.
Where did you learn so many languages my darling, you you just know a few phrases, i was wondering. I know a little of French, that is a very beautiful language:)
Honey, I feel a little tired now, but as I talk to you, i feel i am getting some more energy to finish this working day. I don't like this feeling of being tired by the end of the day, then I just feel bored and that means that it was not a very good day to me. Also,
you know, why? Because when i am tired I can't come to the agency to talk to you and that also means that my day is lacking it, you've become an important part of my life, i think you feel it and also feel that way towards me. But have you noticed there are those days when you are on the bright side in spite of the fact that you have worked the whole day and are way too tired? Those are the days when i come here to talk to you. :)
Well, my darling , I felt like telling you what my day is like.
I'll start from the beginning. So, I am sleeping still, holding my pillow tight, having sweet dreams of me and you together on the beach... and then my alarm clock starts making this annoying noise.
Have you noticed, my darling, that there are no alarm clocks which would have a pleasant sound? At least this is true with me. But maybe your voice will be pleasant to me, we'll check it out soon. :) Ok, I am awake now... I wash up, but I do not take a shower however I love doing it in the morning, as we do not have a hot water, we have already forgotten when was the last time we took a shower.:( We do boil lots of water in the evening to stay clean, but that is a big problem, especially when i have to wash my long hair.
Then honey i do do some kind of morning dancing to music. :)
So, then I am back to life again. I eat some sandwich, drink tea(I rarely drink coffee), make breakfast for my sister who wakes up later, wake her up, listening to different not very good words she think of me:) and go out. It's morning, around 8.
I am doing my last grade you know, that means that in a year i will become a teacher eventually, so now we are now both studying and practising our teaching skills.
Half week we are at the practice and half at the university.
So I come to college and spend my working day there. We listen to the lectures, answer at the seminars, have some practical classes and sometimes I have to go to the library to get the material.
After the classes are over, around 2-3 pm, I come home, have a snack,
take a short break, because the head is like a real bell after school:) Then I either go to the agency to talk to you, my darling or go in for fitness classes.
And then I come back home and think of what you have written to me and think of what I have written to you. Or sometimes i meet my friends, wither visit them or go out somewhere. But I don't party often, I am too busy for that. :) And also i don't like doing that because there I start missing you. :)
honey, write to me soon, tell me about your day, and tell me what you think of mine.
Have a nice weekend my darling, I am thinking of you, remember that:)
By the way, the picture was taken at the agency today only, I felt like sending it to you honey:))
My kisses to you,
Your Nataly
Letter 4

Dearest ,
I was so happy today when I called to the agency from college today and was told that there is a letter from you. :) I felt so good and rushed here at once to talk to you. My darling, i am very glad that you had a happy childhood, I imagine how much worries your parents had with you honey,
but in my opinion, a boy should be like that, a little naughty and very active, otherwise he will not make a good and strong man:)
Honey may I ask you, what was the last line before your name in your letter, what language was it written in honey? I did get your other letters too honey and the agency translated them for me before I write back to you yesterday.
I also hate people who make the forests *****, this is so ******, and so rude to do, nature is so fragile and the people will definitely get their punishment for that in the future, did you watch the movie the day after tomorrow honey?
Darling , it's so cold today and it's been raining the whole day. Brr,
I don't like such a weather when I have to go out. I like it only when I can enjoy myself staying at home then, and watching poor miserable things walking along the streets. :) Just kidding, but I mean it's always great to feel yourself warm and comfortable when you know that somewhere it is cold but you can enjoy the comfort of your cozy home:)
A lot of people get influenced by rain, they claim their mood often depends on that, but I think that if there is this sun shining in your heart which warms your soul, it doesn't matter at all what is going on outside. Do you like rain, my darling?
As for me, when I am watching it (from my window of course;) I feel a certain calmness and it always makes me dreamy. The same was today. When I came to the university today, I was all wet, my shoes were filled with water and I think i made a miserable sight. :( And when I came to the lecture, I was at first doing my best writing, but then, when I became warm, I felt that i was falling asleep. :) And I did fall asleep! :) And the lecture went on and on and on... But you know, it was not a very important one, and i am usually bored with what I don't find very interesting.:)
This has started from school that i did perfectly well on the subjects I liked and very badly on the ones i didn't. I have always liked humanitarian subjects, such as Russian and Ukrainian language and literature,
French, which i studied with the greatest pleasure, but unfortunately,
there were too little of hours which didn't give me a chance to enjoy learning it to the fullest. I also liked history, although I always had problems with remembering the dates, because figures are beyond me;)) No need to tell you that Maths and different things like chemistries and physics were a real torture for me, fortunately the teachers never guessed it, because half the class were like me and we always managed to cooperate. :) Those who could write dictations well (this special girl was one of them:) helped those who couldn't and in return they helped us complete the tests. So, darling, I was a real business girl at school. :) What about you, which subjects did you like most? Were you a good boy at school? ;)
So, my darling, it's no wonder that i have entered the pedagogical university and study Russian language and literature. I think you know already that i am fond of reading, this is one of my hobbies and I can be doing it for hours. So, if in the future you are tired of me,
just give me a great book, and I will disappear for a while.:) But then once you feel you are bored without me, I will be happy to stop reading and tell you something interesting. :)
I am now enjoying my studies, the more so that I have only a little left at the university. I don't know yet who I will teach, I just know that i would like to work with each age first and then choose something which would make me happy. Same as subjects, I feel that I will only then do my best if I love what I do. Same in life, I will only then be a good girl if I am with the man I love. :)
We now have such a tough schedule, there are many lectures and seminars, a lot of reports we have to make. But I like to keep myself busy, because it makes me shorten the days till your letters come. :)
What about you, my darling , tell me about your work more. I am really interested. And why did you choose this kind of job?
And again it turned out to be a huge letter. :) But I am happy you love my letters, i love writing to you so much too honey:))
My life has changed totally since I met you my darling, and that is wonderful, i feel very happy and excited to talk to you and to get to know you!
I will go now,
Kisses to you,
Your Nataly
Letter 5

Dearest ,
My darling, you can imagine my delight when the agency courier came to my place today in the morning and told me that we can stay in touch! Darling, it makes me really happy, thank you for buying the monthly membership:)))I know you will not regret about it,
for I have so much to share with you! Honey i know that letter might be a little late, but don't forget that here at the agency they have to translate what i write to you each time, and the same with your letters. I also sometimes do not have the time or feel very tired after the long working day honey to go to the agency, but I promise you that I will be here some days a week so that we could enjoy our letters! I finish the studies in december, in the beginning of winter honey, that will be a hard month for me, but I hope everything will be successfully over by the Christmas and new year:))
my darling, it was very interesting for me to read about your country and the problems you are facing now. Here there are many problems too, and most awful is that the people in power go not care a bit about other people not only the poor, but all other people too.
they steal and earn millions, but they don't care that the level of living here in this country is a lot lower that in other countries,
when the families literally fight for living to be able to feel the kids. But I had a very happy childhood though, as then life was a lot easier for my parents as the country cared more for its people then when Ukraine was a part of the Soviet Union.
I loved the world in Ukrainian honey, I am very pleased and happy to hear them from you, I am happy that we met each other, my life has become a lot better since that happened:))
I don't want to have any secrets from you my darling , and I will be happy if with time we get to know each other well enough to confide the feelings and thoughts that are stored at the bottom of our hearts. Let;s start from the very beginning honey, i would love to tell you about my childhood in this letter.
It was very happy,
thanks to my parents. They brought me up in a very decent way. I got the best education the girl can dream about. I went to the kindergarten first, there I had lots friends. Some of them are still in my life. We were friends then and we are still friendly now. Then there was my schooling years.
I also went in for sports, dancing, walked with my friends. We were fond of wandering around the city, dropping by to some tiny and cheap cafe,
having a glass of tomato juice with a Sandwich. In fact, there were no hamburgers and coke in this country, and we had to consume those bad sandwiches to make up for that.:)
Those are things that come into my mind when thinking about my childhood.
But the most vivid reminiscences of it come to my head when i think of the summer time, which I used to spend in the country at my granny's place.
Darling, but don't think that I was spending my time with the cows and pigs.
There I I had made my best friends, because we were very close with each other, we spent a lot of time outdoors running barefoot and swimming a lot in the river, stealing the apples from the bad people's yards, helping the grandparents in the garden and just having lots of fun:)
Since then, nature means too much for me. I'm its child, I think.
I enjoy having picnics in the country-side, because it gives me the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful and fresh nature. When I'm out of the noisy city, I carefully try to find the places, where I would like to discover the nature, and there's nothing like walking hand in hand with the one and only man in nature, and together discover all its beauty. I also like fishing, but I'm not patient enough to catch it,
that's why maybe you will help me to catch at least something, I think with you I could be patient enough to wait for a long long time.
:) It would be great to go fishing together, I hope we'll be able to catch at least something being busy with each other. :) How do you like the idea?
What about you honey, do you like nature? You know, lots of people just live in there normal life, walking to there normal work every day,
watching their normal TV-shows every evening. They don't see the nature.
They don't see all the colors and all the animals, and so on. But I do.
I never forget that we are part of it and abusing nature we abuse our future. Darling, I so much dream to visit some parks, the translator doesn't know how to put it in English:) where there are animals and you can watch them without cages. I hate when they are put in cages in the Zoos,
even if the Zoo is clean and beautiful. I am always so sorry about them. :( If I could, I would open the cages and make them all free. And then only, probably, I would think of how to escape from that furious hungry tiger who would be running after the crowd. :)
That's the way I recollect my childhood. It sounds a bit trivial, but it's not like that to me. It means too much and I never tell anybody about it. I hope you will understand me in the way i meant it. I also would like to say that sometimes now, being a grown up, I find myself being a small kid. :) I can be both, as a compromise. But I always choose the right time for being either that or the other. :)
Tell me about your childhood darling . What was it like? It is very important,
because it is because of our past that we are what we are now. I can imagine a picture of you being a small kid. :) You were funny, same as me, right? And you were a very cute child honey, I have the pictures that you sent to me in one of your first letters::)I am too sending you the picture of me when I was about 2, I hope you will enjoy it;)) Once again honey, I am very happy to continue our writing, because we do have lots on common, and you have many of the qualities a man needs to have, from my point of view!
I am happy we met each other!
Waiting for your letter,
And missing you so much:)
Your Nataly
Letter 6

My darling ,
Thank you my darling for your wonderful letters! I enjoyed reading them as always, how happy I am that we manage to communicate this way through the letters and we always find something new and interesting about each other in each new letter that we get and write! My darling, you asked me a question in your last letter, how my friend with a baby was doing. She is doing fine honey, she still tried to combine her studies with bringing the baby up and feeling her little daughter, it is very hard to do sweetheart, but still she manages to do it well as she is a very smart girl. If she had to work, she would have some months vacation to look after the baby, but since she has to finish her education, she cannot leave her studies and has to go along with both things. But the teachers are helpful to her because most of them are women and they understand what it is to bring up a little kid.
Of course i know honey the way you feel about me, still each time you remind me of that i feel so happy and my heart just melts when i think of how special our relations are. :)))
I am so happy you loved my new pictures sweetheart, i am sending to you another one today, i hope you like it too:)) I was thinking about you while doing them honey, what can be better than pose for your man:))
Today my darling is another day of rainy weather for Lugansk, and I had many troubles moving in the city today. First is that my shoes seem to have little holes in them and as I step into a puddle they allow water to ********* inside and after i walk for more than five minutes, I feel that my shoes are filled with water and it even makes the unpleasant sounds inside my shoes:)) It is a lot of fun to walk and to listen to that 'music':) The second is that i believe the drivers of Lugansk are very egoistic and impolite people as they drive very quickly and when there are puddles and you are standing by the road and waiting to cross it, they rash just by your nose and you are all wet with the ***** water! I felt so crazy today when one car rushed by and now i am not only wet but ***** as well:(( It is terrible why people care only about themselves in this world honey? It's a rhetorical questions I believe and you do not really have to answer it if you do not know the answer:) But if you do I will be happy to listen:) I have always thought, they are driving their cars, it is warm and dry there, while the poeple who are crossing the roads have to cope with the puddles, with the rain and the wind, so is it that hard to drive lower speed not to harm the people? I will never understand such thing perhaps as i was just raised by very kind people and I always try to help people even if they are strangers. I would never sit in the bus if i see an old lady or man or a women with the child standing in the crowd! If someone drops something in the street i will never pass it by as i can't be indifferent and i try to tell that person about that!
I always try to be very helpful to my friends at the uni as not everyone manages to do as good as I do and I am always eager to explain something or give my copybook to copy those things. Not everyone is like that in return of course, people very often forget about kind things you do to them, and answer you with the contrary. I once gave my homework to one of the groupmates and she did copy it from me, word for word, although i did ask her to take only the main but change the rest. So as a result after the teacher checked our works, she noticed that we had two identical works and asked who copied it. That girl i gave it to just kept silence, so we both had bad marks for that. I got so angry at first, but then i realized that there is no need for any kind of quarrels, i just need to make the conclusion that this person I cannot trust, it is more valuable than any quarrels, when you get to know what each person that surrounds you is worth of.
Sometimes i feel bad because of such situations, but on the whole they make life like a challenge, and more wonderful it is when you meet true genuine people on your way! I think i am a lucky person in that,
i am surrounded with honest and loving people mostly and try to somehow feel and use my intuition whether i can trust this or that person or not. It also helped me to see you out of so many people honey and that makes our relationship so precious to me!
Well honey, i am sorry I need to finish my letter now. I could go on and on, but my shoes seem to be warm at last, and i need to go back into the rain for them to be wet again, not much fun, but I talked to you and that makes me happy:))
My kisses to you honey, it was so wonderful to talk to you before the weekend, I am missing you and you know that I am always thinking of you!
Your girl Nataly
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Letter 7

My dearest ,
Hello my sweetheart, I am so happy to be talking to you today! My darling, I am sure you will be happy to learn that I am now at the agency in person, writing this letter to you! This is such a big step for me, today is only the second day i dared to go out, but you can t imagine what it means to me, to sit here at the agency and talk to you, as in the good old days! I want to believe things are coming back to normal, i feel pretty good and it has only been about three or four days that i feel this way. When I woke up the first day and felt that there were more strength in my body than the day before, I was so happy, that I was about to do all the work around the house, I wanted to cook something for my family, to do something for the people who have supported myself so much during my illness! Of course darling, when i started doing what i had planned, I realized that my Napoleon's plans were not to be realized:)) I just had no forces for that. But it was good already, that i did at least something around the house, in this way, very gradually, i will be coming back to normal life.
Yesterday i also made the first step forward, i went to the shop by my place and managed to buy the things we needed for dinner. that was quite a deed for me honey, both physically, because I had to stand in the long queues, and mentally, because after so many days of being locked and not visiting the shops, I felt I was too far from civilization and when i opened the door of the shop, i felt I was lost, there were so many things to buy, so many goods, that i thought I needed everything at once:)) So I was standing for a few minutes at the shop just looking at the people, only after these moments I realized that i didn't need most of the things I saw and then only I managed to come back to real life and I bought only those products i needed:)) But it was funny, i felt I came from some jungle to some city of goods and products:))
Honey, my mother's name is Elena, my father;s name is Sergey and my granny's name is Raya. Thank you for giving me the names of your family, they all are such good people, i am sure they are going to become my family too when i am away from mine! Fortunately no one but me got sick this winter, I believe I just worked too hard, so my body just didn't stand such hard work and I got that weak.
I am so happy that you are learning Russian honey, the thing is that it is a very difficult language to learn, but I do appreciate your efforts and i am thinking of spending time on learning English as I too want to do something for our future!
I believe I am going through some after illness shock darling , when little by little I come back to normal life and I get back my confidence and my skills. Tomorrow will be the first day I will visit the university honey, to talk to the dean in person about the exams schedule, I will also have to see the teachers to ask them any questions I might have, but I have studies for these exams for so long, that i think i ran short of questions, so much i have read and so well i think i know the subjects, but of course there is still lots of things to ask, so tomorrow will be a busy day for me! I am so happy about it honey! It seems life has started for me, i feel this way, as if my imprisonment has finished and i have lots of energy to do things I regularly did, but I realize that i need to still be patient,
because it is better to be patient than to be in a hurry and then be sick again!
I have been missing you so much since last time I talked to you,
maybe this is spring influences my mind, I must confess to you honey that you are the one who occupies all my thoughts and feelings now. If it was not for my exams, i would spend days writing letters to you, but I need to focus somehow on the things to learn and revise, so your letters are the huge rewards for me after the work I do:))
So how have you been there my sweetheart, I hope that you had a nice weekend! I must confess to you honey, i have troubles now falling asleep, I think it is because I lack some fresh air, being for so long at home or at the hospital has influenced my sleeping. But honey,
there is also one more reason for that, i like so much to dream about you when i go to bed! I have so many thoughts on my mind when i go to bed that i just can't fall asleep immediately, you know, it sometimes happens when you have something to think about. When it so happens, i always try not to think about any problems that there are in my life but think of something very pleasant, like the sea of the ocean or our meeting my darling:)) My favorite thoughts are the combination of these two things actually, I love dreaming about you holding me tight and I can feel the warm waves which are pleasantly washing my body, i feel like i am a little girl in the cradle and you are taking care of me:))
Honey it may seem strange but this feeling that I am a little girl is sometimes visiting me, maybe because I need your strong shoulder to lean to, then I will feel protected and cared for. There are some people who can be very independent in life, they live till their forties without thinking about a family or kids or the warmth of the family fire. But I am not like that, I have always known that i am not able to live alone as I need to care for someone and know that someone is caring for me. It is so hard to do everything by myself. Still i am more than sure that when we are together and you need for example to go somewhere for your job, and I have to stay at home, i will accept it very easily, i will miss you of course, but I will not feel lonely because I know it is only for the time being and you will be back. I will always find the things to engage myself with and not be bored without you, but I will always think of you and with this thought I will feel happy.
What I mean that i am not very independent is that I realize that i do need the other person to make myself complete, I need the feeling that i am not lonely and that you are there for me, I need the care and love like a flower needs the water to glow and not fade away. I feel that if there is love in my heart, i am ready and able to do everything and it will be best what i have ever done before, just because I need that special someone who can be my inspiration and my guardian angel, otherwise i will feel empty and lonesome, such a person I am. Very sensitive and very giving but at the same time very demanding. I do not demand a lot, i only demand that there is mutual LOVE in our relations honey,
then I will be happy and do not need anything else to feel that way.
Honey please let me know if you understand what i wanted to tell you and what i really meant, will you be able to cope with such a demanding monster:) I will never demand any diamonds from you honey,
the greatest treasure that you can give me is your love and care, are you ready for that? :))
Sweetheart, i am so happy that I managed to talk to you today, i am happy that I got my portion of love from your letters and i managed to give you my portion of love through my e-mail:))
I am wishing you a happy week, know that i dream of you despite the fact that you do not let me fall asleep:)) But I can't help myself:))
I am sure i will be visiting the agency again this week, despite the exams that there might be, but I can't deprive myself of this pleasure to talk to you, my darling :))
I am sending to you all my love and lots of kisses!
Your girl Nataly
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Letter 8

My dear ,
I am very much sorry for my long silence, I am writing to you this letter from the hospital again. I am really frustrated to tell you this, but I have to, i suddenly got worse and started coughing again,
that was really terrible and I still refuse to realize that i am sick again with the same symptoms! The doctors gathered a meeting and decided to send the results of the tests that they made once again to Kiev for the more precise information. I don't know what they come up with now, i just feel a lot worse and very weak, just as it was in the beginning! I don't really know what to do, i need to know what is going on with me! I will tell you as soon as there are some news, i know that you are very much worried about me too!
I will let you know as soon as I know! But now this nightmare is going on! I hate being at the hospital, but there is nothing else I can do honey, I need to get the new results now to know what is going on with my health!
Your girl Nataly
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Letter 9

This is the message from the Faraway Bride agency. You are corresponding with the member of our agency Natasha Kossova. You have had the chance to know each other better using the free service "the ten letters free acquaintance", which lets the people know as much as possible about the person they have chosen to correspond with, as soon as it is over some of the partners have to pay for our service for translations and sending the letters via the Internet, for scanning the pictures and printing them out,
etc). As far as you understand we suggest the gentleman to pay it first,
because we know that it is not easy for our members, they are all young ladies and mostly don't earn the money themselves. Your ten letters free correspondence is over, so we suggest you to think over your relations with Natasha and to decide whether you want to continue them or not. Now you know the lady that you have chosen to correspond with better and you can make a decision. On her side, she is very interested in you and your relations.
If you want to know more information about our services, you are welcome to write to We will be glad to answer all of your questions and we are open for cooperation.
Best wishes,
Manager of the agency
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