Scam letter(s) from Inna Kotova to Wayne (USA)

Letter 1
Today is our day:) we can get along I am sure this is our chance:)
So lets try it and write me:) My e-mail is:
Letter 2
Ok, I agree with you and I will give you everything only after when you will write me all these information!!!!
Full name
Likes and dislikes
Likes and dislikes in the bedroom.
Letter 3
Hello Wayne!
Ok, thank you very much for telling me more. So, I will tell you also as I promised!
Full name: Inna Kotova
Address: str.Lenina, 12, Popasnoye,Ukraine.
Age: 24
Height: 172
Weight: 50
Occupation: secretary
Hobbies: meeting friends, reading
Interests: playing guitar and piano,
Likes and dislikes: nature, to spend the time with my dear person.
I dislike, as you, lie, betray, ****** people.
Letter 4

Hello dear Wayne,
I am very happy to receive your letter. I am happy that you like my answer and here is my photo. I am sorry that I forget to send you the last time:)Thank you for your photo, I like it.
I am very to be now your friend. I think may be we can be more than:) You know, it is so great to have such person as you. I am very happy to meet with you. You as a sun in the dull day. So, you know, I even don't know from what can I continue to tell you about my life. I have so much to tell you and I don't know from when to begin.
I am communicative person, I like life and everything what is connecting with the nature and animals. You know, I have a soft corner to them:))When I was a kid all homeless dogs and cats were my. I tried to help them all, my mother didn't know what to do. When I again brought the poor animal. I so much wanted to help them. But now I don't do this:)))
Well, I don't have a lot of friend, but I have the best one, and I have a lot of acquaintances. I think that the friends can't be a lot. Well, all the time when we have the spare time we try to spend it together. In summer, we went to the nature, we have different picnics and play different games. Sometimes we just have a walk along the streets or sit on the bench and talk about everything.
Well, I like to listen to music, to be honest I have never had the favourite singer or actor. I can't choose, at first I like that one and then another one. Every one has its plusses and minuses. I like watch comedies and dramas. But you see, I like watch the film when it is interesting. It is so awful but today it is very difficult to find the film that will be very very interesting.
Well, what else???
I like also play guitar, yes, I can play guitar. I finished the musical school and I can play the piano, and I learned to play the guitar when I was at the university.
I eat everything, I don't have the food which I don't like. Of course I can cook. To be honest I am not very good at baking. I can't bake cakes very good. But it is my dream to learn. I want to make this for my future husband and kids:)))
Well, likes in the bedroom. Kissing, cuddling, laughing, passionate. I hate the rough attitude and betray!!!
Well, I think that I have told you more about me, and I will wait your letter too. May be you have the questions???You are welcome to ask them, I will be very happy to answer them.
Till then, have the great day.
Letter 5
Hello my dear Wayne,
thank you for the wonderful letter. Thank you for the photo. Send hello to Bubba!!! I am happy, because you have shared with me your thoughts and I feel free too to tell you more and more about me.
Dear, you know, it is rather difficult for me, and of course I have the certain fears. But to be honest, I so much want to tell you everything to you, I don't know, you know with your open letters you make me easier to tell you more about my life.
As you know, I have mother and brother. It was so difficult without the father, but may be it had to be so. I think, that it is more difficult for me brother, but I have to say that he is great and I think he will be the wonderful father in the future. Sometimes, such childhood brings in you something strong inside, may be that is why we with him now such persons.
Well, I work and I work also very hard, as my brother too. He studies and works at the same time. You know, it is very difficult, I see how it is difficult for him to do this, but he never told me this. I try to help him in some way but what can I do. I also live without any help. I rent the flat. And to be honest it is very expensive. But I am very happy person, I think that I am happy. First of all, I have the wonderful family, I have the wonderful and supportive friend. But for the biggest happiness, I need to create my own family. You know, may be I have the first step???Who knows, may be it is you?I will be very happy. I see that you also want to have the family. I will be very happy to be such person for you.
You know, I so much want to see the world too. I heard a lot, how it is great, and it would be wonderful. Sometimes I am a dreamer. I like to dream, because they help to over come difficult periods of life. I think that the person has dreams because they are ought to come true in the future. You have to aim to this dream!!!
Now, I think that I will do this, I will do, and I hope that you will help me to do this:)))You know, I am so much happy to be with you now, I feel free to tell you all this. I don't afraid and I believe that I can rely on you and you won't betray me:)
Well, I think that all positions are good if we can make them:)))I like kissing, I like to give kisses, I want my man to be passionate who is open and don't afraid to be passionate. I am happy to read that you like ******* and caressing and kissing them.
Oh, yes, about the skirts. Yes, I adore short skirts:))Is it ok??

Kisses, Inna.
Letter 6
He;lo dear Wayne!!
Thank you for the good reading of my letters. I know about the kids, but if you don't want kids that is man that you don't want family???You and me and we are family!!!!
I wish I could be with you. Hmmm, what will we do?
It is very cold here, and I so much want love and care. Just imagine. It is morning, it is weekend. We can stay in a bed:)I wake up, and see you, you are sleeping:)Hmm, you are so sweet. I so much want to be now with you and want to see you sleeping:))I kiss your lips and sleepy eyes:))You open your eyes and see me and the wonderful and happy smile appears on your face!!!!Dear, it is the most wonderful things for me!!!!I take a shower and start preparing breakfast!!I hear you wake up and take a shower or..I don't know, then you come to me, you come from behind, you embrace me and kiss me, breakfast smells very delicious:)))we have breakfast and then. Well, what we will do then???I don't know!But no I know!!!We can go for a walk and have the wonderful time, we will go to the park, we will go to the square, we go just for a walk!!!! We are together, holding hands and talking and laughing!!!Great!
I also think that it is wonderful and you can give your partner a lot of pleasure with it!!!!I agree with you. You want the photo of me in the bikini???What if I don't have it??
If it is so important I can try to do it:)
What are you doing on weekends???
Missing, Kisses, Inna.
Letter 7
Hello my dear Wayne!
I am very happy to receive your letter and to see the photo. Hmm, where did you take that photo?oh, you know, we can have a wonderful night and day together, we can do everything we want because we are near with each other!!!!
Our first day we can spend in the romantic place. I will be happy to make it very romantic. I like flowers very much, and every time when you give me them it touches me so deeply. I think that it is very romantic. We can go to the restaurant, do you have a good one? We have the delicious dinner with candles, slow music and holding hands.
We can dance there, can you dance?
If not I will teach you:)))I know that you are very good student!!!! After the romantic dinner we go home. We enter home and you turn on the music, you full in the wine glasses and we sit on sofa, we talk and laugh and then we suddenly become silent. We gaze at each other and then you start kissing me. I feel how softly your lips touch my one, I feel how it is wonderful. I so much miss it, I wait it for a long time. We are so hungry we were waiting each other for a long time, and now we don't want to wait to loss any minute more. While we are kissing you start ********** me and I am ********** you. When you hands touch my body I feel how much I want you, my desire grow up and I can't think about anything but to be in your arms, to feel your passionate kisses and to fall in your love. To let me love you very passionately, and to make the love all the time as it is our last night together.
Dear what do you want next???
Letter 8
Hello dear Wayne!
Thank you for the photo, may be it would be great on me! I like the blue colours. What is your favourite colour?
How are you?
What are you doing now?
Here it is so cold and grey. Soon will be the New Year holidays and there are no snow at all!! There are a lot of different advertisements around me and I feel the holidays taste in the air. I so much want to have the good holiday. I all the time is waiting and waiting it, and when it comes something happens. But may be this year I will have the great holidays?May be this year I will be able to have them?
Do you have any plans for the holidays?
I know that you first celebrate the Christmas and only then you celebrate New Year. But we have all visa versa. At first we have New Year and then on January,7 we have Christmas.
Well, I will close my letter and will wait your answer,
Sincerely, Inna.
Letter 9
Hello dear Wayne!!!
Thank you for your wonderful letter, you know your letters also bring me the sunray to my heart. I am so happy to correspondence with you. I am very happy,. But you see now, I am very sad. I even don't know how to be. I don't want to upset you and I so much want to be with you. But you see, I am very sorry but I can't write you any more. I use the translation services and now I have to pay again, and I can't do this. I am in a very difficult situation and now I will see if it was true or just the game. Dear Wayne you mean for me a lot and I beg you about the help. I have no right for this, and I will understand if you will refuse.
your Inna.
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