Scam letter(s) from Nadezhda Saveleva to Tom (Australia)

Letter 1
Hello Tom,
I have received your letter and glad to reply.
My name is Nadejda. I would like to tell you a bit about myself.
I am 29 years old. I am 168 cm tall and my weight is 50 kg. I live in town Ufa , Russia, about 1500 km from Moscow. I work as a designer at the company named "Design plus". My job is to create an original design for home apartments and offices of different companies. They say that I am good at this. I like my job very much because it's never boring, interesting and creative.
What am I looking in the Internet? I would love to find a nice man with the good sense of humor and open heart for a long relations. I believe in absolute honesty, fidelity, trust, positive dialogue, and diligence. I think that man and woman are equal partners in a marriage, and there is only one reason for divorce - when one starts to tell not truth.
I am lonely woman who searches the satellite. With whom I can grow fond, and who will grow fond of me.
I do not need the man with whom I could live only, I search for the man without whom I could not live, it is my dream! What about you, what are you looking for?
I am Christian, and I would like to meet goodhearted, fair, courageous, careful, intelligent, gentle and hardworking man.
I think that man should be the getter and the defender in the family.
Woman should be always near to her husband, together they should be a team. They should do all together, to go out somewhere, go shopping or visit friends. They should do all this together, as one family. I am ready to move to other country, if I will meet the right man, who knows how to express his feelings and thoughts, who can become my husband, friend, assistant and the partner on a vital way.
Who trusts in sanctity of a marriage and family.
As for my character, they say that I'm kind, generous, tender, and sentimental. I love children, animals, nature. My hobbies are: sport (mostly fitness and swimming), dancing, cooking, watching good movies and reading magazines. I like to hear easy music, cinema, look alive concerts.
I'm sending you my photo, hope you like it, don't you?
That's my little story, it's your turn to tell me something about you. What are your hobbies, interests? You may tell me about your job if you like. We have so mach to discuss.
Letter 2
Hi my dear Tom!!
I very much to worry. Where you, why do not write?
I to wait for your letter.
Letter 3
Hello my lovely Tom,
It's so warm today. I really like warm weather, don't know why. Maybe because I live in northern part of planet and there are a lot of snow and winter is taking a half of the year.
I feel myself great when I read your e-mails.
I'm just fine, seems to be pretty busy with my job, but I'll always have enough time for you. :) Yesterday we had a rain, real autumn rain! It was in the evening and I felt myself a little bit tired but after such rain all air was so fresh that I become to feel myself better and went to walk with Natasha, and after had a great supper with my granddaddy. We talked with him a lot and I said some things about you and your life so far. I so wanted yesterday evening you were with me and we can be together all the day and talk with my grandfather and have a tasty dinner I prepair for you. Do you know how I want all this things to happen.. I really want it and I think one day I'll meet you. And you? How did you spent your day? What was your dinner? Did you thought about me?
My plans about evening are quite simple. I have training today and then I'll relax at the bath with some interesting book.
I will stop here, don't feel good I don't know why.
Please take care and be good.
With many kisses
Yours, Nadezhda
Letter 4

Dear Tom,
How are you???? I am well and now I am writing my letter to you.
Nothing special was at my work. I work as usual and no meetings and no business deals and new contracts, however we have a lot of job for end of year and I try to make it all in time. I so like that I do what I like. I think not many people can say that they like their job. A lot of them work for money and they don't like what they do. My opinion that it's wrong. Person can't be successful if he is not on his place. I think that everyone can find their own place in the world, because each person is unique like leaf on the tree. Lui Armstrong said: so many guys tried to make copies of Mona Liza, but people still stand in a long line to see the original. The same is with people, all are different and I can't understand person who try to pretend being someone else.
Oh yes, I almost forgot to say about opera, it was nice and expressive. Though I don't know Italian, I understood the main sense. I didn't sleep there, I swear :))
I wish you could see me in my decollete cocktail dress!
Okay, I will better stop here.. :) I hope to hear from you soon and I'll be waiting any news from you.. I miss you and it's so nice that I can write you and can get your letters. I hope that one day we'll meet each other and will care about each other for all our lifes. Maybe it's just a dream but I think it's possible, if we both want it! I wish you have a bright warm day and all the best..
Today I went to an advice in travel agency.
I to find out the information on arrival to you.
The love mine it is awfully expensive.
Package of the documents necessary for arrival to you.
The foreign passport is to cost 66 AUD.
The visa 92 AUD, consular tax 42 AUD.
The medical insurance 130 AUD.
Services of travel agency in registration of the documents 196 AUD.
All these documents will be made out during two weeks.
As soon as I to pay these charges all process will go.
And most important and is very expensive.
The ticket from Moscow up to of Australia will cost 1350 AUD.
In total for my arrival it is necessary to pay 1876 AUD.
Love mine I so to be upset because of this information.
It is such large money. I to not have such money.
I to have approximately 200 AUD. But it will not suffice even on registration of the documents.
As I to find out as you can send me money.
I to go in bank and to talk to the manager.
He to say that the best, fast and reliable way to translate money.
It to use bank system Western Union.
For it you need to know only my data. Russia
City Ufa
Street 2 Komsomolskay
The house 36
The case 2
Apartment 46
Nadezhda Saveleva. Love and kisses
Yours, Nadezhda
Letter 5
What right you have me to offend?
I shall copy your letter and to go in police.
In Russia there is such law on which man can punish for the insult.
You will have problems with police.
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