Scam letter(s) from Elena to Matti (Finland)

Letter 1
Hello My Dear Matti.. I so lucky that for the sake of me you will arrive in my country, I so want you to see. Now I have little not very good news do you remember I you to write that I need the passport to go in Peter. So here is I go and hear and me to speak that to get the passport this is necessary will approximately 1, 5 months. But I it to speak that me necessary to be already 18 there, but they me to speak that this beside them such an order. Then I cry and want to leave but here one woman to leave along with me and when I leave on street it me to give the telephone a woman who as it has said me to work too in passport division and they her to help to do the urgent passport. I her to ring and it speak that as it work there that as its it can me to help this do, but since it risk it ask for this beside 350 euro. I ask for how much days they will be able to give me passport and it me to say that in 5 days it gets ready.
It ask me I agree or no, and I speak that yes agree. Since remember that you speak that want to pay expenses that I go to you so I only agree. Beside my parents I can not ask since they all that get this beside 260 euro at month and if they pay that it not on that will buy meal. But since you write that want to pay expenses I agree. This splendid truth that I get acquainted that woman? Now I will be able to arrive in Peter and we finally-that meet. This so beautifully my love we finally-that will be able to be two together.
Oh Yes and else that woman to speak that all will orderly be in five days to return the passport but to to that day I get ready finance to wait it not will. If I shall not give her their that it will give on me statement in police for bribe. It speak that this its insurance to not loss a work. But I her to speak that problem no can not and that I shall bring her finance. Here is so me to is necessary will be in five days to bring her 350 euro, here is only I not to know how do so you translation a finance here, you can know as this, I since never with this face and if it is honorred not even know where apply for this. So my Dear Matti to write me answer as possible more soon since is necessary hurry to already in five days I have the passport. And else me much rejoice that you me will meet on station since I previously be not in Peterburg, this will much romantic... :) I so love you What are yuo want that I will bring to yuo as gift? Oh my time is finish bye bye bye and kisses your Lena.
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