Letter(s) from Lilia to Warren (Sweden)

Letter 1

Hello, my dear stranger!!! Hope in a very short time I could call you My good friend and even more, but we will see. You know I'm tired from all lie and dishonesty of a men here and I decided to try internet and hopefully overseas there is someone special just for me, who will like and care about me and get the same in an answer. I am very kind,generous,compassionate,considerate,and affectionate. I'm not an angry or mean person and dislike people who abuse women and children.
I would love for someone to share in my passions as I would be most interested in all of theirs. There are many things I would like to experience ,for instance I would like to travel more, it is a dream of my life, but I've never been abroad, hope just yet; work less and enjoy life to it's fullest with someone special. Well my new friend I hope that this letter has satisfied some of your courteousness and has created more. If you are interested, then I'm waiting for your letter at:lilusya-80@mail.ru .I would love to share everything with you.
I am not perfect but I attack everything with the best of my abilities. Waiting for your answer.

Letter 2

Hi again Warren..
Thank you for your reply. I will try very briefly to tell you few things about myself, so not to tire you and until you tell me more about you, as I hope you will. I was hurt many times in real life that is why I decided to use virtual way to find my beloved. I feel that I'm ready for this and very serious to find my soul. I've never believed in truth of this relationship, but my good friend Marina is married with a man from England and almost all papers is ready for her to move. i liked your photos and i send you mjine.
i don't have my own computer and i cannot use Skype.I was brought up into this world on the 18th of May 1981, my parents were happy course of me, to tell you the truth they wanted to have a boy, but hope they not regret of me. I have an older sister her name is Yana, we have very good relationship with her, she always can give me a good advise and help with everything, she is a good example for me in everything.
I'm sure you are interested in my preference in life. I love the sun and the sea and all water sports, especially, free diving, swimming and water skiing and I try this kind of sport just once a year when I go on seaside. I enjoy going out with friends, to a cafe or to a club to listen to good music. You can see that I enjoy enjoying life, may be you want to enjoy it with me? You know sometimes I dream about romantic evening with my beloved at home having a glass of good wine by the fireplace. I like the movies (mostly I like H. Boragt's films and films that show real life stories) and to read good books of any subject.
People say that I am honest and straight. I say that I am serious and realistic when I have to and full of fan and jokes when the time is right. To my friends and the ones I have at my side, I give myself completely and unconditionally. I expect though the same in return. I hate lies and "dirty games" in a relation and I do not care about people who pretend to be something they are not. I hope that you serious and sincere about our communication. If you are interested then in my next letter I'll tell you more about me.
Your Lilia

Letter 3

thanks for your reply Warren, it was nice to see you would like to communicate with me. Thank you for your letter and photos, I do like you and that wonderful girl... Finding someone I cannot live without and someone I will hurry home to be with. Someone I can share everything with, cry with and laugh with. Someone that loves to make love all the time and anywhere at anytime. Someone I can connect with,
mind body and soul! A beautiful man that I will love and who will love me unconditionally! I believe in faith in my life and i will meet my real second half when the time is ready. However if you don't take any action in life nothing is going to happen.
Some people on the net always use pre-prepared notes to make a communication easier which I really don't like I want to feel some personal touch in a mail if this isn't there I don't think its good for both parties involved. I'm really interested in what you expect from a possible relationship with a foreigner? Why you choose Ukraine?
I think that you are interested in me!? I'm studding last year at the University. This is my last year and I'm finishing the department of Documentary, I also have a part time job to help my parents pay for University, I work as a manager in a one firm, nothing serious, just some more money. You know I like sport, music, dancing, bowling and enjoying life, but also I play piano. Usually I do this when I feel not very good, while playing I forget about everything and fly high in the mountains, I can play hours and not hear anyone. I'm very serious about finding my beloved and if or when we decide that we are right for each other, then I even ready to move to him and follow him everywhere, I was brought up in this way.
Is the first time in my life that I joined such a site , because I believe in my lucky star. Sometimes things at home don't work out the way you want and so is hard to find your soul mate. I have not joined the site to find sex only. Nowadays sex is easy to find everywhere. I have joined the site looking for a nice man, which can stand as a man at my side and knows when and how to be a man. A man to whom I will give myself completely and he will give himself to me completely. A man with whom I will share my life . Are you him ? I hope so. I am not into this to play any kind of games. So I will tell you now that I do not believe in endless mail. If all goes well I think we must meet to know each other. I believe much in personal contact. That first look and first words can tell you more than a 1000 letters. Do you agree ?
I also hope that you are serious and here not to play games.
Awaiting anxiously your reply , telling me also about yourself, feel free to ask me any question you are interested in.
Kisses and Big Hugh Lilia.
PS Dear One more thing I forgot to tell you, I don't know English and use translation company to help me with translation your letters to me and mine for you. They also provide me of computer and Internet connection, cause I don't have it at home. For me it's very comfortable to use, hope you also don't mind this.

Letter 4

Hello my Dear, how are you today? All the nice things you say excite me very much. You are in my dreams and working your way into my heart!
My heart is very big and welcomes you. Nothing would please me more than to be your special friend and the person who makes all your dreams come true. My pleasure would be making you the happiest man alive. I enjoy receiving all your mail , and can't wait for the next one.
I love to read. I love the great romantic authors and play writes,
like Shakespeare, Romanov and F. Scott Fitzgerald, and of course many,
many others. When I was young I would read anything I could, and would imagine my life to be as those of which I was reading, to imagine myself in their place and experiencing the things they did in the books. It allowed my mind to grow and become able to imagine the same incredible dreams for my own life. From the books I have read, I have ridden horses with Kings and Knights, I have discovered the tomb the Pharaoh King Tut in Egypt, I have climbed to the top of Mt. Everest, I have discovered the South Pole in Antarctica. Although I have only imagined these things in my mind as I read the books, it was always as though I had also lived these adventures. Being able to dream these things is important to me, and has inspired me to dream of great things for my own life.
I have already purchased an old English dictionary phrasebook so that I can better communicate with you. Our relationship will be very exhilarating for we each want to teach and learn from one another. I do like sports. I also like to swim. I sold my boat because I had no one to enjoy it with. I swim in the local river and we play volleyball in knee deep water. I also like to watch TV. I also like to watch movies in the cinema, and go often. I like to take long walks in the parks and by the lakes. I like to watch softball and go to the bowling ally. I also watch auto racing and go to the races. Those are my weekend get away. I would like to share them and many others with you.
I regret ending this letter,but can not wait for your next one. I hope to hear from you soon sweetheart!
Your Lilia

Letter 5

Dear Sir.

as a request of your lady Lilia we would like to announce you that she is not able to reply to your last letter as at the moment she doesn't have any possibility to pay for translation and Internet services,
provided by our translation firm. She is sorry about it. Lilia believes she won't lose You as she is interested in You a lot. If You feel like to help Lilia to pay for the correspondence, please, let us know we'll be glad to assist You and Lilia to keep in touch.

all the questions you have towards our services you can ask calling 13158492835.Please call from 9.00 to 16.00 (Ukrainian time) as we need to be in contact with our companions in Ukrainian. or you can send the inquiry to the e-mail address of your lady.

You can also contact us with the Ukrainian number 3 8 095 388 03 51.
we will be glad to answer all your questions.

We hope for our future cooperation.

Yours Faithfully,
Executive Director,
Alexandra Babochkina