Scam letter(s) from Anna Pavlovskaya to Graham (UK)

Letter 1

My name is Anna!!
I am very glad to get a letter from you. So, how are you? I hope all is fine.
May be you wonder why I have chosen your country, I don't know why, may be because I am disappointed with Russian men and I decided to find my happiness at another place.
It seems to me that you are a very good and interesting person, and I would like to know you better. I have never been in your country but I have heard a lot of it and I would like to know more about it. It my first time when I use the Internet to get acquainted with somebody. I know the English language not so well, but I hope, that you can understand me.
I will write you a little about myself. I am 29 years old, my growth is 172, my weight is 52
I have blonde hair and green eyes. I am Orthodox.
I live in Russia, cheboksary. It is not the big city, but it is very beautiful and cozy. I like to walk on its streets, there are a lot of cinemas, parks here and cafes here. I love sports, i am fond of aerobics and I like very much to meet with my friends when I have free time, but, unfortunately, i have not a lot of spare time,
as I work much. Sometimes we go together on picnics. And do you love the nature? As for me, I like an active way of life, I like to be cheerful and open, and I like fair, kind, sincere people, that you for some reason seem to me such, therefore I have decided to write to you. I want very much to learn about you more. Tell to me please something about you. I shall be very glad. Where do you live?
Than you are engaged? All will be interesting to me.
I am not engaged but I would like to find my love.
Tell me about your city, your interests.
Your new friend, mailto:
Letter 2

My dear and loved Graham I am very glad that you are ready to help me!!
My favourite my address it
Country Russia
City Cheboksary
Street Sovetskaya
The house 5 apartment 13!!
Mine full name Anna Pavlovskaya!!
My dear I very strongly love you and I do not want you to lose and I ask you to not take offence at me!!
My dear I cannot write to you two or three days because I leave to my parents to see them!!
I love you!!
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