Scam letter(s) from Evgenia Plotnikova to Richard (USA)

Letter 1
Hello, my new friend!
Be not surprised to my letter. Your address to me was given by firm of the international acquaintances. Also to me have shown your photo and I have decided to write to you the letter. My name is Evgeniya, me 23 years, I live in Russia and I want to get acquainted with the man from other country.
I do not know, whether my photo has liked you. I do not know also, whether you are free now and whether wish new acquaintances. It is possible, that you have already found the happiness and the love. Then I can congratulate you on it only! But if your heart is still free also you wish to get acquainted with me I shall be very glad to this. And how to know, in what all this will result us?
Please, came to me the photo. Only I will have small request. At me very bad speed in the Internet. Therefore it is difficult for me to accept the big photos. It will be better, if the size of photos will not exceed 200 kb...
I shall expect your answer with impatience!
Best wishes,
Letter 2
Hi my dear Richard. I am very glad to your letter.
It is very pleasant for me that you think of me. I too constantly think of you. You always in my head. Know it.
But at me today all is very bad. As I was ill.
Remember I to you spoke, that I do not have winter clothes. Result. I as have risen from bed to answer you. To me it is very bad my temperature of 39 degrees. And she does not vanish in any way. I do not know that to me to do. Medicines so dearly cost. That I cannot buy them. If I would have warm clothes of anything have not taken place. Not to whom to help me in fact I one. What to me to do? If I shall not buy a medicine I should lie in hospital. And then I cannot write to you some time. But I hope you of me will wait. I need to buy warm clothes, but I do not know that to me to do. I am pleased now only with one, that I have you. And ideas about you facilitate my life. Only you bring to me pleasure in a life. Even if to me now poorly the head ideas about you relieve my pain also hurts.
The head and cold hurt in me so.
Therefore I cannot write much, I very much would like to lie in bed.
Yes I shall send you more than the photos.
I work and I study simultaneously. I shall answer all your questions as soon as I shall recover and I shall become independent. Well?
But I all time shall think of you. Care of itself and think of me. Strong whole. Yours Evgeniya.
Letter 3
Hi my dear Richard. I am happy to receive your letter. My most important dream in a life it to meet the favourite person, to give birth to it to children and to bring up them together. To give caress and love to it and our children. And to enjoy a life all family. Can him there will be you who knows that will be in a life. It is known to one only to the god.
Yes I very strongly am ill. I all the day have lead to beds and did not rise. I even want to eat nothing. But I all the same eat a little to not weaken finally. In fact I should though a few to eat, that I had forces. Doctors have told, that I need to lie in hospital, but I do not want in hospital as I can not without you and your letters there. They have told, that if I do not want in hospital I should be treated an at home. But I do not have money to medicines, and they dearly cost. And I do not know that to me to do?
To me today there came girlfriends to visit me and a little to take care. But it only girlfriends, instead of the favourite person. I very much would like that you were a number and helped me to recover. Doctors have told. That I was ill, because I froze in the street. And they have told, that if I shall not buy clothes I again shall be ill, and I do not want to be ill more. But I cannot buy her.
I very much would want to arrive to you, but I do not have such opportunity.
Forgive, that has not written to you earlier as I very badly felt myself. And as soon as to me I became easier at once began to write to you.
I hope, that to me it becomes easier. And you will not experience for me.
I now again shall lie in bed. Also I shall try to fall asleep.
I very much wait for your answer. Care of itself and think of me. With tenderness yours Evgeniya.
Letter 4

Hello, Richard!
It is very a pity, that you have not sent me the photo. It is possible, that you have sent it, but I for any reasons could not receive it. But I hope, that you can find a way to send me it. It is very interesting to me to know, how you look.
I want to write a little about myself and I think, that it will be interesting to you.
I live one in city Yoshkar-Ola. It is a country town with the population of 250000 inhabitants. My growth - 168 centimeters.
My parents live in village near to this city and I each days off have a way to them. Therefore I could not answer you earlier. Forgive me for it:)
Probably, you think me beautiful and think, that at me it is a lot of admirers. Yes, I shall not begin to deny it. But I do not like the Russian men, their attitude to women, I was involved always with men from...
I already enough adult woman to create happy family. I want to have children. I want to love and be loved. Unfortunately, all Russian men want only to play with me, to use, and then to humiliate and leave one. I had love when to me there were 20 years. It seemed to me, that our feelings - for ever and that we always shall be together. We met more than year. But suddenly he has unexpectedly told to me, that more me does not love and that our meeting and our relations were a mistake. It was very hurt me after that. And I have decided, that for me is necessary the man which really would love me, respected, trusted me and cared of me. Unfortunately, I have not found it in the country.
I am now lonely, my heart is free also you - the fifth to whom I have written the letter for last three weeks. Two from them have written, that serious relations are not necessary for them and that they want to have a good time and play only. One has written, that has already found the love and soon marries. With one I continue correspondence till now, but he to me is uninteresting, at us too different outlooks on life.
I work at restaurant as the chief - cook. My work consists in the control over correctness of preparation of various dishes of the Russian, Italian and Japanese kitchen. I very much like my work as I like to prepare tasty peep. My girlfriends even are surprised, why I so well prepare I peep also till now is lonely...
I have the computer of a house and I can use a computer on work in a night shift. Therefore I almost always have opportunity to check a mail and to write letters, except for the days off when I am at the parents. I own colloquial English and I can do without services of the translator.
As I already spoke, because of bad speed of connection Internet I cannot send and accept the big photos. But I can send on one photo in each letter. I hope, that I shall not disappoint you!:)
Now I have no more a free time. I hope, that you will answer me quickly my letter. If you have to me questions - ask anyone and I with pleasure on them shall answer you.
Best wishes,
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