Letter(s) from Marina Biletskaya to Preston (USA)

Letter 1

Good Day dear Preston!!! I was very glad to receive from you the letter. It was interesting to me to learn about you much. I want to tell to you a little about myself. I wrote to you that I live one. But I have mum which lives separately from me. To her now 50 y.o. Her name is Ekaterina. At us with her very much good relations. I try to visit frequently her and to help her. My father has died one and a half years ago. He has got in auotocrash. But I do not like to speak on this theme because I loved the father and it is hard for me to realize that him now is not present near to me. At me very good mum but I cannot live with her because to us hardly to live in one flat. I work much and I come very much late from work when mum already sleeps. She already in advanced age. And consequently I try to care of her. Though I also live separately from her I try to help her at leisure. As I already wrote to you I work at school as the teacher. I the teacher of Russian. At me it is a lot of pupils approximately 190. At me heavy work. I work for 10-12 hours per day and consequently I strongly get tired. I want to ask for you a pardon for that that I cannot answer you at once as you write me. Because I go to the Internet of cafe of times in day and at me is a little bit time to write to you the letter. Especially at us it costs dearly. I cannot dare to spend in the Internet of cafe in day of no more than 30 minutes. Usually I come here since morning and I write you the letter with good mood. I want to tell to you that besides my work at me many hobbies. I very much like to prepare. Though I do not have on it a lot of time I usually I arrange to itself a holiday in the days off and I like to prepare that something especial. And that you like most of all. I have in view of what you like to eat? I very much love a spaghetti with cheese and still I like to prepare for the present Russian pies. But you not think that I of them every day I always watch the figure. I very much would like to learn more about you. At me favourite color pink and at you? I want to learn that you like. For example that you like to read to watch TV or have a rest with friends. Tell to me more about yourself because you are very interesting to me as the man and I feel that we shall find with you much in common.I hope on serious relationship between us in the future and i will try to do everything to create such a relationship. Your new Russian girlfriend! Katya!!!

Letter 2

Hi my name is Katya. I am very glad to receive from you the letter. To me of 26 years of an old age. I want to tell to you that I live in Russia. I have girlfriend which has got acquainted through the Internet with the foreigner which lives in the USA. Now she live with him. She has registered me on a siteI in perfection talk in English. But a little badly I write. I very for a long time searched for second half and my girlfriend has advised me to find the love through the Internet. I want to tell to you a little about myself. I live and work in the large city Zvenigovo. This place in the middle of our country. I have finished pedagogical institute and now I work as the teacher at school. I love the work because I love children and I work with children. I do not have children but I very much would want to have children sometime. I was never married. In our country it is very hard to find good the man for serious relations. In our country the majority of men alcoholics and gangsters. And they are not capable to appreciate women. They consider that women are necessary to be housewives only. They would want that we prepared houses were cleaned and gave birth to children. I decided to find the love through the Internet. I know that men which live abroad not such which live in Russia. I want to find the love and to light to her all life. I want to find second half. I now that men not from Russia are accurater with women, than the Russian men. For me they are more serious and are affable. I wish to learn more about you about your work the house and a life. I too shall tell to you about all gradually. I would like to learn about that that you like and about that that you do not like. I want to learn you.I search serious relations. I hope that you treat to me seriously. I want to tell to you that I do not like to play game and consequently I really want to find the love. I want tell to you that I cannot to write to you every day. Because I do not have computer of a house. I go to the Internet of cafe and I write you. I do not have opportunity to go to the Internet of cafe some times in day. But I shall try to write to you every day. We in the country very dearly have Internet. At present I cannot allow to buy to myself a computer and to establish houses phone. I live alone in the flat that i rent. At us very expensive flat. Therefore I cannot buy to myself an flat or a house. I cannot put to myself home a computer and phone because I practical spend all time on work and I am at home only in the evening. At us very criminal city and very much frequently is plundered with flats. I am afraid that can plunder my flat and consequently I do not fix a house these things. I want to tell to you that I very open and direct person. I always speak the truth. I would want that you knew it. I hope that I have not tired you with the letter. I shall be glad to receive from you the letter. I shall necessarily answer you if you will write to me. I shall wait for your letter. Your new friend from Russia Katya!!!

Letter 3

Hello, my dear Preston!!! It?s very nice to get a message from you. I was thinking of you all this day and it was interesting for me if you will write a letter for me. And when I saw your letter I felt very happy. It?s pleasant for me that you write to me; it means for me that you are interested in me. I am serious about our correspondence and hope that you are too. I think that our correspondence allows us to be closer to each other and hope that it will continue. I will try to tell all about me and my views on life in my letters to let you know as much about me as it possible. In this letter I?d like to tell what I?m looking for and what I appreciate in a man. I?d like you to know that the age is not important for me. Sometimes people are together when the difference in age is more than15 years and I believe that we will not have such a problem and everything will be fine. I think that the main things in relationship between man and woman are trust and respect. On these quality a serious relationship is built. I also know that without any feelings there is no any relationship. I?m adult and clever enough to think that a real sense can not be born out of letters and through the correspondence. That is why I think that if we want to have a serious relationship and we will want to have a real sense our correspondence will not enough. And we will have to think about our meeting because I think a man can know enough another man only when they communicate in real life. But now it is too early to talk about meeting. At first we have to know each other fully through our correspondence to escape any problems when we will meet in real life. I also want you to know that money is not an important thing for me. I?m not seeking for a rich man, I don?t have an aim to have a lot of money because a lot of different problems and disagreement take place because of them. It is more important for me to find a real understanding and a soul that will be close to me because I want to have a happy family in future and to have children. The dream of my life is to have a daughter. I also want to tell that I will try to do everything for my lovely man to make him happy with me. I?d like you to know some of my treats of character. I?m very sensitive, communicate, kind, care and loving person. I have a sense of humor and like when people have it too. I?m emotional and I can?t be silent when I see any injustice. I like to take my opinion and sometimes I argue with people. I didn?t that it will be so difficult to write about myself and I will write more about it in my following letters. If you want to ask me some questions, please, feel free and ask me everything you want to know. I will answer with great pleasure. I also want to know want do you think about relationship through the Internet and do you believe that it is possible to find a second half through the Internet? If it is not problem for you I?d like to know about your relationship in your last experience. I hope my questions will not make a problem to you and you will answer them.I wish you to have a good day. I?m very glad that I have met you on network. I?m waiting for your letter with impatience. New friend Katya!!!

Letter 4

Hello my dear Preston! I was very glad to receive your letter. I am glad to that you write me. I think that with each letter we become closer. When i see your letter to me become better. When I receive your letter I re-read it on several times. I like your letters. Now I start to trust in that that relations through the Internet are possible. It is first time in my life when I write the letter through the Internet to the man. I hope that it will be in first and last time. I hope for that that we with you the correspondence will result us in serious relations. I want to tell to you that many men wrote to me. I want that you knew the truth. But when I began to read your letters I have understood that you whom I search for all my live. In your letters I have understood that you such gentle and good men. To me very much to like to read your letters. I every day with impatience wait for your letters. I want to tell to you that I was at my mum yesterday. I try to go to her as it is possible more often. I helped her yesterday at home. I want to tell to you that I love my mum. I talked to her yesterday and have told about that that I have got acquainted with you through the Internet. I have told to her a little about you and she has told to me that she will be very glad if we with you shall be together. But my mum has told to me that she does not trust in that that it is possible to create serious relations through the Internet. She has told to me that serious relations can be under construction only at personal meeting. But I have explained to her that if we with you will have serious relations that at us it will be necessary personal meeting and and we can discuss it with each other. I hope that you will not take offence at me for that that I have told to mum about you. I want to be sincere before you and I do not want to tell lies to you. I am so happy that I communicate with you and I would like to talk about it to mum. My mom often says to me that it is time for me to find a second half and to create a family. I think that you can have idea why I have not met a man of my dream yet. I know that I am beautiful woman, I was told about it a lot of times. But I want to explain it to you so that you could see everything as I see it myself. Living here, in Russia, and based on my own experience I understood that this country is not for me. I'll try to explain my opinion to you. Every time when I go out in the street, when I am at the public transport I see at people, at their faces, eyes, I try to realize what they are thinking about and I become sad because I see in their eyes and faces only sadness. And for the last time I seldom see happy people with a good mood. I also communicate with the women who are marriage. And they talk how it is difficult to live in marriage because of the great number of problems. I wrote to you about that that I have girlfriend which has married the American. She spoke me about that that she had absolutely other life. I know that in your country much more than good people than here in Russia. These and some of another reasons made me to look for a man through the Internet. A great role in my life played my last relationship with men. I had some relation with men but only 2 of them were serious. The first one was at the University and I do not want to tell about it. And I want you to know about the last my serious relation. I met him when I was nearly 22 y. o. We had a very beautiful love story at the beginning; it seemed to me that I loved him. He had a good job and he paid a lot of attention to it. I liked it first, his salary was high. We had a really serious relation; we even lived for some weeks together. But I began to notice that he is not so attentive to me as he is to his work. I understand that his work is more important for him that I. He used me as a thing to spend time, to have a rest after work. But all his thoughts were about work. He wanted to make a good career and he did not want to have even children while he does not get any goals. I understood that he is not for me, our interests in life were different and we decided to leave. But I do not want to tell that all men in Russia are bad and that it is impossible to find a man in Russia, but I understood that I do not want to live in Russia and to create a family with Russian man. I talked to my mom about it and tried to explain her everything. She did not understand me at the beginning, but now she is agree with me. In this letter I have told much to you but I hope that you are not tired from my letter. I want to be open before you. I do not want to hide from you anything. I hope that you will understand me. I shall wait the following letter from you.

Letter 5

Hello, my sweet Preston! It?s nice to get a message from you. Your letters always make me happy. I am very glad that I have met you. Every of our letters make us closer to each other and it is very important for me. In general, I understood that relation with you is very important for me and I think you are the man I dreamed about so long. Honey, it?s a pity that we are so far from each other but I hope that one day we will be able to be together. I think that if we meet one day it will be one of the happiest days in my life. My dear, I thought a lot about the meeting with you and I?d like it to be as fast as it possible. I?d like to know what do you think about our meeting. My sweaty, I?m sorry that I can?t write a long letter to you and may I haven?t answer some of your questions, but I had a very hard working day and I?m very tired. Simply the thought about our meeting didn?t leave me during all day and I wanted you to know about it. My honey, I?m constantly thinking of you and I hope that you are really serious about me and our relation. Yurs Katya!!!

Letter 6

Hello my dear! I was very glad to receive from you the letter. You cannot imagine at all as I am happy to receive your letters. With each our letter my relations to you become more serious. Lovely my birthday was on November, 14. I a scorpion. I am very much upset with that that we are too far apart from each other. You at all do not imagine to yourself how hardly to not have the man near to my rself. When I come home I feel badly. Because you are not present near to me. I very much get tired on work. I come tired home. And me at all nobody with whom to talk. Only when I come in the Internet of cafe and I see your letters to me to become more better. I feel your care and kindness out of your letters. I want to tell you thank you very much. I want to tell to you that I think of you much and I can not dismiss the ideas. I want that you knew that I the direct person and I always speak the truth. My dear, I want to tell to you that sometimes it is impossible to tell everything in our letters even if we want it very much. I think that even if we will correspond a month, two months or more I think we will know each other not more than we need. My dear, I want to be sincere with you because I am really honest. I want you to know that I am serious very much to you and our relation. And because of it I want to tell you that I do not want our relation to be only Internet correspondence. I talked you about myself as much as I could. And with every of my letter I tried to tell you more to become you closer to me and to make you to know better me. I began to write to you not with the aim to have a correspondence but with the aim to find a right person for myself, to meet with you and to get marriage with you. But so serious questions we can discuss only in real meeting, I think you are agree with me. I want you to think that may be I am really those whom you were looking for and you are those whom I was looking for. Perhaps some days which we will spend together will solve our destiny. And that is why, my honey, I want you to solve for yourself what do you want: to continue the correspondence or to meet at the nearest future. The choice is for you. From my side I want you to know that if I have an opportunity I will buy tickets to you and will arrive to you . All that I have told to you in this letter these are words of my heart. I want that you knew that my heart belongs to you. I with impatience shall wait for your letter. Your Katya.

Letter 7

Hello my dear! I was very glad to receive your letter. I want to tell that I have understood your opinion about that that we could meet whith you. I want to tell to you that happens such that I cannot write to you every day. Because I have a lot of work. But I all time think of you and I want to tell to you that I do not present myself without you. You to me became very much the close person. I every day and every night think of you. Yesterday I could not fall asleep I all the night long thought of you. For this time I have understood much and I want to tell to you that I want to be with you. I want that we have met you. I want that we with you a meeting has taken place. I cannot live without you. I want to tell to you that I want to take holiday on work. I already talked to my chief on work and she has told to me that I can take holiday. I want to tell to you that to me very much would be desirable to meet you in the holiday if you not against. My holiday to be prolonged approximately 1 months. For this time we could learn each other absolute. I very seriously treat you. Ours with you of the relation this most important for me now. I dream of our meeting. I want to be with you. You in my heart for ever. I want to know your opinion about that that I have told to you. If you not against it that I would like to plan my trip to you. If we shall prepare for our meeting that to me all your data are necessary. It is your full address in the form (the Country, city, street, the house and the postal index) your telephone number with a code of the country and city. I shall try to cause you by phone and to speak with you. Also inform if you know the nearest international airport to the city. These data will be necessary for preparation of my trip. I beforehand thank you. I hope soon to write to you. I give one thousand kisses to you.
Your Katya.

Letter 8

Hi Preston!!!At us cold weather. In the street everyone go in warm clothes. At me good news to both of us. I went in travel-agency. And I have reserved the ticket for December, 1st. I have given all necessary documents in travel-agency. I am glad to this!!! You are glad to this! Mine Preston now I can visit you. To me have told that the urgent visa, a return ticket, the passport, the insurance and services of agency with which I has concluded the contract to cost 1400$. I have been surprised in such cost.To me have told, that I shall receive the visa and tickets in Moscow in embassy.I do not have so much money. At me is 600$.Me to not satisfy 800$. I want that you to me have helped to pay my trip to you. I can hope for your help? Write to me what weather at you! I shall prepare for necessary clothes. To me gave listing my flight. You can read at the end of the letter. I wait for your letter, yours Katya!!!

Start: MOSCOW 14:20 on December, 1st 2006
Arrival: LOS ANGELES 16:30 on December, 1st 2006
Flight: SU 321, the plane: Boeing 767-300/300ER
Start: LOS ANGELES 19:08 on December, 1st 2006
Arrival: SAN FRANCISCO 20:29 on December, 1st 2006
Flight: UA 1172, the plane: Boeing 737-500

Start: SAN FRANCISCO 07:30 on January, 1st 2007
Arrival: NEW YORK 15:55 on January, 1st 2007
Flight: AS 6084, the plane: 752
Start: NEW YORK 17:45 on January, 1st 2007
Arrival: MOSCOW 11:05 on January, 2nd 2007
Flight: SU 318, the plane: Boeing 767-300/300ER

Letter 9

My greetings dear Preston!!! It is very a pity to Me, that I could not phone to you!! I very much wished to talk to you. I shall necessarily try to call to you. The darling you probably read my letter and know, that at me small problems with flight to you. Me to not suffice 800 $. I any more do not know at whom to me to ask such sum. I to occupy from the friends to money and more I have nobody to ask. I hope for your help. To me any more to whom to address. I am very glad, that at you all is good. I wish to congratulate you on day of gratitude!!! I wish your of good luck!! I thank you that you are at me!!! Dear till December, 1st there is not enough time and I do not know that to me to make. I am very upset. I do not know, that to me to make. In agency I have told, that I shall find money, but now I start to understand, that I can not find. From this to me it is very bad. To me it is insulting up to tears, that I in such position, but am the fact! The darling, my time comes to an end. It is time to me to go. I shall write to you tomorrow. I shall wait from you for the letter!!
Kiss you!!
Yours Katya!!!

P.s. I wish to lead to you well holiday

Letter 10

My greetings dear Preston!!! I to understand, that you to want me to help. LOVELY, can be to me change date of my flight? I can change for another. It seems to me, that we shall not have time till December, 1. I very much want to meet you!! You became me very dear person. When I tried to write through the Internet I thought, that I shall not find to myself the future husband. I am very glad, that have met you!!! My mum sends the regards to you. She speaks, that I have very strongly changed when have met you!! I began more cheerful!!! Lovely I very much suffer for our meeting with you. When I to fly to you I do not know what to tell to you.. I shall simply embrace you and I shall not let off.. I want to tell to you, that I love you!!! I think, that the love exists... It is my first experience of letters through the Internet... If I correctly write something be angry with me. Loved, I am very happy, that have found you!!! I speak everything, that I have guy. Me would ask that I have shown them you. I have told, that I write to you through the Internet. They are dared and speak, that it is not real... I am not offended on them for it... I simply do not want to explain them our relations... They that do not understand... My friends on work simply all married also cannot understand me. I was disappointed in men in Russia. I would not like to live here... My mum completely supports me. She wishs me of good luck with you!!!! My time comes to an end to me it is time to go. I shall write to you tomorrow.

Letter 11

Hi loved! Today at night I saw you in the dream! It was a beach, between us there was a big distance and we went towards each other! It was long time, but the distance between us did not decrease. Then we have run towards each other. And distance between us the beginning to be reduced. Cool waves gently touched mine a foot, there was a wonderful feeling! We had long both passionate embraces and kisses! When I have woken up you was not close, on your place there was a pillow.!!!! I very much was upset!!!!!! How are you? I hope you have good mood and your health are at height! I feel well and which I saw dream does of me happy this lonely day. And ideas about you always will help to relax in most difficult times. You give to me confidence of life. To my greatest regret I should finish the letter. I give you the heart and I will be sure that it perfectly safe, Because it is in your strong and reliable hands. Yours Katya!!

I changed today tickets to you. Here my new flight to you.

Start: MOSCOW 14:20 on December, 9th 2006
Arrival: LOS ANGELES 16:30 on December, 9th 2006
Flight: SU 321, the plane: Boeing 767-300/300ER
Start: LOS ANGELES 19:25 on December, 9th 2006
Arrival: SAN FRANCISCO 20:45 on December, 9th 2006
Flight: F9 11, the plane: Airbus Industrie A319

Start: SAN FRANCISCO 07:30 on January, 9th 2007
Arrival: NEW YORK 15:55 on January, 9th 2007
Flight: AS 6084, the plane: 752
Start: NEW YORK 17:45 on January, 9th 2007
Arrival: MOSCOW 11:05 on January, 10th 2007
Flight: SU 316, the plane: Boeing 767-300/300ER

Letter 12

Hello my honey Preston! I am very happy to receive your letter. How your days off have passed? I hope, that at you all is good. The darling, I not against to meet your friends. I shall be glad to everything, that you will make. I wish to see all places which you to me will show!! Each time when I read your letter I feel, that it brings me Closer to you. I much think and I dream of our future. I can not wait that day when we can meet each other. I can not wait day, when we can have the first conversation, ours first Embrace, and our first kiss together. This day we shall remember all The life. I want to inform you honourly, that I never felt so much a lot of by love in my life. I know, that I can trust you, respect you and that you Always will be with me. You that which man the god has created for me. That I have shared with you the life. I love you my prince. Your Katya.

Letter 13

My honey Preston! Thank for the very pleasant letter.I very much grieve without you as. Each day I go in Internet of cafe with By one desire to see your letter. Lovely to me very much very much very much!!! To like when you shortly a hairstyle. I love these photos!!!!!! I go along the street and I dream of you.I want to look in your eyes and to feel your strong shoulder close To mine.Preston You have changed all life for me.I long time lived without a definite purpose. All days mixed up together and All was very monotonous. I lived from one day up to another.That did not suffice to me to whom. Now I know that it were you.I am very grateful to you for it. You have grasped my heart, my opinion, mine Soul. When we shall be together my life my love will be devoted to you.I think I must tell you bye for now... I'll be keeping you in my mind all the time... I send you my tender kiss and tight embrace... Your Katya.

Letter 14

Greetings my love Preston!!! I understand your position. Do not worry favourite to me it is very a pity, that I have put you in such awkward situation. I feel guilty that now occurs. The DARLING as your business? Than you are engaged now. I weigh day today I go shopping. My mum asked me to purchase to her products. It is very pleasant to me to help my mum. The DARLING, I very much miss on you as. I very much wish to be with you!! You became the most dear person for me. I always thought of us. I represented as in the future we with you we live together we bring up our children. I try to present as our children will look. I very much want this. The darling send the regards to mum from me. My time comes to an end. I shall write to you tomorrow. Kiss you!!!
Yours Katya!!!

Letter 15

I love you!!!

Letter 16

Hi my love!!! How are you? I love you! I see your smile and it makes me so by a happy internal part! I like to dream of us with you. I am a person of dreams. I live on dreams. I dream about The future with you. My sun raises also sets on dreams. Dreams - all I Have left for lifes. I live during the future. The future of miracles and pleasures! I hope, that I can live to your expectations, I - only the person. I always shall be kind and gentle, But I - only the person who loves you!!! You - the most fine, that are at me in life. I have found the happiness, and more than nothing it is necessary for me.
I love you!!!I love you!!! I love you!!!
Yours Katya!!!

Letter 17

Greetings my love!!!! I am very happy to receive your letter!! To me it is very pleasant, that soon my dream will be carried out also I shall see the love!!! I love you!! I wish to be with you!! I shall take all necessary things with myself. The darling I today went to bank and to find out as you can help me. The worker of bank has told to me, that there is a system of remittances she refers to Western Union. It is the most safe system of remittances. Loved for what you could make to me transfer to you it is necessary to know my data. My passport now is in Moscow and I cannot receive from you transfer. I asked about the help of my tourist agent and he agrees to help to receive your transfer. We together shall go in Western Union and we shall receive your transfer. After that I shall pay my trip. For what you could send transfer into my tourist agent to you it is necessary to know his data.

Here his data:
Full name Igor Yurkov
The country Russia
City Zvenigovo
Street Gavrilova
The house 23
Apartment 15

For that we with the agent could receive your transfer to us it would be necessary to know your data. I already know them. It not a problem. The darling it is necessary to know your full name and a surname. The worker of bank has told, that I also should know number of transfer he refers to MTCN (10 figures). The darling I hope, that you have understood all. I shall wait from you for the letter. With love Katya!!!

P.S. I love you!!