Letter(s) from Victoria Dolgusheva to Paul (UK)

Letter 1

Hi paul, my most liked man! Whether you get tired at job? If yes, I am able to do weakening massage. You he very much to like. Fire of passion has lit my heart. She is my best girlfriend!!! Yes, I spoke that she has invited me to wedding??:)
Now agency will begin to prepare the documents according to mine By the contract. Then they will buy to me the tickets and will deliver me to the plane. Be, in my city Medvedevo there is no airport. At first I shall go up to Moscow, and then to you, to mine To the liked man. The information for a route of the plane is necessary to my agent. Write to me, please, as soon as possible address and nearest The airport to you. Is very good, that agency concludes contract on Preparation of all travel. Today I have paid the first part of the money. I did not expect, that from me will take so much money. I expected, that Money will suffice me. Me have informed, that the first payment will cost 950. I was upset. I shall inform you news.

Your girlfriend Vika

Letter 2

My good Paul, hi!
I waited for your message with impatience! Now I only think of you. I always was independent The person. It is very inconvenient for me before you. I would ask for the grandmother, But at her very small pension and her it is necessary to live on this money. I so have strongly miscalculated that before you it is a shame to me. You have helped me, and I know, that a difficult minute I can rely be on you for you As behind a stone wall. Paul, I feel as you wish me. Now I know, That you will take care of me. Today I informed the agent everything, that you to me Have written. The agent expected the staying charges for me. It will be for me 1743 $.
It is very awkward to me to ask you money, even after you have told that will help me if I will have such necessity. I have occupied at my familiar the small sum, but me all the same does not suffice:(you can help me with it??:(
This sum on tickets, road up to the airport, insurance, the custom charges And other obligatory charges. To me informed, that during 7-15 days I need for them to give 1140 $. Please, help to me. To me will speak The agent as you will send them of money. Excuse for yours Unplanned expenses. I give you all myself.

Yours faithfully Vika.

Letter 3

Dear Paul! I test delight when I receive your messages. Paul, lovely, whether I have found out it will be possible to pay it on a credit card! But me have told that the rest of money should be paid by cash, and that they will not accept money from other persons as the contract has been signed for my name then also money they will take only from my hands:(it is bad news???:(:(:(:(I understand that it is the big sum for cash... What will you advise me???
I very much I worry before our meeting. I try to study English more, That it was easier to us to communicate with you. I always dream of you. I think days Up to our meeting. Paul, how at you an affair of a house? I'm fine. Agency Informs the latest news. All goes well. Up to tomorrow, loved! I like. Whole. I embrace. Yours Vika

Letter 4

Yes! We in city have Western union:) to me in agency spoke that it will be the most reasonable reliable and fast way for transfer, I have overlooked to tell to you about it?:) I need approximately 600 pounds. We in Russia use Roubles. I very much would want that you have had time to send this finance today, it would be ideal!!! It for some days will approach day of our meeting which we wait!!!:) but I heard that this translation can occupy even less day, but it is not important, I simply know that it will be very fast!!:-) I would like beforehand will ask you in what day in the best way to fly to you, it would need what to be informed the agent about day of a start and what to finish documents:)
My address is:Russia,republic Marij El,city Medvedevo,street Chavayna 11a,postal index 424038.
My full name is Viktoria Dolgusheva.
I love you much!!!Vika!!

Letter 5

Paul, huge to you thanks for that that you help me. Today I shall not have time to receive this money, from us evening: (I could not come earlier. We with Kate were at her place. She sends the regards to you!!:) I shall try to receive them tomorrow... But I will be not sure what to work in Sunday.. If is not present, I shall receive it on Monday:)
On Monday I shall pay all money and at once I shall inform to you the information concerning my arrival:-) I shall send you some photo by which I made specially for you:) I hope that is pleasant to you...

Letter 6

Loved! Big to you thanks that you have taken care About payment of agency. I received money and paid Agency. All OK, loved, and we be fast we can together. For me this day is very important! My girlfriends have asked to buy him souvenirs. You to me will tell, where I can Them to get? Still I have prepared you a small gift. He is pleasant to you. Faster this day would arrive. I very much wait for it! Success, DEAR!
Flight: Moscow (MOW)-> Birmingham (BHX)
Airline: KLM Flight: KL904
Departure: October, 24 2006, 15:50, the Sheremetyevo
Arrival: October, 24 2006, 17:20, Schiphol Arpt
Places: An economical class, it is reserved
<<<<-city of change Amsterdam (AMS)->>>>
Airline: KLM Flight: KL1435
Departure: October, 24 2006, 21:20, Schiphol Arpt
Arrival: October, 24 2006, 21:35, Birmingham Intl Arpt
Places: An economical class, it is reserved
Time in a way: 8 hour. 45 m.
With love, yours Vika.

Letter 7

Hello Loved Paul!!! I tried to call to you!!! But there was no connection, it has very strongly upset me. You probably think why now I write to you the letter, instead of I fly to you by the plane, but you should calm down all over again and very closely read my letter, today, when I already have gathered, I have gone to the airport beforehand, I was afraid to be late for my flight. When I already should sit aboard the plane and passed customs house, to me have not allowed to pass further!! It appears for visiting you are necessary to have cash 1930 Pound!! know at me there was no this money!! And I cannot fly to you today in any way!!!!! My plane flies without me!!! Paul!! I cried from for it, I did not know that to me to make, I was in a shock long time, I have brought you:( When I have gone to understand why me have not let aboard the plane and whence the need in this money in general has appeared!!! To me have clearly enough explained that this sum will be a guarantee of that that when I arrive to other country, I shall not live in the street and I shall not be engaged in prostitution, they are very strict to this! I could not convince them of that that I fly to you, that I love you!! It was useless! For them there are no exceptions. I do not know who is guilty of this situation. Nobody has warned me about it, it again confirms those words that in this world a little fair, and everyone now for itself, and anybody will not help you. But it is not absolutely correct!! You have already helped me!!! And I wanted to thank you the care, caress and love!! But as you see, it now is not possible!!! From for it I have spoiled the make-up when I cried, I have spent many tears. To me has approached unfamiliar the man and asked that with me happened, I in general have told to him that with me has taken place, his mood after that too became sad, he has wished me of good luck and has left not having said goodbye.. .. More nobody has helped me... I do not know as I can collect this money, to me have told that it will be possible to change my ticket for anyone but only when I in a pocket will have this sum. Paul, you know that the most insulting? In fact I should not anybody give this money, only have at myself when I pass workers of customs house. Paul, you can help me with this problem? I am very much confused to ask you such big sum, but I do not have this money and I can visit without them you. We have already done very long way to our meeting, but now I stand in impasse and I do not know that I should make. You have already helped me with payment of agency, and I am madly grateful to you. But now I stand before new searches of money!!! I shall call to you more and more!!! I hope that I can phone up to you this time.... I do not know what to tell now...
If you could get in the near future this money, and send them to me, I can fly to the same day to you, and I shall give you all sum up to last cent!!! I do not want to remain here for a long time: (it is the big city, here it is a lot of people. I only want to fly as soon as possible to you and to be with you!! Only near to you I can feel like under your protection, I can be quiet.
Your help is necessary for me!! I am sure that after that any more there will be no barrier!!
Wait for my bell Loved!!!!! Your Vika.

Letter 8

Hello my Paul, I still had almost all sum from those tickets which to me it was necessary to return, I have spent only a small part while I was in Moscow, I needed to pay for hotel, and to eat something :-) I already I have other tickets, for :-) Monday hope it suits for you? I send you the information on my flight, I should have that money which will be necessary for customs to my flight, you should send it till Monday, it is possible? On Saturday and Sunday it works? I could find cheaper tickets, and now what combine all of money which at me remain, I do not have not enough 1700 pounds :( these are big money, but I do not wish to come back more to it if something will exchange I shall inform you on it as my start will be on Monday, tomorrow I shall go to Moscow, you can do transfer here before I shall leave for Moscow? I shall wait for your answer, and I hope good news.... I long thought yesterday and today, whether about your question on that there will be I your wife..... I in a head had many ideas in this occasion :-) I again has begun will feel that happiness with me, that it is already very close, and has believed in it, but I am not ready to give you the answer now... Probably.... It will be possible on December, 9th???? It will be one more surprise for friends ;-)? What do you think of this idea?? It is pleasant to you??

Airline: SWISS Flight: LX1327
Departure: November, 26th 2006, 14:40, Domodedovo Airport
Arrival: November, 26th 2006, 16:15, Zurich Airport
Places: The Economical class, it is reserved
<<<<-city of change Zurich (ZRH)->>>>
Airline: SWISS Flight: LX424
Departure: November, 26th 2006, 17:15, Zurich Airport
Arrival: November, 26th 2006, 18:15, Birmingham Intl Arpt
Places: The Economical class, it is reserved
Time in a way: 6 hour. 35 m.
Time which here is specified, it will be your local time

The future wife? Vika

Letter 9

Oh, Paul, you wanted the Copy of tickets? I thought you only wanted the information on them, but I should take away them at the airport :-( I shall send you a copy from Moscow, well? Well, I hope on Monday can receive money, but, Paul, my flight at 14-40, you will have time to make it by this time??? I hope that :-) and we shall not lose time :-) now I shall go home, I shall prepare, and I shall go to Moscow :-) again shall write to you therefrom at once :-) I hope to hear about you good news ;) I love you!!!